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(Calling him out) How are you bro. It’s been so long, how’s it going ? All good brother What are you doing here ? Just came here for a morning walk Okay Okay What are you doing here ? Nothing much… just came here just writing down poems ohhhhhh How’s it ? (Looking in the book) It’s really very nice one should have such hobbies Yes😄 Bye bro I’m getting late – Yes, Take care (Calling his wife) Hello Can I come home now? (Convincing) Please forgive me, I’m here at beach whole night all alone I won’t drink from now onwards People are also asking me about sitting here I gave them an excuse of me writing a poem Also I can’t pendown it perfectly Please let me come home (Convincing) Please listen Listen (Call Disconnected)

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  1. Thank you so much ❤️❤️Raghvendra Tiwari for letting us use your poem also guys Follow him on Instagram to get inspired by his quotes. Link is in the description❤️
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