The Poet is In 2017

have doors not walls Nancy might have said while standing in the longest line waiting for love today we are at Vanderbilt hall and Grand Central Terminal and we are celebrating poetry in motion we are hosting an event called the poet is in with music under new york we have more than 30 award-winning poet who are writing poets for the public the event today is co-sponsored by MJ arson design and our partners at Poetry Society of America we present the poetry emotion program on the subway system and this year is the 25th anniversary of poetry motion so we're really excited to be here at Vanderbilt hall the poets that sit at a table they have a typewriter in front of them they have a sheet of paper and they talk to members of the public has been waiting to talk to them and they write a short poem it's usually really really meaningful to them and it's a wonderful way to be able to interact and have a really personal relationship in a very public space I'm at a really great young person today who's dream it is to be a baker and they were telling me about their experience falling in love having the heart broken and beginning to love someone else now and so to see a young person at the beginning of their life so full of that kind of hope was really promising and taught me a lot about myself when I thought my job was repair to learn about someone else it was amazing how he translated our life this paper so it was an amazing experience for Rahman and Deepika to healers of children to healers United in love there have been hardships life has being so cruel at times we have worked to work together always a healing one another in love and in our faith in past years yes we had a loss we think about the loss of our beloved whose heart the world could not contain but he will be with you always they sit in two chairs and between them into space where their son grows a garden of mutual respect like her mother's garden at home roses shrubs hyacinth mango trees what a world it is all blooming it's so wonderful to be in a bilious intersection of New York City to sit down together look into each other's faces and talk and listen and then make something up the joy you

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  1. I remember this last year! This is so awesome! 😀 This is one of the reasons I love the MTA 😀 😀 😀

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