The TRUTH About Publishing Ebooks on Amazon Kindle as a Home Business

hello everyone and welcome to my blog my name is mal and I want to talk to you today about Kindle e-books now you might be searching online now and you'll see the title the truth in my view about Kindle e-books now I don't want to be a purveyor of doom and I but I want to just inject a little bit of reality into what's going on with Kindle because you go online and you'll notice the videos were about twenty twelve twenty thirty when they're published and I think they're accurate at the time and they talk about how you know it's very very cheap to get a kindle e-book on Amazon you can find videos on how to format them it's actually very easy and if you've got Microsoft Word and you quite good at English and you can use page breaks and you understand about formatting and things touching up hard and also it's very cheap to get you don't have to pay to get a Kindle eBook up on Amazon you just have to you'll have some sort of cover and you know be able to write a document and you've got to be able to put some copy together and it's quite you know the process of actually getting it up there is reasonably straightforward and even though you can get tutorials on how to do is I guess if I give you the link to actually put a lit candle on the KDP select the KDP publishing platform you'd probably manage it if you can you know if you've ever registered for a website before you probably get there in the end and so that been so hard what you also have to do is you've got to go to somewhere like Fiverr which is at 5 RR and calm which is like a marketplace for graphics and you can get a good a good color beige for about five to ten dollars and the grid variance in contractors you have to do bit of searching to find a good one what I'm saying is it's fairly decently easy to get a product for sale and now what the vlogger says that you can make they say like easily easily if you find it in demand products you go onto keywords you search for who's search there's how-to stuff works best like how to grow to our toes is quite a group you know well search term and if you create the book they say well yours you'll go off the top of Amazon searches because google loves that was always you wish to do and you will make whatever six hundred dollars a month now naturally if it doesn't cost you anything to put a book up there but you're going to make six hundred dollars a month per book both had ten books or make six thousand dollars or a five hundred bucks I make sixty thousand dollars a month just like that bang I mean who wouldn't be interested in that you know even high-powered executives who make a hundred grand a year couldn't even get close to you as if you manage to do that right so naturally people back in 2012 which is a similar thing to I think when people were dude early days and internet when I was first making a geocities website like 30 years ago and you built it people came you know it builds it in their kid there wasn't that many sites to find really the search engines were that good so now obviously everyone's online it's much harder to find products everything kind of decent costs money really and was the very beginning if you were around at that time where you are right at the time like I was at university everything was kind of free and you kind of got good stuff but now this was a lot better we prepare for YouTube in the notable exception please store children in Google that go back to Kindle it was kind of a similar situation in 2012 where as people you know you build an e-book and the market wasn't as saturated and what people say is oh no it's okay because and the marketplace is like gonna increase tenfold by 2020 and demand is going to get through the roof and Kindles already selling more e-books than hard copies and you've got create space if you want to sell a hard copy and all that stuff's really true but the problem you have is as an individual kindle e-book seller is that if the market gets 10 times bigger therefore there's 10 times more products and that all the niches will be full and your book will be harder and harder to pick out from the rest what I find now when our search for things is just a test you know is this a market that I can go into and all of the books look the same and you can tell straight away who is an e-book seller against who is a professional author and they look to suit be different now I guess the trick is to look like them rather than look like an e-book seller but I just want to kill some of the myths that you get in this because you have tried this and I've got a book on there which actually meant to write myself called 21 ways to write the great cover letter it's about when you want to apply for a job how to make a cover letter some really good and I did what you recommended to do when I went onto Elance and I instructed a writer for $65 I figured you know invest 50 quid per Buchan and it's on there for life and making potentially six hundred dollars a month like to tell you and I've got a cover made for $10 and that bits good value I could get it for $5 and where people get that from but obviously I got the book from this person and it was terrible you know I mean I'm a decent right there because I've written in the plastid 20 not 2009 I worked for a year as a copywriter for B wyndcomm the better company where I did lots of blogs for them at three per day I was writing about I think it at 600 by the end of the year and articles obviously to hone my craft always be the distant later but I hope my craft there and I write I work for an MP in the UK now and I do speeches sometimes I also did a big submission research submission for an open cast hearing where the MP had to give a presentation that was scrutinized by barristers that was quite important and but obviously that takes a bit of thought so I've always been good right and I always think that was writing you just I'm gonna give you some tips on how about right if you're not sure how how to do it and that will hopefully help and you write better stuff because you know some people are brilliant at it and they just flow and other people find it a bit more difficult and then you've got my text the speech speech the text of which I'll talk about as well but obviously the first thing I'll say is it simply a myth that there's a few issues with it firstly pin $65 for you're going to be the kind of Gordon rate is about 10 10 10 dollars per 1000 words now the first problem you have is that I had a few writers that just regurgitated stuff off website and what I did was I put sections of the the text in the copyscape which you can check and it came up with web pages is basically just lifted off the internet I mean anybody can do that so the first thing you have an issue of is quality of write as it is really hard to find good quality rightness and you will pay more than the base rate to get them and the second thing is can you do a better job yourself because once I've got this basic thing back I basically redraw at all and because what was being said to me wasn't really anything that I couldn't do myself now if you're a terrible right now you have perhaps you're dyslexic or and then that shouldn't rule you out with having a good these things then fine but you have to really be careful you've got to find someone good and that probably comes a bit of a premium because you know writing is difficult you know I can write let some look like and write them only roughly a thousand words an hour if I really just sit down and go for it on most topics if I understand the topic if I have a general knocking just my strategy just to give you some a quick bit of writing advice is just to basically you know Mull it over Milou over the issue so talk about as you writing about something you know dropping the other side of the coins or if you're talking about for example politics you're talking about the left versus the right you might talk about what left-wing politics is and then you're going to why the right to think that it's really bad that left-wing politics is is the way it is and then you can talk about why the Left hit the right is that you could talk about you know what perhaps the good bits of both where the middle ground is how we see things but so you can you just just sort of trouble around the issue and craft an article then you go back and refine it and all you have to have really is is what you want to talk about and the kind of I guess the kind of a the kind of point that you're going for the kind of conclusion and which you should have in your title if you write in an e-book and an e-book or tea has to be about five to seven to ten thousand words and I like to think that you want look at it like your dissertation at University and if you should we put them that amount of work into a you need a good piece of work and so that's kind of the right side of it and also the issue is about how much these people are getting paid they're probably own and far less than minimum wage so there is an ethical thing towards it where yes they're not doing that much I mean I don't blame someone who lets it live it I think usually a third world country and then the kind of justification here on the Internet is that you know the be far happier right in a thousand words for you to ten dollars so they are working in a you know a sweatshop factory for you know whatever how long it takes to make ten dollars not sure that's fully justifiable from a moral perspective you know people you should give an honest pay for honest work and especially if you're going to make all this money afterwards I think for me if I'm writing an e-book which I still do by the way I'll talk about what I do and you need to pay a fair wage for what you're asking people to do for you and so in terms of another myth let's let's get the Southie open as well my books I did that one and they also did I did a research for a topic and I found that social anxiety was a big search thing and people obviously care a lot about that and certainly myself I've had confidence issues in the past you know I'm a big Ladin and you know I'm not great at talking to women I'm much better talk to a camera the way I'm talking to women and get them to go out with me so you know I came to put this together and I got someone to read it for me I tested it out fully and I got back something that was if it was all right it wasn't him you know wasn't it wasn't that one thing I think I would have probably if I would rent the library and I took some really close attention to what I was doing and I probably did a better job I think but again I wasn't paying a lot for the egos paying $75 and they did the work I can't be skipped it it was genuine work which is a big plus for the stuff that just comes back with these copy things so if you do get work done you've got a check it in the copy stuff before you pay because that is a big issue and and you've got to put in your description as well it must be copy skipped to a you know genuine work basically otherwise you know there's penalty and don't be scared just not to pay if you feel that that's been breached I didn't pay the person who just sent me basically stuff it was on the internet that I found in seconds on a search for the topic so I found what they had found and because google is quite consistent that way and so yeah so act again I don't want to kind of kill you know can you make with your Kindle absolutely but it takes much more than than just this kind of right it get a cover made get your book read and put it on the Internet boom 600 North Way I mean that would just be far too easy and you know I'm not saying that this wasn't the case back in maybe 2012-2013 they might have been however it certainly isn't now and as the market increases you've got to differentiate your book so you're going to have to really work on the quality so I'm going to give you some advice now in terms of how I think if you want to pursue this and it's a good idea now this is a big way I probably should have done some more research myself but I know that recently a friend of mine got in touch and said that he was making I think four thousand dollars a month selling children's books which is fantastic one on Kindle just shows it is possible to do it if if you could but there's things you have to do but Ramazan recently changed the way that they work and I think they now have a product where you can pay ten dollars a month and you can read anything you like and now that obviously decreases the amount that you would per read per sale and so it is going to be harder the problem you have as well as that some of these authors are just regurgitating outputting hundreds of books a month M which is flooding the market full of average stuff and so you know first bit of advice I'd say is you've really got to work on getting superb quality stuff for in and yes you will need to be able to charge a dollar ninety nine fight of which you're going to make the dollar you know Amazon love the fact that people are put knowledge the nightmare stuff out there because they make a sin to make a dollar every time it sports so yes they're gonna let you put it on there for free and then I'm going to excuse me they're not going to charge it for the ongoing sort of housing a bit on their servers and you know this is fairly obvious so I think they do have a charge eventually fifteen thousand if you sell of a certain amount you know that's nothing of American sales and so that's a problem so you have to put also some market guys you know you've got to market boots I've hardly made a sale you know and that's not because I'm rubbish it's not a product of rubbish it's something because my products aren't in niches or genres if you want to use a horrible words like that and where people are searching for them they definitely are searching for and bought like my YouTube channels they don't get many hits because I'm not well known on the internet and I haven't got a an author profile that people are able hello you know if JK Rowling's released my book she would make millions of it you know simple as that it's it's about market and it's about people having a reason to buy what you're selling because it's available elsewhere this is the thing that's saying like bigger sales as well you know you go selling Windows to somebody which I have done in the past and well fish is anyway roofline and so you walk in the house they can buy that off another four or five code so the only thing you're attracted to is a Salesman or what they would say a severe is trying to build a relationship in the rapport where they just decide to go with it with you rather than wait for someone else to persuade them and generally will go for someone they like so if you convince them that you're likable they'll buy it off you if they really genuinely need it and can afford what yourself so there's always an art to these things the set and then forget is over as far as I'm concerned unless you get lucky and the book just goes berserk but you have to be bargaining it now it's beyond the scope of this video to start talking at this point about marketing but you do have to spend time getting into Facebook groups you have to get on Twitter you have to be following people you have been putting in a lot of effort for no guaranteed return to get the message of your book out there and when you're on and if you hear any notice outside that's them just coming empty my air my bin I've already managed to smash my pint glass in my sink this morning so I'm glad to hear the tick get that away and so yeah basically you you've got to be able to market your book and it's a lot more than just posting please buy my book into Facebook a lot of good thing to join but if you go in there for example just out of interest going to a YouTube gaming group I've got a YouTube gaming channel and going to YouTube gamer groups it's just literally pull stuff to ports in hey release many minecraft video today check it out guys give me a like and none of the videos how many likes because people aren't interested the going in the post their own video and then they never take part you've got to participate in the in the forums and in the indie groups and bear in mind that these forums have and it's weird every single decent forum I'll have someone who's been a member for 10 years has millions of posts and they've got that forums integrity with their life and if you come in and try and sell something you know there's hell to pay so you've gotta get gauge in the forum you've got to build trust in that Avenue as well against no guarantees and then you've eventually got a very very soft sell them hi guys I've just released this book but for God's sake don't let them think that you're there all need to sell your book even if you are because they'll just not engage you might even find yourself you know suspiciously banned from it or whatever so so you know just let's conclude this and say can you make money on Kindle yes can't everybody for e-books absolutely can you make a lot of money from ebooks in Kindle you can make loads of money from it but it's not as easy as simply buying a course started took people on Elance and fiver you know uploading and forgetting about it you have to really look at admin or learn about marketing so if you want to get involved in this business this type of thing I would say do what I'm doing is what I'm doing now is I'm right now do a play around with a text-to-speech which which isn't great it's on Windows 7 if you've got it I find it kind of fun to do it's kind of so I kind of wonder about when I say something who comes up in words you know I kind of find that cool but you do have to get it get good stuff written down maybe go to the library because life is good these days use the services do a bit of research and treat it like a dissertation at university if you're going to publish something that's people for money make sure that you're asking them to buy it it's worth buying you know that second integrity thing you've got a don't sell rubbish you wouldn't sell rubbish ripped clothes out of your closet cell door maybe you would but don't they should don't sell substandard gear on Amazon because you just you fight against people who do and obviously what you get told is you don't get friends and family to review your stuff you've got a fully engage in the market inside of it to to Ernest there are it is worth doing because if it works and if you have a portfolio of fifty decent books you'll make a lot of money but that's going to take a long long time to put it together you know if you make one decent book a month a month after month after month after month and in two years time you can have twenty-five books that you know you manage your portfolio on and they are good books and you can take your months to write you actually find it quite fun you know you just focus on that book for the month you know it could be a real labor of love for you if you're into the topic that you're writing about that's another thing you've got to keep a consistent topic build a profile you know you've got to keep giving people what the one – over and over and over so if you get a topic like so it example motivation who on that quite jovian if you start right about that or workplace things you know how to be a better leader I would be a bad manager you know you've got to keep feeding that that kind of build yourself as an expert build your interviews appending build that as an expert and you know you do YouTube videos about what you're writing about and everything so I hope that's helpful for you in terms of not it's not designed to destroy your motivation and I'm sure there's people out there they'll read that say well actually you're wrong make a lot of money I don't dispute that what I dispute is people say that it's easy that you put a book on you know don't be upset if you put a book on the Amazon Kindle that you've worked hard on and it doesn't sell that many gig don't worry about it because most Brookstone if you look at the rankings you'll see that your sales rank it'll maybe be like forty thousand I want to – five hundred thousand five hundred eighty five thousand run on Kindle because the rank everything and all the reading or the description page it's all every frontier and that was of one sale so if you look at something say nine hundred thousand he's made one sale twice as long let the time is what you managed that's house so it is so if you're making any sales at all you're probably in the top hundred I just got you what you love it for now if you do any better than that suborders yeah it's worth doing it's a fun hobby and it can be a business but it's not easy and don't fall for this trick that's where everyone says it's easy because I must have researched everything online from bet fair trade into you know blogs and I've had a blog that got me a lot of money in the past Atul ended up caught at UK which is no longer online at a podcaster and from it I was getting money for links of go organizations and companies you know it enjoyed a little bit of success blow so hard like that it just died down and to keep that goal would be like a full-time job don't forget guys if people are saying it's a full-time job that means a taught minimum eight hours a day you're thinking that's eight hours of work a day just to kind of get some under scripted return at least you know when you work your job at work then you get your wage at the end of the month if the company still exists you know so you kind of having broader vision to go and but you know I hope that's helpful not too negative it's designed actually would be positive I'll tell you what you need to do to make a success of it so I wish you all the very best in the business if you can make it work you know well done and I enjoy every month looking that's great feeling when you get a sale I don't get many of them but it's a nice feel and when you get them and you know if I suddenly hit a good one and brilliant and I'll be very grateful but just just remember as you do is stick stay involved keep going enjoy right and enjoy publish and enjoy the whole process but make sure you do everything including marketing which is probably the most important thing you can have any quality light but if no one knows about it and they don't trust you that you're letting your seller as you sell it to Mumbai and as it gets bigger and that's the marketplace gets bigger that's even more and more important okay thank you for watching guys I really appreciate your time and I hope you found the video helpful if you did leave me a like below and keep an eye out for future videos thanks for watching Oh

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  1. Yes, but..2 important factors: 1) You have to have something enough people are interested in, in order for them to pay you for, and 2), Just because you build it, doesnt mean they'll come… you still have devise multiple channels to market it out so people know it exists. While both those facts seem rudimentary.. they are at the very top of the list of how this NEEDS to happen to make money.

  2. Enjoyed your video, my question is, if you have your own photo that you would like to use. do you follow a different process for the cover? Thank you.

  3. Mate you got a new subscriber! I always wanted to write and publish, but since im broke to even pay for a cover, this a nice solution to a beginning of something, even if it is just to learn, I studied some design, Ill go for it!

    Awesome video! Very motivating, awesome tips, and since im here, you spoke about of avarage of words per book, but I was wondering, what if my book contains mostly images, how do I know when pages are too much for an image book. (I dont know if Im expressing myself well, but cheers from Angola.)

    P.S. Fix the subs mate, you got audience all over the world, google its not tracking your every word. Cheers one more time!

  4. Reality is a good thing! Good practical tips and thanks for sharing your honest thoughts on what it's like to write a Kindle eBook. Would love for you to weigh in with your thoughts on our special Facebook LIVE chat we have coming up all about how to write your first book on Jan. 16, 9pm EST. Cheers!

  5. The KDP system has some glaring flaws that enable Amazon to hang on to millions of dollars owed to publishers. They split sales up by countries and each country has to reach the monthly target before any payment is made. By splitting sales up by country they ensure that some sales will NEVER get payed out. They also pay by wire/cheque unless you get sales in the country you are based in. Again a huge con. They should give publishers the option of being paid via PayPal and pay-outs should be based on the total sales across the platform not by country. I have given up any hope of ever being paid for many of the sales made on this system because some countries will clearly never reach the payout threshold.

  6. What about writing as a running commentary? Kind of a humour based sense on a serious topic?
    Would that capture an audience more?

  7. Too many people approach this wrong. They are focused on cold sales, the idea that they can get a lot of random people to buy the book. No. It's a slow process and you have to be patient. Publish a few books making sure they are the best quality you can. Focus on over delivering value. The first books should be free. Make them permanently free and use these books to build the email list. The money is in the list. It's far easier to sell to existing customers than to focus on new customers. After you have a fan base that is always getting bigger this way you will have people who like your work and will buy your new stuff. They will also spread the word about you and obtain more list subscribers and fans. In the beginning it's a waste of time and money to market. Unless you have a lot of money to throw into marketing it will be futile. Do this for a few years and you might have 5000 subscribers to your list. If you even get 25 percent of your list to buy everything you write then that starts to become a nice foundation. You should spend most of your time creating good content and fairly quickly.

  8. Hi Malcolm

    It is refreshing to watch an honest video without the usual fluff and bling. Thanks for your contribution towards the lives of Indie Authors. Just yesterday I was looking at my 2012 figures and noticed that on 3-4 books I was making $600-$1000 per month. Then I released more books without the tedious work and boom – the sales nose dived.

    Without strong advertising – forget about making money. Please don't respond by quoting an "Outlier" who managed to bypass the process. Malcolm is right the terrain has changed, there are just more books and free info available.

    But there is good news: If you release great content and are consistent with release schedules and marketing you will make money! You will get known. The other factor is that; all you need is 5-10k people who love what you do and boom – you have a herd that can make you a millionaire.

    Keep up the good work. I am off to learn more about marketing.

    GOD Bless you all

  9. Amazing how people can love you on a forum until you post a book. It is like everything you said before is suddenly revealed as a lie. Your true colors are showing. You only gave out good free advice to get rich later. I am still working on the get rich part that people think is automatic when you have a Kindle book for sale.

  10. Thanks Malcolm. Your video is very helpful for us novice e-book writers. I have written standard books not e-books. Therefore as an experiment I wrote a title called Elongating a Small Member, The Science of Male Genital Elongation aimed at impotent men and or those unsuccessful in the bedroom. Kindle and other sites have accepted it. Now to become the salesman you mentioned. Appreciate your video. Mark Davis MD.

  11. Great advice from a fellow North Eastern bloke. There are so many scams out there and books and courses by people making money telling about how to make money. Glad I watched it but burst my bubble a bit as I had high hopes about Kindle Publishing as a real possible earner. Wish we could chat over a pint! Cheers

  12. So where do I go to make an e-book that I want to give away free? I have a few rare books on a subject that many need, that I found after years of searching. I can copy it, the patent is expired, and want to help my friends that have the same interest I do. I don't want to have to print out 130 pages to send one to each of them, so I thought an e-book would work. I have NO experience at this whatsoever, so if this is even possible, I would like to know, so that I can make a copy, and then maybe let them send one to another, until we all get the information. Doing it all at once is a much better choice, so I would love to go in that direction. Is this possible? Are there people that will do this for us?  I'm 69 yrs. old and have little computer skills, and even less ability on this topic. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you, Sheila

  13. Thanks for your honesty. I just started and now realize all it takes to get this up and running. It is a journey that will be completed.

  14. Thanks, Malcolm. This was an excellent use of 20 minutes. You have an believable, engaging style and kindly shared your experience plus several tools and tips. Thank you. I look forward to checking out your other videos.

    Much of what you spoke about applies to small youTubers like me. Thanks again . . . and stop by for a chant while you enjoy that pint! 🍺

  15. I've been wanting to get into this so thank you very much for this information! I am still very anxious to get into it.

  16. This a really great video. You did in this video exactly what you preach. Authentic Content. Good Stuff man

  17. Just to be aware if you get a few poor reviews then your profit margin will drop even if you have a good book. Advantage of an ebook you can update your work or improve on it. My mistake is I produce a book of 700 pages then looked at proof readers or ghost writers which would cost a fortune. The best method is do a book with a mate.

  18. this is a true honest video. I have been returns for about a yr but do to 7 months of doing nothing it is only small amount. people need a msg like this to realize kdp takes work if you want to build up anything substantial.
    on a side not I have had better luck with writer but once they realize the market the piece does certainly take a hike so be prepared for that.

  19. Why did you commission someone else to write a book you intended to publish under your name? Seems an oddly dishonest thing to do.

  20. Hi Malcolm Clarke. Do you use a contract when you buy stories from other writers? How can you make sure that the story you bought from them is now legally yours and that they can't come up later and claim that you plagiarized the story from them?

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