The Riverdale cast dishes on Riverdale's bad writing some more…

I'm curious to see how they deal with the obvious mental issues that Shirl is having yes hopefully they did they'll go on diagnosed did you is it the kind of thing where you guys like theorize about it at all like the men's do or because we're like nothing we predict ever happens so they don't they usually don't even know what's gonna happen like the hate to say that but it's true it's like the lost technique yeah that means daughter my daughter calls in an excess I would say there's a lot of me huh like how many times I say Hyrum Lodge boy war boy Betty doing business yeah you're any business what do you time do drugs do not say I'm applying to Harvard and then yeah school for like three seasons yes what grades don't matter anymore it's all about what you do outside of school and I run a business that's why Ivy's care about dealing hustle but the businesses you're cultivating season one and we had no idea we were talking about no one cared I still don't care about what you guys have to talk about they're Cola I realize I need to dissect the scripts a little more man I know you do what you like this you go my life kind of the opposite you really my line my lines that's the hard-hitting questions it's like what's the deal with juniper down there yeah what is the deal why not even feel the same age babies every episode speaking of I mean redhead things Cheryl's brother he's here still around at this point it's gross what I need your judgment sir the door be respectful you just taxidermy kind of in the direction that I think it's already going which is more of the gang together and like season one kind of vibes like high school like a lot of the story takes place in high school yeah you're all kind of becoming like adults you're sort of taking over it yeah I think if anyone in this group has been it has not been an adult has been Cheryl but I would say that Betty and Veronica have already been adults you run a business you businesses living yeah Betty kind of desert own thing but also Jughead does 2rg I kind of need some guidance but she and Cheryl are still teenagers blood Archer season is really gonna have a lot to do with senior year and really football games vixen practices relationship party so do we have you sure that yeah every week is all win ups were the first people to play these characters he's an iconic American characters I think it's also it's a huge responsibility and you see the amount of people who who love it and enjoy watching the show it's cool to see oh yeah yeah that's cool that's awesome to know it was a really great experience it was written in the cards for her why because of that episode matter when you did a striptease we don't talk about that they saw something in you I guess they did it was an audition and I didn't even know it I mean I'm kind of hoping like maybe they just threw jugheads hat in there was like I'm hoping well like they need an extra warmth cuz like they're out they're out there he's like he's like making a body like you took his motorcycle had to hide a body we had to like throw his head and like were covered in blood cold that not see no but it literally as it was scripted all four of us and he was like I don't want to do it so he didn't cold outside five and when I just throw at me through closing everyone and everything yeah we threw our clothes in yeah figure definitely alive I think they had the idea like that they wanted to play with that idea in the season for it so then there's some coal being cold was just like the final final straw yeah like we're ready to kill him that I hope they do is they wanted the woods and they want to join around or 3:00 a.m. and the furniture banging it yourself we're hopeful people never know loves them can't get enough I just I can never guess what the music was gonna be like it's always something that I've never thought about no do you have any like dream music almost be like – that was almost an option with the grease to grease – is almost what a random they've been doing this all day with us you know they're making noises with their throat yeah being on set is like for you guys

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  1. Me and my friend tryed predicting what would happen in the season 3 finale… the theory was that the blossoms family's drug buisness was failing due to the police eyeing down jinglejangle so everyone exept cheryl (cheryl wouldn't have known) would be in on faking jaysons and mr blossoms death. This way people wouldent suspect them in the future. they would then switch their drug buisness into the illegal organ doning business through the farm where jayson became the gargoyle king (like ethal said) and the black hood was now mr blossom (he killed bettys dad when they escaped)… sounds confusing but it would have been a WAYYYY BETTER ending… the season 3 finale had me so dissapointed:(

  2. It's's so sad because this is truly the show that launched their careers, but the writers just kept making the show bigger and bigger and now they don't know what to do with it and they're losing the consistency. They're just trying to go higher with the shock factor without thinking logically about the plot or how it affects the characters, and that's so unfortunate. I think it really could have been a good show with better writing and better guidance.

  3. I can't believe my classmates actually get mad when I tell them that Riverdale is not that great at all…
    I mean even the ACTORS are so done with it

  4. This makes me sad cause they are such a good cast, with such a good connection and them, together could make a masterpiece. But Riverdale just went… bad

  5. I've lost faith for the entire show, though to be honest I never really had it, but the one episode I hope they do justice is Luke Perrys death. If they come up with some crazy bullshit for why he's not there I won't even be able to hate watch the show any more. The biggest slap in his face would be to Riverdale his death (for example, the bear that attached Archie coming back and killing him)

  6. Why do they allow these people to do this in the interviews. Most shows have strict guidelines about how you should behave. This sends a message to future employers that they can’t be trusted to pretend that what they made is fantastic and worth the audiences time

  7. How long are the cast contracted to riverdale because you can tell they really fucking hate it and I love that 😂😂😂

  8. That’s why they need to give the writers more time the full season needs to be planned out before it heads into production and give these shows less episodes. This is why CW shows are good in the beginning because they are given time to create a good story that’ll garner a fan base then it gradually goes into decline from creating filler episodes to stretch a series out and stress on the writing team.

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