The Secret To Overcoming Writer's Block by John Truby

if your creativity is sort of in a slump and you don't feel challenged by it what are some possibly even physical activities that you can do I know Julia Cameron always suggests going on writer states or artist states she called them just doing something that visually stimulates you what are some of the things you recommend to people that maybe they're successful they have something they're doing that's that's paying them well but their cycle and they want to challenge that creativity you know it it's a very interesting question and I think it connects to a larger issue of writer's block right lock of course is a big problem that writers every writer faces at some time or another I think it's a big misconception that writer's block comes from some kind of a psychological element that we face that oh I'm just not in a creative place right now you know I've been working on this story for too long whatever the reason that we come up with I find almost everytime writer's block comes from not understanding the true structure of the story you're telling and buddish when I say true structure I mean not only is it hitting those key story beats that I referred to a little earlier but is it hitting the story beats that are unique and right for that story and almost always it comes down to that main character because the main character drives the story and the key to having a truly creative script a truly creative story unique from anything that anybody's ever seen before including the writer is that unique main character because that's the person that you know this is a unique individual and that's the unique individual that will drive the story so whenever I see a right who is running into creativity problems running into writer's block of some sort I always say go back to your main character find out what is unique about that person that you haven't thought of so far and find out what is unique about that character that you are passionate about why do you want to tell this person's story once you focus in on that character and the unfolding of that character over the course of this story then you will get back in touch with your real creativity and I find almost every time that that will break the writer's block and break very quickly you

4 thoughts on “The Secret To Overcoming Writer's Block by John Truby

  1. 1:08 I LOVE YouTube suggestions sometimes. I wish he was my professor. Not enough insight like this appreciated in English classrooms lately.

  2. Writer's block is BULLSHIT. It's a lame excuse that people use so they don't have to work. Look at some of the great authors of our time, writing 400 thousand words per volume, three or fours books a year, like Brandon Sanderson.
    Listen to Jim Butcher talk about how stupid it is that people talk about "writer's block".
    Writer's block is just another name for INCOMPETENCE.

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