THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD & EVIL | Official Book Trailer

[MUSIC] In the forest primeval,
a school for good and evil. Two towers like twin heads. One for the good, one for the wicked. Try to escape, you will always fail. The only way out is through a fairy tale. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD & EVIL | Official Book Trailer

  1. I really really loved all of the 3 books every time I read it I feel like I would live in the world there 😍

  2. This would be perfect for a movie I mean it has so many twist and turns and that would keep them going I just finished the first book and I couldn't put it down

  3. This is favorite book I just finished re-reading the first book!!!!!!!, But Damn that girl's voice is creepy .

    Does she need a cough drop or something ?😐

  4. This is the most amazing book ever, although the third one was the best in my opinion. I was kinda sad they came out with a fourth one because I had already written so much fanfic and now it's all wrong lol. My favorite character is Sophie; and I honestly kinda hate Agatha. I can't wait for the movie!!

  5. I love this book! I didn't think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did, but I can't wait to read the next ones! This was an awesome book trailer too…I love the music. I would love to see it as a movie. As someone else mentioned, i think Tim Burton would be great at directing this. I actually think the movie would do better as an animation, though, as opposed to live action. Anyone agree or disagree?

  6. Am I the only person who has a problem with the "boys" in this book being MEN and the girls being 12!? Paedophilia runs rampant throughout this book. The writing is terrible, jerky and riddled with errors. People don't "Grouch" they grumble, they speak, they complain, they whine, but they do not grouch, and they cannot fling their heads down a sewer without serious personal injury.
    If the editors did their jobs and the author had JUST made the girls WOMEN (at least 17) the book would be everything fans are calling it. The story line is good, but the prose and twisted views on sexuality are impossible to see past.
    Not a fan.

  7. Also, kids who already don't fit in in real life are going to feel worse about themselves reading this book FOR SURE. This book is fodder for playground cruelty in reality.

  8. I only just finished the first book last night and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!😁😁😁now I’m waiting for the second. I can’t wait till the movie comes out. I wonder who will play Agatha and sophie

  9. Я тогда в первый класс пошла, а сейчас уже 6 заканчиваю, но его так и не перевели!

  10. This is such an amazing book trailer! I'm so thrilled that books are getting trailers similar to movies, and this definitely is avery good series!

  11. I remembered I watched this book trailer at one bookstore in my city back then, and today I watched it again and I want to cry…..miss the time when it is sooo easy to find a pure fantasy in a bookstore…..
    (i'm sorry if my English bad, by the way)

  12. My favourite books just finished the fifth one and omg TEDROS AND AGATHA ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVERRRR and I love Rhian as well and Sophie is such a cool witch omgg #number one sfgae fan

  13. Wait, so is there going to be a movie or is this trailer fake? Please tell me, thank you!

  14. i loved this book, especially hester, honestly i feel it would be soo cool to have ur own demon (as evil as it may sound..)

    the way she stood up for dot in the 3rd made me sooo happy!!!

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