The Used-Poetic Tragedy

32 thoughts on “The Used-Poetic Tragedy

  1. Violent frustration, he cries out to god or just no one.

    This song made me realize that my God isnt listening to me. I'm not asking for anything but guidance. It's been 10 years since then. No going back now.

  2. Grind, its all about grind, all day every day, even in 2019, grind is the best ever & that scene was more as golden. <3

  3. I first heard this song years ago,and then i always listening to this song when my mood is not very good,and this cheer me up.

  4. Oh my God, back to my 13 yr old self. Jesus. I've come so far but recently.. things have been going backwards 🙁 I'll make it out

  5. In the past there was a vision of the future and in the future there is a vision of the past this song takes me back to the easy old days watching the movie grind with my homies time flies

  6. I remember being 11. Middle school and new found depression. I felt singled out because not a lot of kids my age dealt with depression — or at least never spoke out about it.
    So I found comfort in this album. It really helped me get through a rough patch.

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