The Speakers and The Writers – Timeline of The CDT Plate Speakers – The Story of Thoth & Enoch

so when the destruction happened with Lester activation cycle people were taken or enough people were taken into the inner earth portals where they could have still a colonization base so when the grid stabilized again they could bring them back up and start over and they did in the earth tights and the a cloister races were returned to the surface earth and they eventually began seeding the third seeding of the human root races the human root races are began with the Loom Aryans and they were called Lumia no seating one and Rumanians in seeding two and loom Aryans in seeding three but they were basically a root race they had a certain purpose within a greater evolutionary plan where this was called the mente evolution plan the angelic human evolution plan on earth were part of that plan but we forgot okay the cloistered order plates have recorded all of this history the last time they attempted to bring them here was during a christ period and within literally about 20 years after the translation started to come certain forces on the planet made sure those texts were destroyed or disappeared it has been a problem all along on this planet and also on the original planet the humans came from which is this planets counterpart in density to called Terra there has been warring between Anunnaki human and what's called draconian races these races are angelic races just like our races an angelic race the to make it simple the draconians what we call the darkonians now in contemporary times came out of what's called the fallen seraphim the Seraphim were one of the primary Brunell collectives that stated this time matrix the human lineage came out of something called the aloha Elohim which are one of the primary Brunell collectives and then there was a part of that group that fell which means it severed its connection thesaurus and it got its genetic templates and its manifestation templates messed up which distorts the consciousness as well they're called the annual ohyou they were originally part of the aloha elohim family these are the beings that created the Annunaki race strains in order to wipe out the human race strains that were being created by the ELA hai elohim our history and our conflicts go back millions and billions of years the cloistered orator plates recorded that it was recorded in them so we would know now what has happened in our history since that time there's a couple of points that I want to find in here they're probably quite surprising when we hit the times of Atlantis Atlantis had access to some of the teachings from the cloistered orator plates through a being who from density to who was asked to bring a translation in this being his name was toast he came down his Toth in our histories no toes isn't Anunnaki he was part of something called the nigh be ruin Council of nine which is part of one of the Stargate control committees let's say in density to Toth was commissioned by the Emerald order Brunel which were the ones that governed the creation contract in the first place that's why it's called the Emerald covenant they called them the Emerald order Brunel from density five he was commissioned by them to bring the teachings back into Atlantis because by the time of Atlantis there had been so many twists and distortions in the Templar teachings and so many abuses being done to the planetary grids that it needed to be corrected before those technologies were used to destroy the planet and the races on it so Toth had been commissioned to begin bringing the information of the cloistered or Torah plates back in contemporary times the New Age movement there are some translations of a book called the Emerald tablets of thoth which is actually a very small and twisted version of what was originally the Toth documents the toes documents he was one being usually there were three in any time period there would only be three humans on planet or somebody commissioned from higher come in that would carry what's called a speaker's contract a speaker's contract would allow a person and you'd be worked with to learn how to use the DNA template to remote access data it's not channeling it's completely different where you're able to pull data you have to have first of all some training with handling of the discs themselves the plates themselves once you get used to that and used to playing with them in your proximity you can learn to access them remote Toth was taught in those things and entrusted with that ability so he could bring in teachings again of the original teaching so the Templar of what real spirituality is or what real God is he was supposed to bring that those teachings to the Atlantean priest caste who are becoming more progressively more and more corrupted and abusive of power during the times when Toth and in here someplace we have the dates this is all like new material so the date I have a billion dates in my head so I don't have them remembered exactly this was in the period of Atlantis which ended in nine thousand five five eight BC now before that there was something that was very very detrimental to the evolution of our race that happened in twenty 2500 BC there were problems happening because we were coming up on a potential another stellar activation cycle and the Anunnaki races were at that point at war with the Guardian legions and the human legions that were in density to on Terra and they they came in and orchestrated something we'll talk about later and it's more detailed in the book it's called the great deception and they literally tricked the priests cast at the time that was trying to make sure the templar opened properly and all that they tricked them into certain things that by the time they realized what was happening they couldn't stop what became the Anunnaki invasion now this has a bit to do with what happened with the teachings of Toth toss when he came in he originally came in as a representative of the Emerald covenant he got caught up in the political dramas of the times and this is something the people in the New Age movement are not hearing about because right now the Anunnaki are dominating the New Age movement through channeling and various things tous was a good being he wasn't a god the Egyptians made him out to be because he well he kind of presented himself that way in certain times some of the ones coming in from density – who are really just six strand activated beings came in and pretended they were our Creator gods at certain times and that kind of stuff but it wasn't a read originally one of the deceivers he was originally one of the ones supportive of the coevolution agreements because he knew it would benefit both the Anunnaki and the human races because humans even though Anunnaki were created to destroy them humans were taught that it was their job to assist in the evolution of everything and anything on the planet to its highest level if it was a fallen race to help it get back back into its connection with the tire parts so we could evolve and ascend out of the time matrix now what Toth came in he was supportive of that things got very very strange in 20 2500 BC and there was a lot of political problems happening with the planet Nibiru with the Palladian star system in density – with Terra and down here he became embroiled in a struggle within himself was he going to support the Emerald covenant or was he going to support which he was being pressured to do what's called the Anunnaki agenda the UH nanaki's core agenda what they were created to do aside from getting rid of humans the reason they were commissioned to get rid of humans was because they wanted to take control of the whole Stargate system in our time matrix Toth came in and began translation of the cloister door to our place and began the compositions that became in this time the Emerald tablets of Toth he taught many things when he became embroiled in the decision to would he stand with his own race or would he continue to support the coevolution there were certain things that looked like supporting the Emerald covenant might not work out well and if he didn't then he'd be in trouble if the other ones gotten control he knew that it would be worse so he made a choice what toes did there wasn't part of his original commission but she began to take some of those teachings and edit them and changed them from what they originally were leaving out certain key things that he decided he didn't feel humans were ready to have yet they would have given him too much power too much knowledge too much control because of some of the things that were edited because Toth decided to take it upon himself to do so there were a number of things we'll talk about later this afternoon that happened in 20 2500 BC and that have still to this day have had a tremendously detrimental effect on the evolution of human beings now Toth it wasn't a bad being and he was only one of many that have come in at different times to try to bring the teachings to the cloistered or Torah place whenever a being gets a speaker's contract to do that it's because they have a long history of showing their ability to fulfill the law of one that's why they get trusted with those contracts it's not something that the brenna orders give out easily okay you go translate you know it's not like that there's a lot of incarnations that are being goes through before they're permitted and would even know how to translate that kind of data and Toth was entrusted with it you messed up a bit and that had some detrimental effects on us by the time of the Atlantean civilizations destruction the teachings that oath had brought in which were originally supposed to be only in verbal form this is one of the things of the cloister director plates up until the contemporary times which on contemporary I'm referring to the Christ period really they were intended to be done in verbal form where the being who would be transmitted translating them would learn how play with him for a while and then learn how to tap in the their energy field to the energy field of the plates and let it run through and they would speak it that's why they were called speakers contracts not writers contracts okay which part there were speakers contracts not writers contracts oh yeah they would learn how first they learned to play with them while holding the discs and being in you know physical proximity to them and learning to latch their energy field into the energy field of the disk so they could run frequency from their bodies and their consciousness into the field to trigger its activation then after a while they would be trained where the the question director place could be put back in to a safe place there you sometimes kept off-planet because they were so so valuable and you can do a lot of damage if you had the knowledge and use around you and learns how to remote access them so the ancient speakers who are entrusted with these contracts weren't to write them that came later they were simply to let them run and they would teach and they would speak them and the way it used to work was however much frequency you could hold was yours it would be spoken to you and what you forgot you weren't meant to have yet your DNA wasn't ready to hold it so it was kind of done that way in the early days totes was one of the first written translations this is one of the reasons he's come down in Egyptian history and is being known as the person who introduced written language well there was written language before that and I was used for various things but not usually for translation a very highly protected ancient text that told you how to her on the Templar when Toth had his speaker's contract he was not supposed to write it he was supposed to teach it and speak it and those who could hold it would have it and they would go forth and speak it and teach it he decided when he was struggling with which side he was going to end up on in a polarity drama that he really didn't want to be a part of in the first place what he would do with the situation and he chose to put it in writing and he chose to turn those teachings over to the Atlantean priests cast the Atlantean priests caste was predominantly in periods of corruption even as back as far as 20 2500 BC progressively the teachings that were left by toes were used abused and turned into technologies that were never meant to be created among the Atlanteans it was because of having those technologies that the continent of Lemuria was destroyed and I think that was about when I say that was after and now that was before Atlantis went down first and it in 28,000 BC the cover of yeah 20,000 BC the continent of Atlantis was blown apart the islands were left 20 2500 BC the toth made his error of judgment and by nine thousand five five eight BC because of that error of judgment the teachings of the cloister toward door Torah had been used in a way that created the destruction of the Atlantean islands and created major pole shift on this planet again it didn't end the third seating but it could have it came close he was decided after that when they bring the races back up that had survived from Inner Earth because that's where they always put them it's the easiest way to if this planet goes in to chaos and it's gonna go into an environment that cannot sustain human life because human life is so valuable to the brenĂ£o and the higher beings that run this universe they will always try to evac enough to regenerate civilization so again when Atlantis went down many were evac'd into the Inner Earth territories some of them stayed there permanently and just evolved there a lot of the anti races which were hybrid human and Anunnaki a lot of them stayed there and involved there instead of on surface our races when they came back from the Atlantean mess came back without the power to run the Templar because after the Atlantean mess which almost if it had blown up this planet it would have taken out part of the Pleiades system and part of the Cirrus star system as well because of the energetic connections between them in their interplanetary templars it was decided that it was too risky to have this knowledge on the planet at the time but they knew the rena orders knew and what I call the races of the Emerald covenant which are many many different races and the 15 dimensional time matrix they knew that they still honor the mo covenant which meant they would help humans evolve back into the original angelic human they were created to be so they could fulfill their original creation Commission of being guardians of the interplanetary Templar so after Atlantis the ability to use the Templar was taken away in certain ways by the removal of the cloister door tour plates two of them were lost during that period because they had fallen into the hints of the corrupted Atlantean priest caste so two of the set of twelve were missing when the Guardians took them off the planet to try to secure them again those two were in the hands of some of the anti races of Inner Earth this they said they've had them until 1999 when the final one was reclaimed yes they've used that information for a very long time what they could get out of those two disks now after Atlantis we had a history of the evolution of culture that seemed very primitive that's why we find a lot of primitive stuff because we revolve there were bands of roaming humans at that point there were bands of other things there were bands of creature humans because in the Atlantean times they did horrendous genetic manipulation experiments they crossed all sorts of things with other things to see what would come out kind of like what our science is beginning to do as it's playing with cloning and genetic evolution stuff but in the Atlantean temples they took it to a much more perverse level than we've reached they created beings and things some of the more recent ancient type of man that we're finding or actually or even some of the Apes were not originally human beings they were part human being and parts something else spliced together so when we came back there were various forms they were on planet that came back up from Inner Earth some of them had gone in some of the Anunnaki than some of the draconian regions the legions of Inner Earth had actually allowed some of the other strains to come in – so the conflict wasn't over you just put the nice people back on the planet and everything goes well now the game just started over again after Atlantis and we had the emergence of Sumerian culture which was an Anunnaki culture that was an Anunnaki hybridization program where they were attempting to try to hijack human evolution they're trying to do it again today by the way we'll get into more Egyptian culture emerged which was actually an attempt the Egyptians what we call Egyptians are part of the Atlantean root race okay there are sub family within the Atlantean root race the original Egyptians they were trying to restart again the earth cultures in the voyager secrets of a mini book for those who have not read it there's a history of the Egyptian temples and things and where they came from and who built them and how many times they were rebuilt and when they actually appeared so that's all there I won't go into that here but what I'm trying to show is the evolution of the cloistered or Torah plates relationship to our evolution of culture and history and religious belief systems the Egyptians and their beliefs in the gods and in the and the light body and being able to continue on after death these traditions we're coming from part of the translations of the cloistered or Torah plates that had been left by Toth in the Emerald Tablet writings the Emerald Tablet Emerald Tablet writings were held by certain priests castes of the Inner Earth and they are progressively releasing small amounts of data into the communities they contact one or two here and one or two there this pharaoh may be or may be that scribe and they would start infiltrating the teachings again slowly atlantis cataclysm took place and this is where a recorded human history begins to start where our history books now are starting to find you know they have some evidence and i think this is where human culture started the Sumerians Toth was a part of that culture he assisted at that point he had he was trying to be loyal to his own kind because his own kind was having a very hard time in the higher densities or the higher dimensional density systems trying to come to agreement The Guardian legions so we kind of played both sides of the fence because he was very loyal and he felt a very deep sorrow for his race imagine yourself being an Anunnaki for a minute you were created by some beings immensity for which is a pre matter thing you're a physical being and your race was created with one purpose to take over somebody else's something and to wipe out another race imagine how bad that would feel there's just a sorrow that the Annunaki races carry and they tried to come to compensate for in a lot of ineffective ways because they were created by a group of creator god let's let's say that have severed their connection to source so they carry that burden with them Toth was very very sympathetic to this burden it made his heart ache there's two hearts ache yeah a lot of the Anunnaki are aware of that some of them are some of them are just on autopilot and they don't care about anything they can be very brutal Toth wasn't a brutal Anunnaki unless he was cornered then he could be very tricky and very manipulative and he could tell very big lies and that happened in some of our history which they won't tell you in the Emerald tablets that we have in the contemporary times I'm not against Toth or the Anunnaki but this needs to be revealed if we're to understand what's happening in the New Age movement now this is some of the very sensitive data because there's whole toth movements out there right now that are emerging for some time now oz got himself in some bad standing let's say with divine right order during the Atlantean period but because of that the matrix of consciousness that he incarnated out of which was let's say his self at the Avatar level in density for saw wood it got itself into there and wanted to fix it and wanted to make it better so it decided to enter a physical incarnation in density 1 as a being called that came down in history as Enoch they're the same person but different just like you're you in this life and you have another incarnation that that was you in that life but you're a bit different you know you have your own views and ways of looking at things now and that kind of thing well that's how the relationship is between Toth and Enoch but they're both incarnate out of the same matrix and the reason that he not came in was to try to make up for what his matrix did in the toth period and tried to help the Toth being because Toto's an immortal the most of the beings of density to are able to sustain a mortal biology they don't deteriorate like we do it's because of the way the gene codes operate some of them have limited lifespans but that would look like millions of years compared to ours but Toth was at the time considered an immortal because he'd activated certain levels of the gene code you know ninth strand and higher will get you full at mortality in the physical body when he came in as Enoch he came in again with a commission to guess what translate the cloister turret turret plates let's try it again but this time because things were so messed up and at this point nobody knew any of the old Templar teachings they're only little pieces the little groups would be given from the Inner Earth people this time he was told he could put it in writing this time he was allowed and Enoch began I believe he entered in 2024 BC he came in and began his translation of the cloister darter plates and it started with the book of a mente which was the book that told the beginning stories of the halls of Amenti stargates which is what our planetary Templar complex is called the stargates themselves they're called the halls of Amenti it's the word that goes back to Terra our original seed planet and the next book he was supposed to bring in and did was the book of the angelic rosters it was the book of the Nephilim and the book of the dragon look at the Nephilim talked about Anunnaki and it talked about how they had come in and it talked about the whole history of what they had done into the first and second and beginnings of the third seedings and it talked a bit about and how Toth was forgiven if he would come home and those kind of things those books were transcribed and for a time when Enoch had possession because for a time he had possession of one of the cloistered or Torah place they give him to you one at a time to work with if you're gonna have him on planet because the planetary grids were so distorted at the time because of the Atlantean Cataclysm they the seer the one the people who are guarding it are called the Syrian as rights they're serious be as rights they're blue race of beings that are very hominid human looking but they look blue they were the guardians and they still are of the question director plates they had allowed you not to have one and some of the Egyptian power elite got wind of the fact that there is a being named Enoch out there that had some of the ancient sacred coveted knowledge and he was in prison for a time in the temples and I believe one of the temples was it was the Great Pyramid where he was kept in seclusion as a scribe that he would be killed which he didn't care because he was quite unaware being when he came in and then go ahead and kill me it's only a body there had been threats that other harm would be brought to his people he came in through the Hebrew people and there were threats made that if he did not cooperate and translate that disk he had for the use of the Egyptian power elite then there would be harm brought to his people so for a time he complied he was rescued by the as writes he was pulled out of the temples by the as writes but the Egyptian power elite at the time which I think at the time was primarily use either draconian there's a lot of switching as far as the lines who was controlling them were they actually human or were they human hybrid Anunnaki or human hybrid darkonian there's a lot of stuff going on with their human genetic lines I think at a time the uh the human Anunnaki hybrids were the the line of Pharaohs that were controlling things so they ended up with some of the coveted teachings again in hands but Enoch stayed on planet long enough to bring through the undistorted versions go soon as the power elite if it was a corrupted power elite that was not interested in its true creation story and being at one with source they would use that knowledge to abuse other beings and that's what happened in some of the Egyptian cultures they use some of that knowledge but they only got a little they didn't get anywhere near as much as they had in Atlantean periods but he now went on after he was rescued and put in seclusion in a safe place he created the books that I had mentioned the three books of Enoch the book of a mente the book of Nephilim and look at the dragon the book of the dragon detailed the history of the draconian races of the Fallen Seraphim angelic legions and how they have interacted with our culture here and what they have done here and how it is messed up human evolution so those books when we talk about the Bible of today some of those teachings had still survived from Enochs period when the Council of Nicaea got a hold of them the Council of Nicaea is what is now known as the Roman Catholic Church unfortunately I have nothing against Catholics have my family's Catholic I'm not real happy with me when I get into these subjects you know and I hope my heart goes out to people who are so in love with the concept of knowing that God is there and they've been raised in a tradition that tells them this is how you you plug into that that they follow belief systems and they get very very upset when you challenge the belief systems my heart goes out to people that are in the Catholic faith because if you look at the history of Catholicism it takes you back to the Church of Rome which is really an entity created by the the Roman Empire as a mass control device the Church of Rome took the ancient sceen teachings took the books of Enoch the books of the Joshua's the books of Joshua 12 sister Miriam the books of John the Baptist took those books add into them some of this stuff is still held let's say in a secret place that's well protected and I'm not going to name on film yeah save my life for a while people of the Catholic faith or any Christian faith the Christian concept is it it is what it's about okay your Christos template your D 12 level your ability to to actualize your 12 strand DNA template and become your angelic human self and ascend out of this time matrix and go back to it with God this is your heritage this is your promise but what the word Christian means right now means you're still stuck in a dogma set by the Church of Rome in the Roman Empire because even the religions that archaic Christian but no longer Catholic emerged from the Bible the Bible was created technically by the Roman Empire as a control device they took the most precious teachings and kept them for themselves some of them they're still trying to figure out and what they did was consolidate a story that took certain parts of the teachings yeah we'll talk about the Christ but let's make it look like the people were really really bad and they crucified him and now if we really want to control people you teach them that their Savior and their Messiah was man enough to die on the cross for God so of course you should be he suffered for God so of course you should this is what was a twist that was never ever intended to be there the teachings are the cloistered or Torah plates were what started the Christian movement we had he not coming in in the Hebrew movement trying to bring the translations in and he brought some of it in then we had in 12 BC the birth of there are several others that had little pieces of it that they brought in actually I think was in 42 BC the first one John the man who became known as John the Baptist who was half Roman and half Jewish and had some real issues with dealing with the fact that the Romans weren't really happy that he decided to you know begin the Christian movement they weren't happy at all he came in and start with his speakers contract of translating the cloistered door to her place again they were gonna try to get the races ready 2,000 years ago they knew that in the time period we now identify as the year 2000 there is going to be another stellar activation cycle they knew that then the higher-dimensional races knew that so they were trying to prepare this race to get itself together so we'd know what to do with the Templar complex once it activated the Christ movement was about that and about helping to reverse mutate the gene codes that had been so infiltrated by the Annunaki race streams because those gene codes would not survive a stellar activation cycle without some assistance they would not be able to process the frequencies through the body the bodies would get sick so during the Christ's period they're here okay okay they are here we'll pick up the caterer people are here at our lunch is being served so I will pick up with this on the Christ story and how that began what we have now today

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