The Single Mother’s Guide To Adding To The First Publishing Clip

so yeah you know and sometimes you might think what you're writing no one cares about it and you know they probably don't um but I don't know I just think if you don't have a go and you just put yourself out there well what do you have to lose you know um I've lost a few friends from when I published my book I'm being told off I've ever had so many things happen but then again I've had some really wonderful people and that's another tip surround yourself with people that back here that's really a major thing with publishing I had people that were saying to me you can do it just do it and smashed out of the park do it um you know how people that just refuse to acknowledge that there was a book in the making so if I could tell you um one back yourself to get your story straight three find yourself a really good publisher and one that you can next week because that's very important if I think of anything else I'll come back yeah okay toodles

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