hello I am a skinny man I'm on a new diet called beer Ramadan where you don't have anything but beer until it's dinnertime and it's working great for me I highly recommend it the beer gives you empty calories and kills hunger pains but as a skinny man I am interested in the way we are perceived by the obese and this is a woman who's dying as are all people of her size I don't not want you to exist you seemingly don't want you to exist but anywho that's a whole other ball of wax but I thought this woman's lucky enough to find a guy with a fat fetish and she still has a lot to complain about let's hear her say I think it's like 10 honest thoughts on being loved by a skinny boy skinny man go ahead 10 honest thoughts on being loved by a skinny boy boy kind of demeaning I say I am fat he says no you are beautiful I wonder why I cannot be both just pause each does she not speak English the common vernacular with fat is negative and I assume that he assumes that she assumes that's what she was going for when a woman goes hi I'm really fat maybe a billionth of 1% of the time she means don't I look great I'm super fat in this dress unless it's pH 80 women never mean fat as a compliment so he was speaking normal English to her and trying to give her a compliment not good enough skinny boy he kisses me you walk too hard to my college theater in a minister was told me that was it pause he told her that she's beautiful and started making out with her hard and she is what a 3.8 I mean these fat people are just ingrates I know lots of fat people fat men mostly and all my fat male friends would go dude you're not going to believe this look how fat I am so this chick I'm with his totally hot skinny chick I go I'm a fat pig she goes no you know you're beautiful she starts making out with me can you believe that shit and I go you're lucky dude I wouldn't go how come you can't be both at the same time Roy sorry I just gave you away Roy go ahead despite my talent I would never be cast as a romantic lead we put on shows that involve flying children and singing animals but apparently no one has enough willing suspension of disbelief to by anyone loving a fat girl just pause how can you not understand that not only our fat woman not deem is attractive and by the way that's a rational thing as a breeder when you are a young man you want someone who's gonna be around for your kids not someone dying when someone sees a junkie scratching sores on her face they go I don't want to breed with that because it's dying it's a totally natural evolutionary trait to not find dying women attractive it's not good for the future of the species that's why in romantic leads which are based on our ideals by the way you rarely see ugly people or people with facial tattoos or someone with no arms in a romantic lead it's not about suspension of disbelief romantic stories are about us projecting our most fantastic scenario we're more handsome than we are in this it's like airbrushing when you see a woman that you're madly in love with you mentally airbrushed things you don't see zits on her but because you're so in love with her we mentally airbrush women were in love with and magazines are mimicking that so to have you as the romantic lead isn't our fantasy it's not woman's fantasy either and it opens a whole Pandora's box now the show is about obesity and and can big girls be loved and you've changed the move now it's a shallow Hal or a movie like that so that's 0 for 2 3 on the mornings I do not feel pretty you mean like every morning still asleep I sit on the floor and check the pockets of his skinny jeans for motive for a punchline brother girls phone numbers just pause now I feel sorry for you that you're a jealous psycho who doesn't trust your your significant other that's my fault you get to you get to be a paranoid lunatic who's ruining your relationship that you're very lucky to have by the way and and that you even want sympathy for that that's like a drunk saying I go downstairs to my bourbon and pour myself not one not two but a three finger shot when I'm already hung over yeah you're screwing up your life dork that's 0 for 3 keep going for when we hold hands in public I wonder if he notices the stairs like he is handling a parade balloon down a crowded sidewalk I wonder if he notices how my hands are made of rope 5 dear Cosmo just pause by the way do you see that face she's probably Italian there's a pretty girl in there there's a pretty girl hiding in all that blubber and once again by the way her insecurities are my problem that's like you give some homeless man a Ferrari and then he does a poem about how do you know the stairs I get in this car where people think a homeless man who reeks who has his penis hanging at the front of his pants cuz there's a giant hole there because they had a fire when he was smoking crack who has one huge tread made of a loaf of bread and it's hanging out of the back of the sunroof do you know the stairs that I get yeah sorry you got a car shut up all right go on fatso I will not take your sex tips on how to please a man that you do not think my body will ever be worthy of six he tells me he loves me so Cosmo has not enough fat chicks in it yet they have sex tips she doesn't want to read the sex tips gotcha thanks for that honest thought by the way thank you for that way I don't want to read that magazine very brave I don't read it either by the way am i equally brave 7 wait wait go back what was 6 6 he tells me he loves me with the lights on that's a Drake song by the way it's considered a nice thing to say but go ahead on 7 I can cup his hip bones in the palm of my hand ribs without pressing very hard at all so hold on a sec hold on a sec I thought when she said skinny boy she was using vernacular meaning man but apparently she is dating a toddler a skinny and toddlers are usually chubby right because they're starting out their life so she's with a malnourished toddler we need to call the police on this woman you can hold his hips in your palm what do you LeBron smaller this guy's hips by the way skinny boys something's wrong with you you see these guys on like my 600-pound life and they want their wife to get fatter and fatter and fatter like their ideals a thousand pounds so you want your girlfriend to die to satisfy your bizarre sexual fetish you're a sadist so lady if you have any complaints you should be complaining that you're with a man who's ideal scenario is that you get less healthy go ahead his collarbone he doesn't believe me when I tell him he is beautiful sometimes I fear the day he does is the day he leaves eight the cute hipster girl at the coffee shop assumes were just friends and flirts that's the norm counter I spent the next two weeks replacing my face with hers in all of our photographs when I finally admit this but you can't do that just pause because she's not as fat as you and if you did that literally in Photoshop that woman would be horrified to see what she looks as a giant fatso so that would be really mean of you to do to that nice barista but uh yeah the crazy thing about this is once again her paranoia about her awesome situation is my problem in other words she has it too good uh I apologize I'm sorry that you have it too good I'm sorry you don't feel like you deserve something by the way that woman who thought you were friends that's usually the norm sorry but usually when you see a gorgeous guy like me and a very obese woman they tend to be just friends and when that's not the case the guy tends to have a weird sexual fetish where he's a chubby chaser or he's into fat chicks rarely is it just I love this woman for her personality I know that sounds terrible I look lady I wish all love could be based on merit and personality and none of us had any kind of beauty standards but that's not earth so the world you're wishing for is on a different planet you can't sit there and rail against reality like it's some sort of evil monster trying to ruin your life especially when you can control it it's up to you how fat you are you can't put on blackface and complain about racism go ahead spend the whole night taking new pictures you will not let me delete a single one much the phrase big girls need love too can go die in a fire yeah me does not require an asterisk loving me it's not a fetish beautiful is not a novelty I am NOT time yes work you're not normal I say I am fat he says no loops around you're so much more and he kisses me what is this women complaining about what a ridiculous video [Laughter]

49 thoughts on “THE POWER OF FAT POETRY

  1. So picture this….. its a stinking hot sweltering humid day and she's laying there naked, sweaty in places your nightmares wont even touch and she horny. Gagging for it. You still think big is beautiful?

  2. He'd forgotten the Snickers bar he had in his pocket from when they went to the gas station; but she didn't forgot. She's been thinking about his Snickers bar ever since she finished the three she bought herself. When he finally fell asleep—boy, was she counting the seconds with bated wheezing—she could finally relieve her anticipation and fight back the crippling sadness, even if only for the few seconds (she isn't much of a chewer), with that delicious chocolatey..nougat…nut…bar. Thank you.

  3. What is it with fat girls putting giant flowers in their hair? Is it…hopefully they will look at the flower not the fact that I look like the boulder that almost killed Indiana Jones.

  4. Did you really give her a 3.8? No freaking way. Try .38 and you'll be a whole lot closer to the truth.

  5. Fatso is not only obese, she's a neurotic, narcissistic lunatic. Her 'skinny boy' really has won the lottery with this prize. No-one gives a damn if you're fat and if they do that's on them and they are few and far between. These days people are genuinely concerned for their jobs and reputations and will avoid offending each other at all cost. So I don't see any discrimination against fat people at least not on the level this woman is implying. The reason I referred to this lady as 'Fatso' is because I want to insult her and like most people, when I want to insult somebody I generally go for things that will offend them. If she was skinny, or had bad acne I would've gone there. The reason I want to insult her is because her bullshit poetry annoyed the hell out of me. Her partner sounds like a fucking saint and this pudding is second guessing everything he says because she's insecure about being fat? He's says it's fine, she says it's not. Sounds to me she is the one in the relationship with the problem. She's the one who hates fat people.
    P.s. I'm a fat fuck too. It's my problem and I'm dealing with it.

  6. I don't logically comprehend how someone enjoys being 300 pounds, like isn't it painful or hard to breath?? Like doesn't there heart hurt? God don't there fear dying at 30? It's beyond me and I have a hereditary heart condition….
    But god she is hideous, looks like a fucking mountain troll from lord of the rings….

  7. Solid 2.8 watched the whole video. Gavin is wrong hahaha probably first time ever. Glad I'm going back through this shi

  8. This slam poetry wasn’t about her being unhappy or disliking her boyfriend?? She very clearly loves her boyfriend. This poem was about the struggles that come with body image and insecurity about it. It’s about how despite being in a relationship where your partner very obviously loves you, your insecurities will never stop you from doubting this love. We can evaluate each point she makes.

    1. Maybe this is where you got this radical idea? She is not saying he is terrible or an awful bf for this. She wonders why the word fat cannot be associated with beautiful. Fat people, after all, are allowed to be more than fat, as your weight does not determine your heart and personality. Beauty comes from within.
    2. Her college professor is just a dick. Even if this is true, he has the audacity to say it. She’s right as well, for there’s no reason that a fat person does not deserve love when a lady can fall in love with a fucking bee.
    3. Insecurities. We all have them. Her insecurities drive her to wonder if her bf does not truly love her.
    4. People are Judgy, like yourselves, and she wonders if he noticed this as well. I think it’s a fantastic metaphor.
    5. Cosmo is such a bad representation for women. I’ve never read anything cosmo has put out that has stuck with me.
    6. He loves her no matter what.
    7. She fears when he realizes that he is much skinner and maybe more attractive than her, he will leave her.
    8. People do not believe they could possibly be together, as she is fat. This makes her insecurities skyrocket, picturing him with another woman because of course, how could he love her?
    9. The phrase big girls need love too is not bad, however I see her point in the fact that we shouldn’t have to state this. Everyone needs love, and we shouldn’t have to make exceptions or points for big girls.
    10. He thinks she is so much more than her body. He has maybe matured, and now knows that she is fat, yes, but that is not what defines her. Because I’m sure she is a wonderful person, and a joy to be around.

    Shame on the people who are commenting here to bring her guilt for putting her feelings and experiences out there. This doesn’t have to be something you enjoy, but there’s no reason to sit here and bully a poor woman who is happy with her love and life. It is people like you all who cause people who are different to be ashamed of it. You all may be skinny or attractive, or maybe incredibly popular and friendly. But nothing will make up for the ugliness in your heart that is portrayed through looks. You’ll never be good looking with such a bad soul. May you all find goodness and kindness in you, because clearly you can’t handle someone being incredibly thankful for their significant other who loves them for their wonderful personality.

    Also, people like you are the reasons these poems exist. If fat people were treated normally and not taunted at for being fat, the driving causes behind this poem would not exist. But continue your onslaught of laughter then.

  9. There is nothing quite as bad as a fat loud obnoxious woman. Except maybe people like Russel Brand. In general people that talk about themselves a lot, you can only suffer them for so long.

  10. Fat poetry? Lol!!! Seriously?!? If you’ve ever been to a poetry reading you already know that ITS ALL FAT POETRY…or some other SJW protected pet group…

  11. Is skinny guy her brother ? Just asking 🤔😮

    Whoaa hold on their sucker, is this “phat poetry” oops typo “slam poetry” ergo it’s all bs fiction wish fulfilment?

    At least we had ‘A/Thee’ ! slim guy doing a hard critique on her. Are you the guy, the skinny bf 🤔
    Gotta day man am disappointed in you, your slippen dude, just sayin

  12. Man I wonder what people from countries with actual problems would say if they saw this horseshit.

  13. You know, Gavin, I started watching this video because I enjoy watching YOU – to my extreme dismay the video had WAY too much angry fatty in it for me to enjoy…sorry. PS: I'm Canadian.

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