The things authors say while writing

I really don't want to do this buddy now I should yeah [Applause] [Applause] yeah really shouldn't question that you just killed someone I mean they they deserved it I'm not really dark no wonder my story now a terrible person I put my characters through hell and back I mean I killed off a bunch of main characters and I'm not stopping no supposed to be like gray please for filming oh my god no wait just someone just message me on here oh my god well ever stop torturing my characters probably not that's that's kind of bad you got a freaking lesson as an author yes I do have the power to control the characters I control the characters like my puppets what do I do with them make them blow up a school make them try to kill themselves make them kill other people that I absolutely adore this hurts me as much as it hurts you I kind of talking to possibly three people at once well writing that's lovely yeah go ahead kiss him after he's murdered someone is having a mental breakdown that's some March I mean what would I do I don't know what I would do honestly because no I know it's killed anybody [Applause] [Applause] yes yes please make me proud child yes you killed someone and you should really feel ashamed except for the fact that he was a horrible person and deserve to die I'm not really the person to go to when you've killed someone I'm gonna go ahead and watch some YouTube you know take a little break from writing what I'm writing actually that's a that's a good question maybe five minutes please throw out my story I don't know I don't know whatever way you want to do it just please do it please I dare be there for I'm amazed your boyfriend and if you don't want to be there for him I mean you know I feel really stupid sometimes I talked to my characters as I'm writing I force you to be there for him because if you don't then you're not my character but you are my character so you're gonna be there okay I just want to talk about the fact that my writing is so unrealistic I write like it's an anime it's not a manga love me I swear I'm probably the most messed up author you will ever find except for you know the authors of mangas and all that I don't think I'll ever be as messed up as author Death Note and Tokyo ghoul attack on Titan hmm this is Loki 50 shades of gray except more family-friendly I don't know how it's more family-friendly but it is and it's also gay don't write yourself that's a little too light sweetheart blame not blue hey try to start right whoa I'm trying to write I need to stop finally I'm done now I just have like oh who knows how many chapters left uh 20 and I don't have my friends stories to edit my own stories to publish and edit because I don't have my own editors no no not no I'm not mm-hmm I know I have more to know I have more to put but not going to oh my god oh yeah yeah you're welcome thanks for the update you're thinking oppa me nice you just call my story nice this is terrible it's awful it's yeah it's just it I don't even know anymore know which of my oh I don't know ten stories should I work on now

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