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This second poem, this last poem, is about
a storyteller who found a monster in her grandmother’s bathtub. And it’s also about what it’s like
to write. I think storytellers are born with this need to understand everything. And sometimes
this urge to put people into words can land us in less than ideal situations. The Thai
word for understand is ‘kao-jai’ which literally means ‘enter the heart’. In English, to understand
someone we must stand under them. In Thai, we must go inside that person’s heart. And
this poem is about the cost of that. The Price of Entering a Body That the storyteller is a god is a lie. I
watch my cousin pluck guitar strings with fingers that found
me in the bath— I was thirteen when he fed me
his sea-black heart I remember not the shower beating
down on my cousin, but the rain falling through a boy’s body. His pirate hands & salt-chapped lips, teeth that caught me in our grandmother’s claw-foot tub. I think I entered his body when he entered mine when he cried & said that he was sorry— he was sorry that this was how he loved me. That the storyteller is a god is a lie; I
have always been a beggar, on my knees held down by a body I needed to understand. I told him, “I’m sorry for
making you cry” because the price of entering a story
was to lose your way back. They said I was too young to feel
the gravity of what he did, but they were not the ones pinned to enamel by the weight of a body that was sorry it loved them. He sees me in the crowd watching him snap guitar strings with pirate hands & a decade of clutched breath spills out. My name a secret dug up from every sea-black year. I tell him, the man who cries with my cousin’s
eyes, what I think I meant in that claw-foot tub. “I forgive you.” Thank you.

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  1. You did Well 👍🏽
    Found your Channel Only now~
    Stay Strong and Keep doing the Things You Love 🤗

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