The Poet RDA by Van & Del Design

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  2. I've been using the poet for about 5 days now and I think it's magic. I wish they included a blank air flow insert for the end user to drill to preference and also if you want to use your own drip tip be mindful of the posts, the bottom of other drip tips comes within a hair of them and we don't want to short anything eh !
    Other than that I think I've found my new all day atty, a quality vape and a solid unit…..2nd poet already on order.
    Thanks for this review.

  3. Do you have to buy the mtl attachment separately? Mine just came with the regular one. And is this a sqounk only rda? I didn't see a regular 510 either?

  4. Spot on review Mark. I’m so impressed with mine and agree with all you said.
    Only minor niggle for me is the same as the Venna… I fear for the longevity of the o-rings. I like to be able to turn the top cap when placing on the base, both the Venna and the Poet you have to shove it down onto the rings 😱. I’ve already shaved a chunk of one of mine. As I say though, that’s minor, all else is gravy!
    Oh and #188….. Saša loves me 😂

  5. Now is the best time to say ,be healthy be SAFE in your garage 😉🤣.Have a peaceful weekend .

  6. That looks like a winning atty, and the DL draw sounds good to me (slight whistle notwithstanding). That said, the mod you're using is really gorgeous, and the brass screws are a nice addition….. Can't tell from this vid if you've replaced the 510 plate with brass (I know you must be tempted).

  7. Nice one mr t love these little rda's simple single coil nice flavour well machined mtl option suits me

  8. Lovely RDA Mark. Looks sexy AF with that mod. Thanks for showing it off in your usual fashion, honest & to the point. Cheers.

  9. I love the look and i love the top airflow. I'm a huge fan of short, low profile rdas. The Basic 1.1 is in my top 3 and it reminds of that but i'm afraid the Poet might be a little too tight for me. I'd say the Aiora is probably the tightest airflow i have and i really don't wanna go any tighter then that. I would love to see another insert that's just a touch more airflow

  10. Great review Mark. I get mine today and im super excited for DHL to get here with my poet lol. And i agree i run my soul s with inline duel 27 gauge round wire 2.5 ID and its a great vape

  11. Thanks for the review! Very pretty rda and not to expensive even for me. If they start selling it in online stores I’ll be interested to buy one.

  12. The DL is tighter than it looks, which is great for me, more like a 2mm. I have a week or more, all true its very good.

  13. You gotta keep them on their toes Todd. Waffle on sir. 😀 Great review as always. This one I'm definitely going to pick up. I'm happy to see someone doing a true mtl rsa.

  14. Shame on you Mark. We all really did think the review was gonna be atrocious hehehe 🤣 all jokes aside brother, very nice review and it looks like really clean device!

  15. Love it. The Soul S and the Jazz are among my favorites. Hopefully this will make it into the stores as Facebook repulses me. Thanks for the great review, my friend!

  16. arent UFO's called also UFO dish? Sasa and dishes…. hmmm now it has taken over vaping too 🙁
    The guy eats too much :/

  17. Thanks for all you do Mr. Todd! I absolutely love your reviews and I think our tastes are very similar. I always look forward to your channel. Keep up the awesome, honest, and thorough work!

  18. Love it when the Doohikkies (not sure how to spell that) make an appearance..😜
    Thanks for the review Mark I'm liking the look of this one 😁
    Edit: are they the coil rods from simply tips Mark? They look tidy.
    Edit edit: because I commented before the video finished, it's the waffling that keeps me coming back to watch ✌

  19. Superb review as always Mark you never dissapoint mate. Really cool looking rda love the deep engraving on the cap and box it comes in reminds me a little of the salix rda which I love so this one's deffo on the list, thanks Mark for showing it to us👍

  20. Fantastic review as always Mark, got mine today and love it. Really wish I had ordered the Raven caps as well, but funds were allocated elsewhere 😂 Great job Saša & Vanja, simply brilliant!❤👍

  21. Your usual honest review, bought a Soul S and Jazz because of your honest appraisals and one of these will be joining those soon.

  22. Ok, I don't have to cancel my order ;p I think this atty will really suit me (like the tighter DL draw), can't wait for it to get here, should be soonish (between 1 and 2 weeks I believe). Getting the machine finish plus the black ultem Raven cap ♥. Thanks for the review Mark! I would have definitely taken the piss a bit more though towards Sasa :p

  23. Thank you Sasa & Vanja, off dump; for the mini single coil lovely! And as far as not having one in hand @tm, couldn't have said it better myself Mark, Great show… This appears Right up my liking of things & am Uber excited to try ASAP! Stay Blessed and Beautiful Everyone

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