The Trouble With Templeton – I Wrote A Novel

27 thoughts on “The Trouble With Templeton – I Wrote A Novel

  1. Been listening to this band on and off for ages (I love Australian music), but shameful never watched any of their video clips until now. Such a cute clip and lovely group of people making this video happen. It makes the whole thing more enjoyable. Plus I love tom's singlet tan line / sunburn.

  2. Found out about this band a while back. I work at Wal-Mart and by the front there are small tv's that advertises stuff and they play a snip it of this video. Like this band ever since then and enjoy there tunes

  3. Omg! I heard this song on the radio on 16th of October 2011 (saved some lyrics on a note on my phone) and I've been meaning to look it up ever since and I can't believe I just completely randomly came across it right now! Great song 🙂

  4. every single one of his songs are sheer AWESOMENESS. i have three favourite songs the first is by the trouble with templeton, the second trouble with templeton and the third…trouble with templeton! huh? whadya know?

  5. For some reason I really love the back ground of mumbled talking. It makes the whole song feel so ethereal.

  6. I love the trouble with templeton. He makes an awesome acoustic indie sound.
    thank god for triple j unearthed for helping him on his journey to create great music for us

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