The Second Book of Enoch (Human Voice, Read-Along Version)

36 thoughts on “The Second Book of Enoch (Human Voice, Read-Along Version)

  1. Hi, are you sure this is a good translation? In the version I have and made a video of, I don't see the part with the friends with friends doing stuff and 9:32 to 9:50. I also did not find that passage in the public domain version of this video.

  2. I remember when you first uploaded this. It’s crazy to think it was a good while ago. I think it’s more relevant now than it was when you uploaded it. The wicked will definitely get what’s coming to them and I pray as many of them repent as possible.

  3. It's interesting that in the book of Exodus chapter 6, I've read these words, "I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" even though the letter 'J' didn't exist, "… as 'God' Almighty …"
    However, in this book presumably written centuries before their existence, Enoch is referring to YHWH, the way translators mistransliterate his name today, "The LORD".
    Hmmm. 🤔

  4. @3:30 sacrificing your first born child and livestock? WOW, demonic.
    they, devils made sure, you understand they not just talking about the livestock only, but literally burning their firstborn child, sacrificing, to their devil bloodthirsty moloch, baal lucifer, the satan.

  5. Enoch.. is thoth. …the great grandfather of noah….thoth. created everything we have. Writing… science math. Calendar etc… most Christian s. Have no idea. There worshiping ezyptian religion. ….

  6. To think that enoch was given the knowledge of what the world calls "the big bang" millenia before the theory even came. Wow!

  7. This new way attacks those who have taken the first steps on the true path. It is the 😱 that this new way may also lead to nowhere may prove a big disappointment.

  8. The filthy conduct of the wicked surrounded us , scanning us , using energy weapons on us , gaslighting us , but in the name of God the father , God the son , God the Holy spirit We will destroy them.

  9. Truth asks us to concede that we are wrong. It ask this not to hurt us, but to help us become right.

  10. It is true enoc is the one that is great from the Asia tribe please tell them it is not rage but poision so they don't hunt us up pleaee

  11. I fear my heavenly father and I love my heavenly father and I will pray for this world for they truly do not know what they are doing.forgive them father forgive them all.!

  12. I am just part of this living snake earth… we all conected with air and others elements..
    So my awarness flow deep into human soul and out off space. Dead is just for my body.. here we are just to collect expiriance

  13. All stories I here different pieces of mixed up misinterpreted stories all reliogon this much is mixed up . As it was in the eye if fire purified holy Spirit out eye a dying g sub bore the father . Of all in all out all of all I AM All the FATHER . .uch information in there they see little and mixed up a few

  14. It's hard to accept this Enoch doctrine, written in the beasts tongue, the synagogue of Ha'Satan has removed, hidden and changed so much of the written word in order to confuse and deceive the Erat, I can't trust any of it.
    Beware of Gadre'el's leven.

  15. Thank you…I always  feel refreshed spending time with the family and fellowshiping in other gatherings for doxological purposes, especially at this most sacred and special time of the year, where we remember  Christ's  week of suffering and sorrow…after His Triumphant Entry through the gates of Jerusalem… in order that we can be justified, as if our  sin had never happened in the Holy Father's  sight. In the Spirit of  "Semper  Reformanda" and the continuing and unfinished Reformation  Maranatha, Dr Richard  Leslie Allinger-UTS-MONROE,LA & NEWBURGH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, INDIANIA

  16. The Lord God of Host is God Almighty , Blessed be his Glorious name , Whose kingdom is from everlasting to everlasting .Amen !!

  17. Our lord Jesus Christ said " the word is the spirit "
    With this information we define a word as " a collection of sounds " .
    Of which sounds are waves and waves are invincible to the eye .

    Almost not to believe .

    The living waves are present today in sorcery , magic and voodoo .

    Our souls are living waves .

    Should the argument rest on the unbeliever , then the believers of Christ are lost due to faithlessness .
    The fate of truth is obscured by too many lairs of darkness becos lies obscure truth just as the old age of the universe has produced blackness of the universe due to dark matter ( just as a cloth in soap water turns black due to too much negligence of washing ).
    If indeed the word is the spirit , our utterances are sounds that may be evil sounds or good sounds which are spirits that possessed us and compels us "do" and "not do" in actions that evil words vexes us and good words uplifts us .

    Negative words can pull our progress and prosperity down while good positive words will make us grow successfully .

    We are not at a lose here becos we are experiments of God towards a perfect heaven paradise .

    We can see this truths every day , even sorcery and magic that teleportation is true and truth is real .

    I have seen magic money where dead bodies vomit cash dollar notes and pounds even naira notes .

    I have seen deadly dustbin turn to fine clothing , gold necklace , silver ecetea .

    Oh lord our Almighty authority and power please by the raised hands and soul of your holy son Jesus Christ remove the dirty insults , curses , abuses , and reverse the power of damage the sorceries and magic has done to our souls and body by the mighty sacrificial blood of the lamb Jesus Christ ,amen.

  18. Can anyone help me with a question I have?
    Didn't Jesus say that nobody but Him has seen God's face?

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