The Rotman School welcomes Poets and Quants

it's really powerful to be in an environment with great people with great experiences great professionals the place that brings people together brings scholarship together with the business community and ignites points of change it's like the th you're thinking CrossFit hi I'm John burn with poets and quants I'm here at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto I have with me today TIFF Macklin the Dean of the Rotman School I have an associate professor of strategy mara Letterman and then from Brazil we have a second year MBA student Cassiano fuller welcome and from India we have a student who's in a specialty master's program at Rahman dilgar gotcha welcome thank you so what makes Rahman special – there's a real there's a real drive to this place it starts with our students the biggest impact we have on society are the people that we educate the next generation of leaders that are building better businesses that our country's better cities better organizations and a better world and at the same time Rahman is really different yet itself in a couple of areas talk a little bit about that the thing really that that I focus on a Dean every day is how are we gonna innovate how are we gonna be at the leading edge using our centers and our labs and our hubs give you a couple of examples so the creative destruction lab it's a seed stage accelerator from massively scalable science-based ventures and this is the outside world coming into the academia world right we've got over a hundred AI ventures coming through this program our students are getting a unique learning experience at the frontier of technology of course they did a lot of research and rodman was my top choice of school but when you get here and you see the level of your peers the level of the faculty the experiences that these people have from the past what they're hoping to achieve after their MBAs I think that really surprised me as the level of excellence that the school has and what it aims for and you move from Brazil as a couple with your husband yes to Toronto to come to school here what is that been like for you I won't lie to you was not easy but it's absolutely doable if you have a goal that you're going towards and what I really love about Toronto is that everyone can be feel home here everyone is welcome no matter your background your religion your gender I don't regret it for a second I think it was one of the best decisions of my life and professor Letterman's now you teach an EMBA program and you teach strategy is the core course and you've also taught data analytics so tell me what the students are like they are very driven I mean every one of them comes here motivated right it's a big commitment many of them are leaving excellent jobs and many of them are moving across the world even you know the life they had so some you really want the academics and want to take as many finance courses as possible some of them you know really want to connect with a club or lead a club or launching conferences for all the business schools across Canada to come together they're doing hackathons they're doing design challenges they're running case comps where they bring in the company I mean they're really quite motivated in ambitious this is a research based School where research is taken very seriously right we have this unique mix of kind of more basic research and then we have people doing very applied research that has immediate implications for business for governments for public policy for our students and what we teach them research to practice right sort of the name of the game that research leadership is the jet fuel that infuses a lot of what we do before coming here I had finance background but I could not connect theory with the practice but after coming here the research and models made by our professors are widely used in industry so that's where I think the value lies you're not just learning about what's in the textbooks you're learning about what's going to be in the textbook you're gonna take that into your job your career you're going to have an edge Rothman is definitely going to change you you might not know yet what is that change going to be but it would definitely change you if you are really the Dean of a school of dreams people who pursue advanced degrees are looking to change their lives in some meaningful way and colliding with others who are on that same mission that same path you know it starts with what do you stand for when you walk in the Rotman School downstairs on the wall are our values and the first sentence is we are a diverse and inclusive community of students faculty and staff and then as a school you've really got to walk the talk Joe Robin had had a strong view that we need inspired leadership in business but we need it in health we need it in public policy we need it in government we needed in our police force we need it in our science community we need in our entrepreneurship community I mean we're not here to change their first job we're here to change their trajectory and their career and some of the most inspirational emails I get from students are students who graduated five years ago and you're able to look back and say wow look how much of my mba what I learned the people I went to school with the alumni network I'm now tapped into that's where you're going to see the impact of Rotman it really either it is transformational and once you choose that next path your network will be here to support you to move towards that goal what you may find is better than what you expect it is about new thinking it is about insight but it's about doing something with this is John Byrne with poets and quants on the campus of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto thanks for watching you

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