On the YouTubes today and saw my brother uploaded a video said like I’m releasing the second so third verse I got it like not clickbait That’s f*cking clickbait ohh Yeah, aye oh good morning Logang. Okay. What’s up as usual? It’s a good day as you guys know yesterday well today I guess I flew from Los Angeles to Toronto Canada to surprise my roommate Evan who? What the f*ck get the h*ll off me huh huh huh huh *intense growning* How are you doing? Logang time sometimes we get wild up. We’re really good friend Evan this competing in the dwarf world games, bro Can we just a just a second you look like a savage bro look at the man bun dude Appearance you know and you don’t actually have to be athletic No, no, it’s all about intimidation obsessed, so it’s like and this just adds on to like my athleticism. Oh yeah for sure How’s the competition looking bro? Sorry? Yes, a lot of doors in this game. There’s a lot of door It is the dwarf world games So we’ll be hanging out with a bunch of dwarfs today’s are the coolest people on Planet Earth this little gangsters, bro I had a couple come up to me like Y’all navarrete yeah No, you guys are Mavericks. You’re in the Logang you want to smoke some merlot compose icon size like this I actually had a couple of them come up to me and ask if you bring in Merch Yeah, but um I don’t want to break the news to them and tell them Logan Paul, is it still there sigh wait a second we won. Oh? It’s gonna wait. I was gonna save it my man. We’ve got that you Know I brought a bunch dudes like bro I probably do you hand some of these out will I be the favorite ever hi got? The favorite cuz you know I’m all ready to say hunter sex every second favorite you can be second say hell. Yeah She ate this mother of God. Let’s go get you registered as a dwarf Okay, right now Evan has to read sir as a dwarf. Do you think you’re Gonna pass? I don’t know. It’s always questionable every year oh I don’t know. How you manifest They got me a media pass. I don’t know whose ideas is what I like to spice up life a little bit We’re go ahead and put paul logan. Oh, man. I’m such a Joseph oh He’ll survive the competition spit. Oh, you didn’t know I’m part of the Media. I’m a ceo I told that he needs to watch out so much bigger than ever girl like the brother. He will kill your dog Oh your hero. She kill me bro. I’m your mama Warsaw. He’s small though You’re embarrassing me Ellen his best man Rapido. I’m a ceo. He’s big Okay, so good news ever got about Ever got approved to be a dwarf So that’s some good stuff also, man. I took a lot of picture. I’ve ever taken pictures with that many doors. We’re gonna Dope Back is the promote yo good lighting is not you guys dude. Oh, yeah, what are you doing in my room? You know my dad all the lighting’s good, okay, bro. I came here and I realized I got no plates I’ve been having a real urge the brake plate bro, but there’s no place right locally Okay, yo you gotta compete you gotta get ready warm up, you know your arm Evan you uh go kiss my mom, and then we’ll rendezvous back and you will compete in the game. Oh, no. No no guys Great, so while Evan goes to kiss my mom. I actually have something to admit guys. I’m not going to get played Okay I could have gotten plates from the kitchen and yesterday’s vlog ever reminded me that this is our four-year friendship anniversary Four years ago today august 6 we met at the dwarf world games in Lansing, Michigan We took this picture of us sitting on rocks looking like studs. You have a nip you bertie Yeah, so I was sitting here, and I was saying I was like dude I need to get I don’t know what it’s Gonna be yet But I know there’s a mall nearby what you’re going to so whatever gets ready. I’m getting again. I’m gonna remain care Tones dug them all seems legit, we got a lot of options But to my right wallet low gang you have a low gang and also we got a jewelry store it might be them We’re in the jewelry store. This is like a rolex section. You got to ring the doorbell to get him Canada my friend is an orphan competing the dwarf floral game, and it’s actually our four year anniversary So I was thinking about buying a rolex and my good friend A good friend, I’m a blogger perfect You I would purchase it in what we don’t think there’s a lot of variables here’s why I can anniversary today Yeah, I am the best friend ever Evan is about to lose his mind when he sees when I got it But first we have to go to evan he’s playing basketball active dwarf world games is my guy. We’re done Evan play already. Oh Look there. He is number twelve looking looking straight does I don’t know if this is a lot, but I got a wish my boy good Luck I Missed the first half yeah, bro. Okay? I’ll make it up to you later. I promise I like that look thank you for Okay, you’re not here. You didn’t score, okay? My good luck don’t yeah, I don’t know why my boys giving me up twentyfive nothing like come on Are you gonna bro? Hey? Hey, bro. Are you from wow I wouldn’t hit me if I were you. I’m a ceo Go get it oven make the log a ground My board missed two shots in a row. He’s kind of embarrassing me a little bit It sucks, but if he misses another shot like you can’t be my roommate anymore the arable here Are you good bro? Don’t put that? I’ll make the cut it won’t make the time. What did you say you have kids sizes right? It’s funny You say that he was now available on Logan Poldark consulate. Yeah, are you guys competing that in the door for games? Yeah? Are you Gonna win? Are you going to be? Yosi’s they know bro. They’re in the low game. We’ve run too. Deep look it’s my demo I gotta ask who is taking this picture? I don’t see any Are you ready girl don’t ask me why get cheating on me with all these other drawers are you talking about? You’re my number one to tell you over there. You’re my number one. You’re my number one. You are my number one I proved you later Are you in love bro? Yes? You’re Loca yeah, I think you and Aiden will make a cute couple you guys should go on a date Mommy said it. I said it. I hate it even he didn’t even tell me that you guys were in love forever She says she’s dating someone right now. That’s okay. He’s still gonna swoop great. So he’ll pick you up at 8:00. I gotcha Mister steal yo girl. Yeah. I feel bad got the feeling I sorta am cheating on Evan Evan it’s not what it looks like Bro, I’m not signing this savages face B*tches see oh yeah. How are you doing? You’re making it awkward for me only a minute bro. He made me do it Mr. Cereal girl bro. Let’s just hear you talk best friend. Oh It’s literally been like five hours since we saw Evan had to leave I had to go to an audition Actually put myself on tape that’s right bro in Canada still grinding actor like yo g We’re in Evan’s room and he’s in the shower So we’re going to mess with him a little bit also Evan this is your punishment for missing all those basketball shots Hi I’m vlogging no Diana Heaven you look so good. I like you better when you’re not clothed. I don’t think I’d be a roommate anymore Oh, because I kicked you out because you didn’t make those basketball shot His pit is because when we left apparently he was like bawling. We’re bawling bawling Left me I know I’m supposed to audition to always drop names ever liked the game ten points a game damn It’s like black pen to Adam wait dude stay there. I think dude we see a cavity. We just can’t really get ya littlest We didn’t get place earlier, bro Look it. I think it’s a great moment right now right? It’s a good moment. Oh wait I did keep plates in here though. Just for old times sake close out plate Sorry Lydia I’m paranoid. Oh, no. Sorry. I haven’t mom and dad anyways joke is to get yellow gangs mean ways with us But I don’t I feel I’m not like the bro as you know It’s our four-year anniversary being friends way dad was it just like a gag you know yes. You have a booger need ozone We’ve been friends for four years bro, best friends man And I just I felt like this is a special time I fly 2500 miles of Canada yeah, and I wanted to get you a special gift to remember our friendship. I open your eyes favorite cookie I actually hit a bad time right. We’re Gonna go oh God be honest with you. I was gonna buy you a rolex I know I Was Gonna do it and then the ladies like my role at noon and they love it. I love it all whooping I Was in a factory I swear to maintain until we get back to La that’s Mario goetze coming. No, I’m saying here this No, I also feel like now is a good time to tell you we are getting evicted. We have 60 days less than the house Shall we live on the streets we? Technically we are homeless brain in pink to Tony it was going to be a row like let me tell me How he doesn’t leave a like don’t get the rolex It coming break a plate in my bathroom And now you tell me we’re getting evicted. Oh Way to go. I have one more thing one more thing if you write the survey right now I’m hitting you in the d*ck beginning it. I’m in either miss a day there you go You homeless girl? we gotta stop fighting we gotta stop fighting ever ah Guys there is one thing I do want to address Let’s talk about the third verse Apparently, this is becoming a thing went on the YouTubes today and saw my brother uploaded a video said like I’m releasing the second So third verse I got it like not click bae Bae Bae bro guys we did that what Evan and I made up a thing about the third verse with the Rocker Rocker twin you saw? The video it’s like it was first one. We beat each other up So they stole the third verse the third verse from us and then we broke a bunch of plates to try to get it back and Then Jake did a fight see with him which was I thought was great by the way But then he like made it like real life and said he actually took the third verse brother, Jake You didn’t take the third verse because it doesn’t no Because it doesn’t exist someone made the third first But we were just doing cuz it’s like a fun thing to bring up that there might be a third verse Yeah, and we like fighting it why not worry more people? Yeah, go on fire watch it It’s funny Comedy I Keep on finding out right like now I say maybe we do go you make it because like Jake’s kind of p*ssing me off like Faking the third verse I even touched them about it I’m like yo, you said you’re gonna release the lyric video for the third verse, how are you Gonna? Do that if there’s no third verse? He’s like those two subs to release I’m like too savage where it doesn’t exist. So I don’t know what’s going on Just no guys there is no third area unless we decide to make a third verse you guys think we should I think I should? Be in the third verse, I think so – okay yeah two million likes on this video We make a third verse, and I buy a van a rolex. Just get it get it please like it Why so many likes on this video low guy? I know we can do it cuz we have the strongest and fastest growing family on YouTube You’re not a part of the family make sure you subscribe also. Copy or Maverick merge link for that is in the description joined The movement managed to hi. Yeti backpacks back to school use murky I love you guys, and I will see you tomorrow cause that’s a vlog take it easy poof Are you?

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