THE ROBIN | Great Book of Nature | Full Episode 29 | English

Oh I discovered something awful a few minutes ago and how about the rice heels there was a bird stealing the rice in the morning I said we actually managed to wake up chip this terrible thing that's happened we've gotta find out who done it possible she protects the rice fields by eating harmful insects well here she comes now let's hear what she has to say you questions she's as good as admitted it I'll buy the rice fields part but believe you me what she was hunting was not in Texas oh no she was looking for fat sucking grains of rice I'm a protector of the rice field not a predator yes well why have you been away so long this morning while the rest of us were sleeping a simple question pretty suspicious I am not entirely convinced about Robins guilt let's take a look around the fields we may find a clue mm-hmm okay fine by me come on all of you let's go hmm caterpillars ship is really great at catching insects what speed oh boy oh this is terrible whoever it was ate the rice and left incense he must still be around these parts the others with the cult shave she almost saw me it's the only way I can have the run of these beautiful ice fields if those stupid birds knew that I find worms and bugs so disgusting they have a fit and luckily they make it easy it's no problem fooling than the heads like them huh he spotted me I can we're stopping him otherwise goodbye rice fest I'll prepare a trap she worked and he fell worried like a ton of bricks she did now we played the Robin Paul Guardian frog what a terrible loss it's obvious what happened here he caught the thief red-handed and got beat up by the way where is Robin hey sack me what I was wondering where is the Robin she's always all by herself alone save the guilty party whose feather is this alright let's hear it where have you been till now down at the rice hills did you all get that this is the second time she's admitted to being down at the rice field when something disastrous had happened The Guardian caught you stealing and you are soaked the poor guy this is all very confusing I just don't know there's no proof what about the feather that's proof isn't I don't know I'm not on your teeth you're a minor now listen carefully we mustn't make hasty judgments M numbered as innocent until proven guilty will you guys talking about he's the corpus delicti why did you go to the rice field all along I'll tell you why cuz there was an inconvenient eyewitness you had to eliminate the truth yes you've never tried to get away from us we haven't one who left her all on her own that's right fess up pal that's enough I should like us to turn our thoughts to our poor departed friend in this solemn moment we'll catch the miscreant later now did I have them all convinced at the Robins to guilty party I can raid the rice fields to my heart's content this is so easy the most embarrassed you know the great thing about laying the blame on somebody else's doorstep is that you get to get away with murder even though they're disgusting I can use protein thing at the feeling I'm being watched yeah maybe I better fly around and eat some bugs I was just thinking being dead now I can unmask the truth eight for you most important thing is it Robins innocent true rights leave his chip he's also the one who tried to kill me we gotta catch him now I'm so glad you're alive and well goddamn frog what must we do to catch the thief patrol the rice fields did you hear that Oh come on Robin let's go I'm a spotter gone there's something moving there come on problem let's go look at those wings down my hand there is yes just the thought of having eaten those lo so many yucky slimy things gives me the willies hmm yeah that's that good stuff that's what I want [Applause] pay attention and I'll show you how he went about his sneaky actions look as you see these are no mere grains of rice they're cedar ice for next year's crop think of it it's not enough to eat the full-grown rape but to get the seeds and prevent new shoots from going and does he limit his evil to rice no he destroys corn as well well before the tender kernels have had a chance to ripen he is there dealing out death in the Nile ation but the most dastardly of his crimes is that of trying to pass himself off as a decent birds such as ourselves he who have always upheld our sacred duty done our utmost to keep the rice fields clear of bugs yeah even care so far as to kill ladybugs our friends and allies few of these horrifying misdeeds I ask each of you to examine his conscience and to find the defendant this malevolent monster guilty kill me I only did it so I could eat I can't stand worms and grubs and stuff I'm lacto-vegetarian not only that but I'm an orphan I pity on my love but you try to kill the Guardian frog I think I may safely say I speak for everyone we have been shown ample evidence that the accused is guilty now I must find a fitting punishment for him i brother's life long banishment from our territories I'll say y'all before we release him we should advise the other communities in the valley to be on the lookout for him and his ilk I heartily endorse that destitute recommendation and can think of no more fitting ambassador for this delicate mission than our friend and hero Robin the Robin how is the Robin classified in the animal kingdom the Robin is a parent belonging to the owner of a seraph or means to the thirty-day family and to the earth agus trabecular species they're fairly small with bound upper parts and rusty face breasts and a white belly how many species are there and where do they live all nominees belong to the Aerith backers trabecular species they nursed almost all over Europe and in parts of Africa and they spent the winter in the southern Europe northern Africa and in Southeast Asia how do they live Robin's usually live in pairs and have an extraordinary territorial instinct each pair marks out its own territory and will not allow other Robins to cross the boundaries how does it move Robins hop base on the ground and along the branches of trees they fly quite well but in short issues splits of flight what do they eat they mainly eat insects both larvae and adults spiders snails and slugs in autumn they enjoy berries and fruit totally protect themselves in spite of their delicate fragile appearance Robin's have a lively aggressive nature which is shown mainly in the battles between male birds during the meeting season how do they relate to people very well Robins are among the birds best loved by people and are often part and bred in captivity can they live in the city Robins are often to be found in parks as ballet though was with wooded areas where the barriers they're so fond of grown the moral of the story is that if you're greedy and dishonest you always get you in just desserts [Applause]

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