The Riverdale cast agrees that Riverdale has bad writing… (proof)

I mean I didn't feel last season was kind of kind of bananas right Riverdale is always a super Nana cuckoo but do you guys so have those like WTF moments when you're reading the script for the first time everything kind of all my lines are WTF moments my lines are like what who really w can you even be surprised at this point yeah every now and then we I get I get a little surprising thing I like when when I get to say funny things you know well things that he says that just are funny yeah yeah Ronnie your dad sucks when you had to say my dad sucks yeah yeah Ronnie he sucks you know the season 3 finale had everyone seeing you know that flash-forwards what was your reaction to that and then there's no way they're really killing off your character I don't blame you Nara no I signed a big long contract um but basically like all your past villains kind of came together and teamed up like how do you how do you go where you go from here just start killing good that's cool that's a great question um Betty is working for the FBI basically for her brother Charles her and jugheads half-brother shared brother or whatever it is so that's good what's got her dead brother in her basement by the way this work she's I'm game again you guys left us on a major cliffhanger there was spring break flash forwards people covered in blood only seeing jugheads beanie coal when you read that initial scene what was your reaction finally get to take the hat off see they're not actually blood related so it's weird but I think they're gonna just deal with it and they also Betty's working closely with Charles at the FBI to help track down Alice and Edgar and stop the farm hopefully hopefully stop maybe Betty are finally get to punch Evelyn in the face let me make something very clear I will kill you but we all look side note we love Zoe like she loved Zoe obviously everyone you want to like punch her in the face you want to like take out her organs oh my god wait there's gonna be more time Michael Murray I was told to say that oh okay I just remember that was I'm talking points that's how Michael Murray's oh yeah he'll be my daddy is coming back Riverdale season four daddy's back um but Madeline needed you mentioned Cheryl's brother how decomposed yeah Wendy just I'm very confused about this have I been planning this all along it's only been three days still alive the whole show is baby all a lie it always over a little overwhelming for you guys good say overwhelmed I get more excited on it's like fun to see people that passionate about our show yeah like you feel like a rock star yeah like a couple days and then you go back to your life and you're like I don't matter Betty has a lot of energy and a lot of tolerance to do a lot of things whereas I don't have that I feel like I would give up very shortly after starting to investigate something I'd be like I don't I'm done with I'm over it yeah yeah I'm done similarity I don't know I like her cute sweaters to see for Archie's some clothes on maybe maybe can get some plastic surgery to get rid of his because I have just been three hours of makeup we show the same for these sweats dating song he's a trouper though yeah Game of Thrones has created anything it's a market for that exactly I don't we don't really know what the what the outcome of that situation is going to be I think they're both weirded out but they're not actually related by blood so they're just gonna keep going until maybe they find out they are related and even then the Lannisters the Lana sighs we were finding reading this last season finale I remember I think I texted you and you and I literally said I just said what the dead body weren't you the first person who told me that you text me and you're like clean you've got Jason's dead body and you were like no what the f I don't know what this F word drunk with the flavor freak hello seventeen year old child would you like to join the feds I think they're pretty good what has been your favorite moment of the show so far I got to watch my mother have a ninja battle last season had no idea how to play it but that was that was a good time yeah hopefully more maternal men ninja battles to come yes us gods such damage good that's why I was hired one word to describe even for yeah that's something that's perfect we're gonna end it there thank you guys

47 thoughts on “The Riverdale cast agrees that Riverdale has bad writing… (proof)

  1. Tbh season 1 and 2 were half decent and watchable, still slightly cringe at moments. But my God, season 3 was one of the worst pieces of television ever. None? Of it made sense, between that and the constant musicals, I just couldn't

  2. It's annoying that you keep making these videos, Riverdale may not have the best writing and if they do in your opinion has "BaD wRiTiNg" stop watching the interview and the episodes on This BaD wRiTiNg TV show, Just stop trying to get clout.

  3. I agree with you, the season 2 and 3 were weird but honestly I'm sure I'll watch the season 4 however and I don't know why …

  4. Imagine: the show ends. Everyone’s dead. Except Jughead. They keep Cole very closely tied to his contract, it was longer than expected.
    The show keeps going but it’s jughead and only jughead. He has seven other “im a weirdo” monologues.
    Every episode you can see the pain in his eyes grow more and more, but it’s too late. How could have we predicted this?
    This interview. “I have a looong contract.” In reality, it was a cry for help.

  5. Like so many recent TV shows… this show started out great then went to H### in a hand-basket due to absolutely terrible writing. Forced SJW agendas and poor writing guarantee a quick end to another series. Too bad for the cast.

  6. I love how sly they try to be with their comments on how bad the show really is. Like I’ve watched up to season three so far just because it’s entertaining to watch how bad the script is but how it’s also intriguing in a bad way. 😂

  7. River Dale always had bad writing it feels like a bunch of 30 year olds sitting in a room trying to remember about there high-school days and how they talk.

  8. Isn’t season 4 supposed to be the last season since the show started in their freshman year and next season it will be their senior year?

  9. I watched the pilot episode of riverdale and gave up. That show really isn't for me but it is so funny listening to these interviews and gaining fractions of the plot three seasons later. Like it just sounds ridiculous to an outsider of the series like myself.

  10. wait…I just realized cami has a mixture of camila cabello’s and shawn mendes’s name…camila mendes. could it be fate that camila and Shawn end up married…?

  11. so i saw this girl at my mall in chickflila who looked just like evelyn chickfila is in the mall btw if you were confused it was scary bc she eyed me

  12. not gone lie the show could be way better shit feel so repetitive but the end of last season has me looking forward to next season but if its trash im done with the show but cant wait for 13 reasons to come back

  13. can we just have a talk show where the cast reviews weekly riverdale scripts and laughs about it…instead of the actual episode

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