“THE VERSE” – Firefly Fan Film

“The Vast Cold”. That’s what the folk in town used to call it. That’s what the saw when they looked out. Dangerous nothingness. But I had another notion. How those stars burned so damn bright that not even the vast cold of the Verse could put a dim on ’em. Well, ain’t that a sweet sentiment? [ How can any possibly think that the these events are anything but the work of Independent terrorists? Wake up, everyone! I mean, is the war really over if we’re still facing attacks every day from these so called “Browncoat” radicals! ] Uh, Captain. Sir?! You happen to notice that we’re takin’ a whole mess of shots here?! WOAH! Hunter, your pilot is going to get us killed! Not the time. Let’s move! Ugh. Why are you…YELLING? Unbelievable! You’re hung over and the hammer of god slammin’ into the hull– I don’t appreciate you implying that the Captain don’t take care of his ship. YOUR ship? Half! Well, feel free to blow up your half, but if my half doesn’t arrive with my cargo intact, none of us are getting a
gorram cent from my employer. But I can think of another bounty I could
collect. You are rather sobering. Your cargo is fine.
See? Maribelle, would you tell Miss Stack here
that her sad looking bounty is safe and sound? Looks safe and sound to me. Sad lookin’? What about my cargo? Are we getting shot at
it? Because it feels like we are getting shot at. That’s not the concern of the passengers,
Chow. This is some massive ‘gou shi’. Rusty, up and at’em! You lied to me Captain! You said this would be a transport ship. Something light and fast. You didn’t say anything about, oh say, needing high Densium plating in the back because we would be barraged by ‘tā mā de’ missiles! You built her. I’m confident you’ll figure
it out! Oh, yeah, confidence, right! I’ll go bolt THAT to
the hull. See? Everything’s under control. Captain? Excuse me. [Rusty: I do think, when one is under bombardment,
the idea is to fly AWAY from the explosions. ] Yeah, why don’t you let me worry ’bout sailing,
and I won’t tell you… ya know… how to be a creepy little grease goblin! Why is my ship being shot at? [ YOUR ship? You son of a… ]
Shut up, Rusty. What do they want, Yoke? I reckon they want our attention, Captain. They send word? No. …Yes. Attention, crew of the Overland– Bret Hunter! You filthy deserter. Easy, Moira. Got a bit of a headache. Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll try to keep it down. [ And that’s our hydraulic stabilizer shattering.
One more shot like that and…] […and we’re all going to die! ] [ Enough of your games Hunter. Give me back my shipment now or you can be damn well sure that I’ll– –Do all sorts of awful, bad, icky stuff. Yeah, yeah. So what’s the plan, Captain? Hey Cap, look. It’s their ship. It’s one of the old Shinigami warbirds. [ Hunter? Can you hear me? ] [ Are you muting me? You son of a..] Okay, okay Moira! Stop shooting! We’ll do
it your way! Are you going to comply or not? [ Lethargic yells of distress ] You can have your ruttin’ Nox! We can’t take
another hit like that. We have innocent people on board. There’s the coward I know. Smart man. Set your ship into a docking pattern, and don’t do anything stupid. Moving into position. Out. So that’s it. You’re just going to give up? [ Heads up, everyone. We’re gonna do something stupid…] What? (Swearing in Mandrin) I gather this happens a lot? More than I would prefer. [ Overland. Engage your docking protocol. ] [ Overland. Do you copy? ] [ Hunter! Do you read me? Don’t get proud.] Eighty. Seventy-five. Seventy. Sixty-Five. Any closer and we’re kissing. Three… Wait! Two… One… Sorry, girl. Now! It’s your classic “Turn and Burn”! Those smaller orbital ships aren’t plated to handle that level of heat at that
range. I mean, they can’t even hard burn into atmo. So we give’m a face full of our engines, and they’re
toasted. Why are you telling me this? I, uh. I thought you would think I’m– That I was…that it was… …neat? Okay. Captain, is this going to delay us long? Shouldn’t. I deliver the girl, collect
the bounty and we move on to our next job. Beggin’ pardon, I believe that was question
for me. And I believe I’m the one who knew the answer. Great. When do we leave? What “we”? There is no “we.” You did your job up there. Barely. Down here is my domain. Be that as it may, I think I’ll tag
along. Just to keep ya honest, in case … Fine. I’m genuinely impressed you guys have survived
this long. See. Now I’m takin’ backtalk from the bounty.
See what comes from underming my authority? I’m going with. That’s it. And besides, the ship is fine! Port side engine stabilizer is gone. The aft rotating
cuff is destroyed. I don’t even know if we’re gonna be able to get off of this rock without a new nav condenser cap. Condenser cap? I got one of these in my sales
case for planet side. We are planet side. And so we are! And a bargain at just fifty credits. Fifty credits? You do realize we’re stuck on this moon without one of those. Alright. Forty. You came to me, Chow, looking to expand your
business. …And despite being a business man I still don’t think you’re entirely stupid. You gotta know… Ship don’t fly… …People don’t buy. It’ll work. Yoke, I’ll see you on comms. [Yoke: Alright ] Keep an eye on them for me, will you? Never fear, Cap. The Overland’ll will be
in one piece by the time you get back Well…It won’t be in any more… pieces.by the time you get back. Do me a favor. Keep your head on a swivel. Maribelle. You’re drafted. Get ready. What? No, no, no, no. I’m not. Ah… When you came aboard you said you knew your
way around rifle. Yes? Yeah, well what about Chow? I need a marksmen, not a salesmen.
Plus, I get a cut of his business. Everybody needs to pull their weigh around here. Well, what’s your pilot doing? Him and guns– I ain’t asked for much, so you can help or you can walk. Fine. What’s my cut? That’s the spirit. Let’s get one thing straight. This is a professional
operation, not some backwater bushwhack. I dont need you playing it fast and loose. I
don’t even want you to blow your nose without my permission. This is my rodeo. Do you have anything to say to that? …Giddy up. Now see, to me, and my unprofessional eyes,
this looks exactly like a backwater bushwhack. Shut up. But I’m no professional. Welp, you two are exhausting. There goes your bounty. [ Stack: Hey! ] [ Come on. ] My legs are shorter than yours! You are pulling my wrist. ‘Aiya tiān ah’… The hunter becomes the hunted. Proud of that one? Yeah, I’ve been working on that one. Drop your iron. Been a while, Woody. Guessing y’all ain’t the welcoming committee here to pay us the bounty on the little murder? Just them, Commodore. Commodore? It ain’t that fancy. Unless you call being in charge of some ‘zhū péng’ mothballed fighters
a Commodore, then sure. Can you believe this guy? You ain’t got no business crackin’
jokes, boy. Seein’ how one of my ‘zhū péng’ mothballed fighters nearly introduced you to
your maker. So, Moira was your doing. You know to be fair you are worth alive than dead. ‘Course to be unfair, I hate you. And I would have been fine with a… little pay cut. Annie: Did you forget I was aboard that ship? You know, our line of work…it’s rarely cut and dried, Hunter. ‘Course…as deserter… I’m sure you understand that. Wow. Must’ve never really sat well with you
that I quit on my own terms and the Alliance kicked you out. Dishonorable discharge. Shut up. He tell you guys that he got medals
in the war? Reckon he didn’t tell you how many of his men he got killed. You shut your mouth, Hunter. Expendable. As long as he got his. Even his close friends. Ain’t look like much changed… That’s enough! Get your damn hands up! Not a chance! You got it! We surrender. Put my hand down! I’m not goin’ out like
this. Commodore is very dangerous man. We wouldn’t want to get killed. Accidentally. Yeah, I really think I’m fine with a pay– Spin up the engines! We’re taking fire. [ Rusty: What!? Ah, gorram it! ] Hunter: You call this a “professional operation”? Stack: Fall Back! Well, aren’t you the last person I’d expect to see. Nice shootin’ Maribelle. Weight pulled, Captain. I’m gonna end you, you double-crossin’– Aw, now. Hey look. You do what you want. But we have all done some dumb things for money. Now what happend back there? It ain’t even too far off the needle of your moral compass. As much as I’d love to sit here and chat morality with you, sweat pea we kinda got a reputation ‘round here best
left behind. And you’re standing in my way. I already made one bad decision today. I don’t intend
to make another one. I’ll give you half the pay of what the Commodore
gave me. That’s a lot of zeros. We take all of the credits, and you’re off
at the next port. And I’m keepin’ this. I got any choice in the matter? Oh, you got miles and miles of choice. “The Vast Cold”. That’s what the folk
in the town used to call it. That’s what they saw when they looked out. Dangerous nothingness. But I had another notion. How those stars burned so damn bright that now even the vast cold of the Verse could put a dim on ’em. Well, ain’t that a sweet sentiment?

100 thoughts on ““THE VERSE” – Firefly Fan Film

  1. I would watch the hell out of this if it were the Firefly reboot. Any network execs reading this, take note!

  2. Please reboot Firefly! They did an awesome job and it's a fan film. If not please make more episodes. I love the characters and want to see more 😀 Best damn show I have seen in a long time

  3. Nice capture of the flavor of the original! The biggest surprise? A fan film with decent actors! Gawl-ram good job!

  4. I cant get over how good it was. I want more from these characters. Made me realize how much I miss the Verse.

  5. Excelent! Great Acting, attractive cast unlike many fan made things. Would love to see some full length productions. Maybe a back story ep to flesh out the characters past.

  6. I am 77 years old man that spent several years working for
    Universal Studios. I was in special effects, props and casting. As a fan of
    "Firefly" I find your movie "Verse" very interesting. A
    "Fan Film"   mmmmmm never
    heard of such a thing. This is the 21st century so I guess that's how things
    are done now.

    In the beginning of your movie you changed the look of the
    ship. Quite believable. But this is where the problem begins. Mal was the glue
    that held the crew together. Your captain starts out as a drug addicted wimp
    with a hangover. The best part of this film is the mechanic. He lives in the
    engine room. He is short and greasy. (Kaylee would be proud) as for the rest of
    the crew it looks like you had a casting call at starbucks. Everyone was around
    the same age size and build. The whole thing starts to fall apart when the
    females start to tell the captain what to do. Is this a womens lib movie or
    Si/Fi. I know one is a sniper but what is the other ones job? The part that was
    the least believable is the villian. Woody looks like a gay male model with his
    perfect teeth. At the end with the girl with her hands up blew the whole thing.
    Her timing was off and she couldn't act with her hands up. SAD.

    Overall the movie was 80% good, 10% very good and 10%
    terrible. The problem is that a movie is like a gear. All the teeth can be
    perfect except one and the gear is no good.

    I know you put a lot of time energy and money into this film
    and it shows. Keep up the good work. You will iron out the kinks with

  7. <3 <3 <3 I LOVE THIS. Would watch the f out of this if it were a full series. Thank you. sssssssooooooo much for sharing! <3 <3 <3

  8. I liked it. Reminded me of the series. But what I didn't like about it is that there is no black man on the crew. The black girl is a criminal. A little more diversity would be great.

  9. who in the Hell built the interiors? nicely done. I had to do similar. not easy. of course external was CG. Was the cockpit green screen obviously?

  10. OK – I'm a bit late to the party…BUT WOW!!!!. I want more, I want a whole TV series, I want a movie. That was 14 minutes of incredible. The writing, the production values, the characters, (OK some of the acting was a little over the top). Just super SHINY — want more…want more…drooling. This is pure crack for any Firefly addict. I wanna have your babies!

  11. Wаatсh Firefly оnlinе hеrееее => https://twitter.com/4aaddab5edd595bd3/status/858503424307904512

  12. Perfect blend of something old and something new – felt unique yet so much felt like this was not just a home-spun fan effort.
    Everything from casting to production to the scripting is really well done!
    I would be completely on board if you guys made a bunch more of this shiny, shiny tale of this crews adventures.
    Thanks to Loot Crate and to everyone who had a hand in the making. 🙂

  13. Heу guуs watсh Firеflу onlinее hereеее => https://twitter.com/b9673508732f7f9d2/status/858503424307904512

  14. Holy crap! That was freaking fantastic. The story. The dialog. The casting. The acting. The cinematography. The music. The editing. You didn't miss a single beat. You totally captured every single facet of the original. Bravo, ladies and gentlemen! That was a spot-on production! I always wondered what a Firefly spin-off might feel like, and your project has me convinced it could be spectacular if the right people are involved.

  15. Wow, really tight for a fan flick to be sure… The writing, direction, production, and acting are all just a hair or so under true professional. The talent, love, and spirit is there.. just needs more time, experience, and budget and it could hit that mark but I'll happily take more as is.. all it needs is fine tuning on all fronts, so that means you gotta make more… Because you get better by doing. The more you do, the better you'll get.. you want to get better don't you?

    So… More please? 🙂

  16. Superb short film! Well written, great production values. But wouldn't it be a shame if they got jumped by some reavers on the way, maybe a crew member got kinda killed, of course it couldnt be yoke,that would be cliche. And, through marriage of inconvenience, Annie became part of the crew? (Episode 2, please?)

  17. Feel free to follow "The Verse" on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/theversemovie for some behind-the-scenes photos and information about the short film!

  18. Thank you so much! Please make more episodes!!!!!!! This was fantastic and I almost felt I was watching a long awaited season 2 of Firefly.

  19. Ah, so thats what Kirk does in his retirement!

    What a nice, but short episode! We fans are lingering for more of these masterworks! 🙂

  20. I love this so much! Awesome acting, production, sets and writing. I can tell you guys really love firefly. You really captured the feel and the humor. I wish you could make an actual TV spin-off, with the same cast. Awesome, awesome job.

  21. Awesome! Lots of hard work went I to the making of this! More to come? Thx for helping us relive Firefly a bit!

  22. Y'all's fan-fic in particular is what inspired me and my wife to get into writing out own Firefly fan-fiction. Beyond shiny, guys and gals!

  23. Atmosphere, fx and production are really good. Acting & writing could use some work , tho this comment is very late lol

  24. Now that was a feast. I specially liked your rendition of the ship. Just enough alike, just enough different. The captain could use a little more accent and slang in his talk, and would have liked to see him cut the "bounty" a little more slack. She'd make a fine crew member doncha think? All in all pretty shiny… and proves can be done, if someone just has a mind to.

  25. This has potential. I'd wager that if any of the original cast of Firefly saw this and weren't too busy they might agree to a camio-appearance. Although if Nathan Fillian can be available for a few days to reprise Mal…..I reckon him and this captain might bump heads a lot. There's a plot idea. 😛

  26. 2 substantial mistakes:
    1) "50 credits … okay: 40 credits," should have been "40 credits … okay: 60 credits," and
    2) Ewan Cheung wasn't credited in the cast-list.

    Other than that: excellent short.

  27. I just found this gem… amazing short film. You captured the tone, the look and the feeling of the show flawlessly! Kudos!!!

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