The Very Best EDC ANKLE Medical Kit

all right how's it going folks my name is John level with the warrior-poet society and I wanted to introduce a really cool piece of kit for you for your everyday carry and for your medical so I got all kinds of stuff in here I wanted you to take a pic take a look at it first I have an ankle kit on right now it looks awesome I'm trying to let my part my business partner and my staff let me call it the cankle so if we call it the Kenko you know I won but anyway right now it's an everyday carry medical ankle wrap deal so here we go I know I really need to work on the name there but regardless here we go so this comes off and it solves a lot of problems that I had one is I think you know I'm carrying a gun every day in my life it's because I'm interested in protecting people but really I think it comes out if you really want to protect people you're probably more likely going to be needing medical before you need a firearm so if you really care about protecting people making the world a safer place carrying medical is a really really big deal and I think a lot of people out there kind of in the medical community in the industry especially they'll preach medical medical medical and they're right that's awesome but the difficulty is for just an everyday carry dude how do you carry a bunch of medical on you alright I've tried every whichaway to shove tourniquets everywhere and it always comes down the same thing of I don't want just a Batman utility belt hanging off of me making me uncomfortable adding bulk especially around here I'm already tapped out around the waist so to be able to put this bulk around the ankle is not a big deal now if you looked at the footage that I just showed you before I said jumped up on the table there you noticed a little bit of bulk you could see it when you looked for it but the deal is this guy's one as I dress around it anyway you're not wearing skinny jeans right you're wearing some something that's gonna cover it up and so these are just kind of everyday carry pants for me jeans and they cover it up just fine a little bit of printing but here's the thing no one notices no one's situationally aware zero people ever call me out for it so I think I can get away with it anyway though what we've done here is do something that minimizes a great amount of bulk so anyway this is basically just about a full IFAC I'm gonna go through it real quickly with you but it also has some everyday carry items and a couple secret pouches for you so I'll go through it really really quick right here working left to right I have a cat tourniquet inside that cat is my gloves for working and also a decompression needle pretty groovy on this side here is medical shears by North American rescue awesome and also what every dude wants to carry but you never know where to stick it and that is some type of multi-tool a Leatherman no extra bulk amazing yes I can finally carry a Leatherman without feeling bulky again and this side right here I have some chest seals – chest seals and I also have my ETD by North American Rescue as well to be part of my pressure dressing over here I have the other part of my pressure dressing and that's some gauze again North American rescue gauze and an NPA nasal pharyngeal so I can affect in a good airway anyway between all that that's basically a full IFAC plus a Leatherman multi-tool but there's even more which is really coughs I'm the salesy of like but wait there's more but seriously this is cool guys shut up inside here we put a wallet so if you open up the side here this opens up and you got a full wallet in here so I got cash I've got rolled-up tape so I have tape on me at all times hotel keycard and a little USB stick and then on this inside and I can access this without opening up is kind of escape-and-evasion tools so this right here has lockpick sets it's got a little razor in there it's got a handcuff key and this right here is cordage and I can do all kinds of stuff with that I can saw through flex-cufs so all kinds of neat little options there the inside of the ankle medical kit this is some really big deal with this is it's a hypoallergenic stuff or hype no it's hypo microbial antimicrobial there it is that's the one which means you're not going to get the funk when you weigh that when you wear this all the time and you're sweating into it furthermore it's got some padding and the biggest problem with these ankle kits is they're not built right in terms of the pouches so they have too much bulk or that bulk pushes in toward the ankle so this right here gives you some padding it also creates good air channels so that you can get a lot of breathability in there and antimicrobial as well man I am really struggling with that word the pouch is built in such a way so that you see even with the bulk in there all the bulk of the pouches goes out and that's accomplished through kind of tapered pouches here so the bolt goes out not in so you can have this nice ring all the way around other ankle kits that I've seen out there the bolt goes into the ankle which makes all these pressure spots so it's okay to wear for for a couple hours here and there but day in and day out it gets really old this is the only one I know of that creates that nice ring so it's got airflow it's nice and comfortable you can carry the bulk in a way that really allows you to conceal as well so that's it these things are cool and now you know about it guys train hard trained smart and if you want to check these out these are on my website warrior-poet Society dot us and you're able to get just the ankle kit or you can get it with the medical or you can just get the medical refill so that you're able to get kind of a turnkey solution for you again warrior-poet Society dot us thanks for tuning in guys we'll see you next time

47 thoughts on “The Very Best EDC ANKLE Medical Kit

  1. BEHOLD THE CANKLE. It's just a terrible name. But this ankle kit is the best on the market. American Made. Built for daily wear. Removing some of the medical items cuts bulk down –

  2. My suggestion only but "TOO MUCH BULK" ….. even wearing over the boot cut jeans, need basics only, chest seal (asherman), decompression dart, nasopharynx tube, r.a.t.s tourniquet, a kling gauze impregnated with a hemostatic agent, flattened half a roll of medical tape. mini sharpie (mark time rats applied)….. My ankle pouch BOK was constructed by my parachute rigger and stocked by my friend who is a USAF PJ. Worn for many years, replenished inspected every year. My cuts (scary sharp) are a Victorinox Champion and a Leatherman "Crunch" carried in a IWB pouch with my spare mag. Just what I do.

  3. Ankle med kits are oddly useful. I'm in the military and occasionally wear one, with my boots bloused, its slightly visible, but still unnoticed. I'm surprised that it is even possible to wear one in the uniform, but it is, I've done it for a few years now and never once been noticed. I do not have this one, but this one looks really good, and I trust John a ton too.

  4. ANKIT1A = Ankle Kit 1st Aid. Have you considered dividing into two smaller kits for both ankles for more comfort/mobility/more items? Do you ship overseas?

  5. Hi mate, Love the content! Hey i dare say there are a few poets down under loving this stuff! Whats the chances of getting gear posted to Australia?

  6. Hey John with the recent shootings in the news Iโ€™ve decided to order your EDC ankle medical kit. Itโ€™s better to have it on me and hope I donโ€™t have to use it.

  7. Okay, wearing for just a few minutes so far, and it definitely needs a calf strap. Also interested in specs on what kind of decompression needle is recommended (brand/gauge).

  8. More power to you if you want to carry all that stuff. Personally, I have a first kit in my vehicle, home, and workplace.
    For EDC: a sharp knife, multi-tool, or shears and medical GLOVES. I can't emphasize gloves enough. Bystanders are often reluctant to render aid because they have no BSI handy. I don't even carry a barrier for rescue breathing anymore (AHA is recommends hands only CPR) unless I am in a remote area. People forget that you can improvise a variety of bandages, dressing and tourniquets from everyday items…pretty much anything on hand.They may not be sterile but they'll do the job in an emergency. That kit is handy in a single patient scenario but for multiple patients you'll need to be creative anyway. Above above all get first aid training.
    –First Responder for 20 years

  9. I work industrial construction and I always carry essential medical stuff in a cargo pant pocket. And man has it come in handy on multiple occasions. This is actually a way better option than a huge bulge of crazy help me stuff next to my knee. This is why I love this channel.

  10. Can you add a link to the extra items you have in your 'kankle,' i.e. the lock pick set, the decompression needle, etc.

  11. Just saw MAC's videos about the need for first aid when shooting. Maybe you should share the video and the story.

  12. Okay, spendy, but what the hell, it's my small way of showing some love for the content provided for free ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Best part of this video is we know that if John can't do firearms instruction he always can switch over and be an infomercial salesman ๐Ÿ˜€ lol Great video love the cheese and the message medical is important ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Thanks. It is a lie that guns save lives, if you're already shot, you can't save life with that gun.

  15. i am a recent subscriber to your channel. first let me say thank you for sharing all the wisdom that you have with the rest of us. i am a security officer working armored trucks which makes me a big target. i was wondering if you had any special advice for those of us charged with transporting and protecting cash. p.s. if you ever come to tampa bay let me buy you a beer.

  16. I wonder how many people those chest seals are gonna kill because people just slap them on someone because they have a chest wound lol

  17. Glad to see you carrying more medical on body my friend. I know you always have had plenty in your day pack and a RATS on you. Iโ€™ve been running the KANKLE Kit for a while and love it.

  18. KANKLE stands out and is very memorable and their so marketable. Anyone that EDC will appreciate this and having their pocket space back. KANKLE is a winning name.

  19. Really neat but…..i wear boots every day, every where. I don't see the cankle working with my boots.

  20. My issue with these kits is they never have a cpr mask. I am happy to see the pocket so I can put one in that. Any reasons these kits don't include one?

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