The Sin of Moses (Using insights from Ellen White's writings)

God brought the Israelites back to Meribah which is where God had tested whether they would trust him to provide them with water nearly 40 years ago God had made water committing a stone but now they were back there they found the water had stopped God stopped the water to test them again the Israelites were angry with Moses for bringing them somewhere without water saying that if there is no water then they might as well have died with Korah Dathan and abiram Moses and Aaron prayed and God told Moses to tell the rock to give water Moses and Aaron gathered everyone to the rock and told them that he would make water come from the rock he then hit it twice with the rod Moses was wrong because he didn't say that it was God that would bring the water and he hit the rock twice he wasn't supposed to hit the rock at all this time because he had already hit the rock nearly 40 years ago the rock represents Jesus and hitting it represents his sacrifice on the cross in total Moses hit the rock three times but Jesus died only once for our sins not three times Moses had told the Israelites that it was by his own power that he did the miracle and there was a risk that they thought that this was true to stop the Israelites thinking this God punished Moses by having him die before getting to Canaan God had given Moses a lot God had spoken to Moses face-to-face like a friend and God Moses to do lots of honorable things Moses was very sorry for his sin and told the Israelites how much he regretted it he told them the punishment God had given him for it to show the Israelites that he was just a man we are all judged based on how much knowledge and help God has given us the punishment was strong because Moses had been given so much by God and had become such a good follower that God was pleased with him it hurts God a lot more when good followers sin seyton celebrates and makes fun of the angels when he succeeds at this Aaron died at Mount hor because he had sinned with Moses and God said he couldn't enter Canaan as well Moses and Aaron's sons buried him in the mountainside so that the people wouldn't be tempted to make too great a ceremony over his body and be guilty of the sin of idolatry the fastest route to Canaan was to walk through a country called Eden the Edomites were descendants of Esau the older brother of Jacob who was the ancestor of the Israelites in later years this country Edom would join with the Babylonians to conquer Israel Israel today is the seventh-day Adventist Church and Edom today the older brother of the Israelites are the Protestant churches they sold their birthright and will unite with the Catholic Church and just as Edom Cain and Abel the older brothers who follow God in the wrong way they will try to kill the people who follow God the right way the Protestant churches will join with the Catholic Church and will one day attack the Adventists just as jacobs night of wrestling saved him from esau adventists will have a time of trouble in wrestling that will protect us from the Catholics and other Protestants and then Jesus's return will destroy both of these churches God told the Israelites not to harm the Edomites because although they didn't follow him God wanted them time for an opportunity to learn and accept him Moses asked the king of Edom to let them pass through the country but the King refused for this reason the Israelites went around Edom instead had Edom allowed the Israelites through their country they would have had the opportunity to learn more about God and accept him so it would have been better for Edom to have allowed them Aden would have allowed them if they had asked nearly forty years ago when they first came but the spies told them not to it's the same for the Adventist Church we didn't go through the Protestant churches in 1888 Satan had worked to create such negative thoughts and organizations against us that the Protestant churches now see us as their enemy the other Protestants are likely to resist us Protestants are unlikely to want to listen to us but God has still given them the opportunity to join us and we should use this God had protected the Israelites from a lot of things that would have heard them they had continually thought they would die because they didn't see all the things God had already protected them from to increase their trust in God he allowed them to be bitten by snakes in the desert Moses then created a brass Serpent and put it on a pole when they got bitten they were to look at the snake and then they would be healed the snake represents Jesus he is represented as a snake because sin is represented as a snake and although Jesus never sins when we asked him to he puts our sins onto himself thereby removing and healing us of our sins by looking at the snake this taught the Israelites to trust that Jesus protects and heals them it is not done in their own power

13 thoughts on “The Sin of Moses (Using insights from Ellen White's writings)

  1. it's true moses was a false prophet he was the one who put his stick out and drowned a load of people message from jesus that's what makes religion even more confusing, most have moses as 1 of the prophets in truth he's a bastard ! buddhist got it right the way, but the truth is in jesus. its about the people look at the people not the book.

  2. Yes sir you know the truth the seventh day adventist church is the true church of god and whoever follows the ways of the church are gods chosen people

  3. Satan's father of all lies and takes his abode in some people to perpetuate his mission. All your teachings indicate you're allowing yourself as Satan's vessel..
    Repent ok?

  4. I would be careful to claim one particular denomination are the chosen people. The SDA are not seen as enemies of faith, they cling to the Sabbath day teaching above all others totally missing Jesus's point that the Sabbath is made for man not man for the Sabbath. Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. It's a pity as the teaching was going so well until that point.

  5. Jesus is the corner stone n the center stone n solid rock i think meribah is because Moses didnt seem to following God instruction n didnt seems to glorified YHWH at meribah. coz He says 'Should I send out water from this rock? 'to The complaining n doubting peeps. he could just say 'YHWH has hear ur complaint n YHWH send u water out this rock' so i think Moses glorified himself not YHWH so it seems.but i also think moses is doing nothing wrong coz mayb he loosing his temper coz of all the complaint of the disbeliever people. but still. He shouldnt glorified himself first upon YHWH

  6. This is an interesting perspective from a SDA. Unfortunately, I have never seen any modern church group including the SDA mentioned in either OT or NT. I also have never heard a SDA call themselves Israel. This is new to me.

    Israel is all who LOVE Torah and His Mochiach Yeshua.

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