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In the three years Donald Trump
has been president, America has changed
in many ways. The country
is more divided than ever, official government policies
are now announced on Twitter, and the red phone
in the White House now connects you directly
to KFC. But one change we didn’t expect
from Trump’s presidency was an explosion of books. From anti-Trump books to books calling him
the second coming of Christ, we’ve seen it all. And who could have
ever predicted that so many books would exist, thanks to a president
who can’t read. (laughter) Now, anyone can write a book. And I do mean anyone. But what’s interesting is how many of these books
were written by people who worked inside
the White House. And the latest book
making headlines comes from Nikki Haley,
former ambassador to the U.N. and woman who just captured
James Bond. And she’s not holding back. TV REPORTER: In her memoir
out this week, Nikki Haley takes on former Secretary
of State Rex Tillerson and former White House Chief
of Staff John Kelly, claiming the two men undermined
and ignored President Trump from inside the White House. Haley writes: “Kelly and
Tillerson confided in me that when they resisted
the president, they weren’t being subordinate, they were trying
to save the country. They should have been saying
that to the president, not asking me to join them
on their sidebar plan. To undermine a president is really
a very dangerous thing. Okay. This is a bombshell
I did not expect. Rex Tillerson and General Kelly were resisting Trump
in the White House? That is shocking. Although it does explain why they were wearing
those pussy hats, but, still, I mean… This is big news,
because this book, this book basically
makes it sound like two of Trump’s top officials
were constantly trying to stop Trump from causing
trouble or getting into trouble. You know, it’s like that thing
parents do, you know, when they swap a real thing
with a toy from their baby. You know when parents do that? Be like, “Whoa, whoa. Give me
Daddy’s cell phone back and you can have
the big boy phone.” And the kid is happy.
They’re just like, “Hello. Is this the president
of Ukraine? “Hello? Give me the doo doo
on Biden. “I want the doo doo on Biden. “Okay. Thank you. Bye-bye. He told me the cow says, ‘moo.'” That’s basically
what was happening. And I’ve got to say, this is
a really complicated issue, ’cause on the one hand, I understand where Nikki Haley
is coming from. America voted for Trump, right? He won the electoral college. And so his policies
are what people voted for, so his staff shouldn’t try
to undermine him. On the other hand,
this is also the same president who suggesting nuking
hurricanes. So maybe (bleep) blocking him
is a good idea? I don’t know. And while Nikki Haley’s book is all about allowing Trump
to be Trump, there’s another book
making headlines right now with the total opposite message. And this book is coming
from inside the White House. TV REPORTER: A warning creating
instant shock waves. The anonymous author
who claims to be a senior Trump administration
official paints a picture of a president
who is unstable and inept. The writer describing
a near-daily five-alarm fire drill, where senior officials
cancel plans and race to the White House
to prevent the president from enacting his latest wacky
or destructive idea. The author saying
behind closed doors, the president makes racist
and misogynistic remarks, describing him as reckless, and without full control
of his faculties. Oh, my God. Trump is erratic,
racist and misogynist? Thank God we have
this inside source. How else would we have known? Oh, wow! (applause) Seriously, I… I don’t get it. We all know this stuff already. Like, these are not revelations. This is like a spy
coming out of Russia, like, (with Russian accent):
“You didn’t hear it from me, “but Russia is very big. I should go.
I’ve said enough.” (normal voice):
So look, the truth is, if you want to learn
something new about Trump, this book is probably
not gonna do it for you. But one person who might
actually have revelations about Trump is John Bolton, former national security advisor
and permanent Got Milk ad. He claims to have
unique insider information relevant to
the impeachment probe, but he’s not telling Congress
about it. He might be saving it
for his upcoming book. TV REPORTER:
An attorney for former national security advisor
John Bolton revealed on Friday that Bolton was “personally involved in many
of the events, meetings and conversations at the center
of the impeachment probe, as well as many relevant
meetings and conversations that have not yet
been discussed publicly. Bolton had been scheduled
to testify as part of the impeachment
probe, last Thursday, but he did not appear. Bolton has a new book deal
with Simon and Schuster, and, according to reports, that deal is worth
about $2 million. Oh, I see. So Bolton might spill the beans on impeachable offenses
by the president, but only for $2 million. Yes, he’s truly the hero
America deserves. Imagine if someone like that
called 911. Just like, “Hello, police, there’s a killer
on the loose.” “Okay, sir, where is he?” “Venmo me 20 bucks
and I’ll tell you.” (laughter) And I’m not gonna lie, I’m not impressed
by the news of Bolton’s book, because what’s the point of
releasing anything on Trump if it comes out next year? Right? Impeachment
is gonna be happening now. And worst of all, Bolton totally stole his cover
from Michelle Obama. I don’t care what anybody says. That is not his look. (laughter) So, look, look, the truth is whether it’s Anonymous,
Nikki Haley or John Bolton, beneath it all, these books are
all trying to do the same thing: profit off the chaos. Because these books
don’t help the country. They just trade on rumors
and innuendo to make the authors money. Like, if someone has valuable
information about the president, they should just tell
the American people instead of holding out
for a big payday. It’s about the president.
It’s about the country. -(cheering and applause)
-And… And you know what? I actually think
I know how we fix this. Like, I-I’m gonna tell you
how we fix this in my new book… called Buy My Book:
a Book I Want You to Buy. (laughter) -(cheering and applause)
-For just $29.99… For just $29.99, you will learn shocking facts like Trump is a bad person, Trump has divided America and Mike Pence
seems like a weird guy. But, most importantly,
my book finally reveals how Americans
can get Trump out of office. So make sure you get a copy
when it comes out in 2025.

100 thoughts on “The Trump Administration Book Club | The Daily Show

  1. She's right. Instead of undermining his orders, they should've went to the president and invoked the 25th amendment and removed him from office because he's a maniac.

  2. Edward Snowden told the country. Look where he is now.

    Obama went to wars with everyone. Look how adored he is.
    Trump may be an imbecile, but look how he hasn't killed or went to war like previous Presidents. He actively tries not to go to war. But American media and people hate him.

    USA deserves to die.

  3. Americans did NOT elect Chump. Russia hacked the election and eliminated enough votes in Michigan & Wisconsin, and Florida did their usually rigged vote count. That's how Putin's puppet got into the WH.

  4. Isn't everything trying to pick a grain out of US politics these days? So calling the kettle bl… o wait, can't use that metaphor here.

  5. Nikki left for her own self gain and to make money. I think these so called White House Top Aids. Never really cared about representing America.

    I Wouldn't want Nikki for President. Anymore than Thing 1 we have in the White House already

  6. Yeah nikki didn't want to join her other cohorts because she has her own agenda, just like her lying mentor trump, only with a dumb cunt like her she probably really believes that bankrupting the United States for personal gain is a cool thing……FUCKING CUNT!

  7. Andrew yang has a policy for this shot no profits from book deals and other things like if after leaving the federal government or at least the executive branch also some other dope things stopping family of people in the executive branch from being on boards of companies foreign and domestic

  8. Trevor points out that key people in the Trump administration see profiting from federal jobs is more important than keeping the voting public informed. It's about them and not about us.

  9. Doesn’t it mean most of you Americans are bigger Idiots because you voted an Idiot as your President? Trevor you’re unfunny af

  10. Trump didn't divide America stop that bullshit… Less than 20% of the country voted for him and he has consistently lost support since..

  11. BREAKING NEWS: Nikki Haley named "Most Sycophantic Bow to a Political Monster of the Month". She had stiff competition: Mulvaney, Pompeo, Ghouliani, Pence, McConnell, Zelensky. But Haley brings up the rear for her gender, shaming most women.

  12. Trump is a great president, he will win in 2020 and this noah is not funny at all, what is sad is he has professional writters and STILL isnt funny.
    Cant wait for trump to win again in 2020, and the left to melt down again. Hahaha

  13. This just shows that all those duly elected citizens care nothing about the country, but how much money they can make in just a short time.

  14. Can't stand Trevor Noah anymore. He's nothing but a shill spewing propaganda for a small group of people that HATE AMERICA.

  15. Bolton was security adviser. And he's choosing profit over country? Makes you realize just how low the "quality" of Trump's cabinet is.

  16. I always thought that that was awkward. Anyone who happened to work at the white house publishes a book a month later after leaving.

  17. The title of Nikki’s book sounds pretty narcissistic. She needs to tell us she has both grit and grace? Which one of those attributes convinced her to resign?

  18. 5:53 Hey, Noah, can't you read either? Before you falsely mock someone for profiting, while you profit from mocking, do your research. Anonymous will give most of the proceeds to a good cause, keeping part of it to cover legal fees. But you can keep making arrogant speeches, the truth doesn't care.
    "The book's publisher, Twelve, said the author, who plans to remain anonymous, did not take an advance to write the book and plans to give a "substantial" amount of royalties "to nonprofit organizations that focus on government accountability."

  19. those who promotes Trump's impeachment hate America . Please read the transcript and let the president leads this country in the right way .

  20. Dear Trevor Noah,
    wtf are you talking about between 1:30 and 1:39? How is WH officials (WH-os) not doing what D.J. Drumpf "asked" them to do a "bombshell" or shocking?
    If memory servers, you yourself talked about other WH-os doing basically the same in the past.
    E.g. you talked about how one WH-o said to another WH-o that he "just wouldn't do the crazy shit" D.J. Drumpf just told him to do (I think it was his attorney general Barr or something).
    This defiance kept D.J. Drumpf from doing at least some impeachable offenses.

    And weren't Kelly and/or Tillerson attributed with "calming down" the WH/Drumpf and bringing a bit more order into Drumpf's WH?
    How should the have been able to do that if they were following all of Drumpf's orders?

    Please do not repeat such media "Bombshells" if they actually aren't what they are presented as.

  21. The less Focus that ridiculous manchild gets the better, I mean he isn't worth the attention and he grows of it. It doesn't even matter if it's bad or good, just pay the least possible amount of time thinking, talking or looking at the Orange Mirage. Just forget as much as you can and leave the lying rants the attention they deserve, [email protected]

  22. Jelly is a monster he activated the child separations policy at the border. He did it to make money the tents and camps get their supply from the company Kelly is on the board for.

  23. Those guys were thugs and Donald Trump very smart to get rid of them!.
    Very good time to drain the swamp mr. President!.

  24. The Trump administration is kind of like a bad version of the Wu Tang Clan. Everyone is going off and doing spinoff solo books.

  25. I'm really excited about the new book idea Trevor. Could I buy an advanced copy for $500? Although it is a long wait, it is so worth it to get such an amazing work of fiction.

  26. Bolton's book should be boycotted instead of helping his country he is trying to benefit from all the other stupidity and corruption. 🤦‍♀️ again , why is it okay for anyone to defy subpoenas?

  27. Trevor Noah has more & better insight into American politics than 98% of Americans, as usual. Too bad he's S. African.

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