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  1. there's one thing I want to ask Andrew Hussie, concerning Homestuck.
    Have you planned everything that's happened in the story, from the very begining?

  2. He's planned lots, but definitely not all. He probably keeps a general or maybe even specific idea of where the story is going at the moment, but the jokes and such are way too receptive to the fandom to be planned ahead.

  3. Not by a long shot. You can learn more about that kind of thing from the interview he did with Scott Pilgrim (just google it)

  4. God, when homestuck ends i will have to give these other comics a try. But gonna let it end before i give up on it.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I suppose these webcomics are very signature of webcomics…. but I don't like any of these XD.

  6. According to his old Formspring (which has since been deleted) the basic plot structure has stayed the same since the beginning, but a lot of it was not planned ahead.

  7. Actually Oda, creator of One piece had a particular ending in mind from the start, it just became more and more popular that he began to release more and more content…

  8. It certainly feels that way. It looked as if the story was finally getting somewhere after Act 5 but… no, no, we're being treated to another year or two of subplots.

    This won't make me many friends, but as developed and detailed as Homestuck is {maybe because of it, even?} it has absolutely horrid pacing.

  9. Then there's Sheldon {look up the "Stripped" kickstarter while you're at it}, Schlock Mercenary, Kevin and Kell, Gunnerkrigg Court, Questionable Content… this piece should have really touched on people who make their living off webcomics they create.

  10. That's the beauty of it. For everyone who doesn't like certain styles or kinds of comics, there's some out there to their taste.

  11. No Questionable Content, Girls With Slingshots, Subnormality or Oglaf? lol, a bit disappointing, but no matter. Still a great video. 🙂

  12. No achewood??? It's being made into an animated series! Even mentioning penny arcade or axe cop or white ninja would have made this video worth a damn. Disliked.

  13. wait, "my goal right now is to end the comic"

    Okay well at least can we have like the same characters ;w;

  14. Well yeah, its gotta end at some point in time. Especially since he's gotta start making the video game, which is why he's on the current ???-weeks long hiatus to get that started so it can come out sooner rather than later.

  15. but how does it explain everything that went on over the recent updates (over the course of the last 3 months)

  16. you are the only person to agree with me on the fact that Hussie did plan out most of the events of homestuck, and for that, I thank thee

  17. thank you for adding that last part, cause I would have added like 20 links to Homestuck, I'm not fucking kidding here

  18. Here's a new comic for you that is "uncomfortable", "funny", different and off the wall! Check us out on the Datcomics channel!

  19. Well it's that or have the comic trip, fall on it's face, attempt to crawl forward, and die a slow and painful death all alone. As well as slowly fade away and become a empty lifeless shell.

  20. if you like webcomics, go to facebook and look for stripcoockiebox ! it's about cookie's adventures and it is fun and stupid TOTALLY

  21. I started reading Stop Paying Attention because of this episode, and I can only say: Wow, that was amazing 😀

  22. I was wondering if I could get a recommendation.
    I want something to fill my comic book shelves, so I'm looking to webcomics that have been printed into books.
    I'd like it if the webcomic is completed, and every collective volume has been released. I don't wanna have to worry if the collection will ever be completed. :~P

  23. fun game: mute vid, scroll down until about 3/4 of screen is covered, try to guess whose stubbly chin is on screen at any given moment

  24. i (only me! xD) think there is a difference between a "meme" and a "webcomic"
    a meme express a little number of panels, normally one,… the things you find on your facebook main page (normally rotten artwork and content u can identify or funny things)
    a webcomic for me is a whole comicpages project with storyline and original charackters  in their world (fanart too of course).
    something u find on smackjeeves 😀
    bit just in my opion. i know that even a one-panel-comic is a comic. maybe we need some new words xD

  25. I would love to start a webcomic but then I end up doubting myself.I know I shouldn't worry what people think but I also want feedback. I'm also working on my drawing skills and everything but I just dont know. Is it a good idea? Its a story about Chinese Zodiac and regular zodiac signs but I don't want to be attached by people saying homesuck already covered that. Should I do it?

  26. It's funny because I've never heard of any of these web comics except Homestuck and Perry Bible Fellowship.

  27. Hey, I love webcomics! They were special to my sister and i growing up in the late 90's and early 2000's. Some of my favorites were Megatokyo, RPG World, and PVP.

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