THE ROOSTER | Great Book of Nature | Full Episode 35 | English

[Applause] interesting of course it's my job strong sense of obligation for goodness sake who's making all that noise getting really disturbing it's making me ill I'm my eardrums just don't start it again please I mean come on how can you take that tone with me my voice besides being useful is bold and beautiful while yours is ugly I warned when painters working oh we're looking for a little pat on the back our way all right you do it so well my canine now at least you acknowledge that fact your bark is just perfect for that kind of work halt who goes there in fact you want another truth any self-respecting bad guy is sure to run away of course not because he's frightened but because he can't stand that noise any longer ha ha ha mr. Brewster I'm not going to listen to another word you say you just don't appreciate with the rest of us – if I may be so bold your day wouldn't even start a bit worried for me oh dear confidence will get him nothing but trouble easy I just waits for that dog ok good morning mr. rooster Fox a killer Fox Oh help Oh help help a killer but intention to scare you and they approached you only because I was told me to have the most beautiful form you just want to hear your wonderful singing and have no good pinch I do not believe you spirit orbits my friends are some fairly decent vibes hey would you like me to sing a few bars for you I could you know my middle name is Luciano no problem really oh it's fun to be a norm here for me from here the freshness of morning new my wonderful boy still lights hearts above all oh we're to my beautiful car and as they rise to the sweetness of the sounds yes they go on with their day happiness about all rise having to dead face in the days smilin cockadoodle ooze are heaven said the joy is evident hey what's the matter you don't like my boys here on Fox gotcha titania the truth you have a problem ain't can't hear you're very rare I have distinguished those wonderful notes come a little closer oh now look at that a cheap excuse to try and grab me that is crafty all right you convinced me I know how to plural these lousy forest acoustics can be I'll be right there number one morning well I charge above all so jump now that you heard me live isn't it better than my CD the urge to move hey I just had a rooster anyone [Applause] what's going on what happened the Fox was trying to get me but I finished him off first you creeps I saw him drown what'd you say yes that's what happens when you cut swim class and now he's fish food cock-a-doodle-do under chimp food it's like you say but the Fox is very clever and most likely he tricked you he's probably hiding somewhere we need to strike it right okay pull the wax out of your ears read and sit down and listen to what I have to say the Fox was totally infatuated with my boys he started following slobbering all over the place he was totally gruene with envy and wanted to make me lunch and simple with an extremely clever move on my part I made him fall into the water now have you grasped the global significance of the aforementioned event okay did lead anger foxy bit off more than you can believe whatever you like but I'm alive and he speeding up hater get that dog away from the farm would be much easier without that flux my friend so here the peach dessert I think your singing stinks yes I know you wake up your girls hey nobody came to let out your time but you my friend since your victory is complete but when you grab me one tiny teeny weeny last wish before I die hot last wish no no no no no left wishes a lot in the world I bet you I can tell you're really a good Fox at heart and I think you're a great singer with tremendous potential kindness what's it gonna cost you don't worry it's a little wish I'd like to do with one last song all right give me heartburn if I throw gets him up your dirty swindler you're going to pay for taking advantage of my generosity – no [Applause] [Applause] how are you I am mortified it was all my fault me and my stupid pride it'll never happen again my friends believe me I hope what you're saying is true one should never believe that he or she is better or more important than the others they're all different in our ways yet we are all important I hope you truly understand that oh I do I do cockeyed the rooster how is the rooster classified in the animal kingdom the rooster is a bird belonging to the gala for me Zord earth to the fazzy and a family and to the galas genus the males large fleshy appendages on its head its crest waddles and earlobes are much more developed than in the female and its feet along pointed Spurs how many species are there and where do they live four species belong to the Gala's genus from one of these the jungle fowl of the Gallus Gallus species is descended the domestic chicken which is found all over the world in a large number of breeds raised for their meat and for the eggs produced by the female how do they live small flocks of chickens governed by a strict pecking order to have a dominant rooster who defends the females and his territory from other roosters how do they move roosters walk around constantly pecking at the ground in search of food often they take dust baths to rid themselves of the parasites that nest among their feathers what do they eat roosters are green the eating birds with a marked preference for wheat that they also enjoy insects and worms which they Peck out of the ground how do they protect themselves their only defense against their natural predators such as the Fox the beach margin and other carnivores is to try and escape however roosters engage in spectacular fights with each other to win over the females how do they relate to people they have no rapport with people since the species is raised almost exclusively as a source of food can they live in the city yes if there are suitable conditions for raising them the stories don't make too much of yourself [Applause] [Applause]

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