The Springer Publishing Company Story

Springer publishing is a great resource for every healthcare professional we're not just book publishers or journal publishers we're members of the communities that we serve they are very passionate about how they can help educate a newer generation spreading care publishing has a collection of material that could very well describe the progress historically of our discipline and where it's at right now it's a very interesting history it was started in 1950 by very hard Springer he was interested in not just running a business but in helping professionals and helping patients benefit from the books that he was publishing a lot of the books that Springer publishing produces are more specialized areas they're not these huge medical surgical nursing books this thick they did a great book on what nurses did during Katrina nobody else is going to tell his story just and it's an awesome book we're privately owned independent were more than just the business we're a mission driven company it's easier for them to make decisions it's easier for them to respond to author preferences they're capable of handling diverse voices without feeling like they have to homogenize them they care about authors they care about academic integrity and they certainly care about how the book is going to be received they get what's bubbling up and they get what's coming next all of our books are you all are backless books are he books every book in print is also in digital fashion writing a book is certainly a labor of love it's not something that you undertake with the notion of how hard it's going to be or how long it's going to take there's no company like Springer publishing in terms of really being with you every step of the way they really help facilitate the ideas of an author Springer publishing is good for a novice writer because you need the individual attention it's also good for the experienced author because you want the individual attention I love the way the book looks everybody loved the cover just looking at the book physically was very attractive I'm glad to see it in print I feel proud it's my baby he feels like a baby I'm extremely pleased about how the book is being marketed you see it advertised all over the day it was announced there were emails sent to schools and hospitals across the country they know who buys the book who reads the book before the book is published we're reaching out to literally hundreds of thousands of people to get the word out the reception was great better than I expected and it grows every day hospitals have purchased the books and are using the theory in practice they do a great job of submitting the books for awards two of my books received American Journal of Nursing book of the Year awards duties top book of the year Sigma Theta tah top award for books the American Journal of Nursing book of the Year award 18 times we're publishing is a global company we have distributors and partners around the world Europe Asia Australia South America by distributing internationally they can affect what happens to nursing worldwide we also have a very active translation program everything I do can be made available and useful anyone anywhere on planet Earth Springer publishing has had a very positive effect on my career every month I will have a student come up and say to me I use your textbook and it really made a difference in the way I look at the healthcare system that's one of the most exciting things that happens to be your idea money we've been able to really make a difference in practice and education they've allowed me to help train a future generation you

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