'The Real Meghan' – Explosive new biography

42 thoughts on “'The Real Meghan' – Explosive new biography


  2. Please leave her alone.
    She's her own person as everyone else.
    Don't be bashing God's creation
    Wish her the best with her husband & new baby boy

  3. No one google Maghan. She was by spam kept coming to people search or instegram to a point of annoying and people had to mark Maghan as a spam . But still she was como g to any social media to force us to notice her.

  4. don’t you ever dare compare meghan to the late princess diana… that would be a big insult to the late 👸… just don’t!!!

  5. In Andrew Morton's book on Meghan he says she is very calculating!! People were optimistic at the beginning. Thought she was an educated, mature media savvy woman and she has been such a great disappointment. Only interested in being the centre of attention and loves to spend money on ridiculous outfits, costing thousands of pounds, with designer shoes, handbags etc. All these outfit have been worn ONCE. Shameful waste of money. She has discarded every member of her family, although quite a few of them helped her through her life.

  6. This video is from 14th May 2018, almost a year ago. It really is eye opening what has happened since and the total difference in Meghans persona then and now. Seeing this old vid with early clips of her makes a very stark difference between how she acted and came across then and how she acts, comes across and even looks now. She is like a totally difference person – and not for the better either!

  7. I am so glad all you loons that are causing chaos are being checked by the Palace as real threats congrats your stupidity got the best results.

  8. Leave Meghan & Harry alone , I'm horrified at such bullying , Diana's son has chosen , let us respect his choice with well wishes & love .

  9. Even if things are bad in the marriage, Harry would be ashamed for ppl to tell him… I told you so! So, he'll essentially stay quiet and bear it all until it stiffles him. Don't know if anyone else has noticed this, Meghan's smile comes across sugary and naseauating… Attention grabber, gold digger!

  10. They were brought together by Jews and now the same jews are pointing out the flaws. The British royals are a plaything for the jews

  11. Please do not bring Diana into any of this, Meghan must be living in a fantasy world to think she can be remotely like Diana, Diana can NEVER be replaced or compared with, Diana was to unique and special and I find it very disrespectful to cultivate this ridiculous notion.

  12. A bunch of bitter jealous envious women, whom else would say nasty things about Meghan, she's American, not british and biracial – Hate will destroy and suck the life out of you….

  13. off topic- but the spencer family tiara has some serious bling to it! i dont think ive ever seen a tiara with that much sparkle to it! diana looked so gorgeous wearing it too

  14. Why all the hatred for Meghan? Just wish them and pray for them not wish for their downfall. She was an activist at a young age even before meeting Harry so why is she a fake? Stop with the jealousy and hatred. I wish Harry and Meghan the best. Love from Sweden 💕💕

  15. She strikeling seem to walk right in to the front…. She is newbut she took center stage… That is why everone is watching… She is bold not humble and quite assuming…. That is her intrigue. She puts the royals t o the side…they cant like it…. But what can they say… Where a person will stand down meghan will jump in… That is the intrigue

  16. Who with a bit of class gives an aviating fornication about what that trollop does or is or doesn't or isn't.

  17. I don't know how she can cut out her dad completely from her life ,yes he made a mistake but how can she not want to see him privately .were they not close before this.

  18. all these hare comments are from racists. stupid rats who can never qualify to clean Meghan's toilet let alone sit next to her.

  19. Aku tertarik dengan berita meghan, begitu buka pakai bahasa Inggris, gak paham. Jadi cuma lihat gambarnya saja.

  20. This country full of gossip and hate. Media did the samething to Kate and she was strong enough to overcome it all. and I'm pretty sure Meghan will do the same and get on with her life…

  21. Lol "very much in love" megan is highly probable blackmailing harry with something from inside soho house. Black girls is not harry m.o.

  22. I agree with Andrew on most topics but not on someone's childhood and their childhood friends as a gauge of a person's character as an adult.
    The Markles of which she had escaped from, for very good reason, are not close to Meghan as an adult. The best way to find out what an adult
    is like, you would interview the people she works with and associates with. They may have not been willing to talk to him. So, I am assuming
    he grab people who were willing to talk, but had their own agenda to promote: some positive and others negative. I don't mind that, but I still
    think you need a full picture of a person life to accurately portray them fairly.

  23. Just becasue he lived in the palace he never lived with MEGHAN and again just making assumptions he knows nothing for sure just trying to make money I would not never buy this book.

  24. She is middle aged,multi marriages,been passed around Hollywood. B list actress, no children except to cement her grip on Harry,scene stealer, gold digger, and Morton has been paid off to do a PR job on her … Her past has been white washed. Wait till her escort history comes out….

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