The Olive Writers 2017 – Aftermovie

hello I'm Richard Martin director of the American language center here in Casablanca and I was asked to tell you a little bit about our Center we teach English classes to kids juniors in adults we have over 20,000 students annually probably six thousand four hundred students per term during our year courses and the classes are successful and we have different levels and people come out learning and speaking English well that's all working perfectly at our Center I am totally kissable India who are at Samuelson si Italia we're Savin Omaha I'm Illinois University conservatively Philharmonia gentleman Vince posh Wesleyan Sena transfigure a judgment between the library staff ahem America mr. Guidry no judgment other and illegitimate son Damien future as Rachel potentially a robot Oliveira la divas Parker chair parfait – Tara najara via negativa yoga and Indonesia hey pal radical London miraka Veracruz De La Jolla and now a suit everyday ecology a memoir on another Hollywood Technium it's been a great pleasure to have the olive tree writers come in I think that this is probably an ideal sort of retreat and workshop and a mentoring that we seek to achieve here at the American Language Center the students at the olive tree Writers Workshop have come from Oliver Morocco and they've come to meet here in Casablanca and they're here for a week and we not only have the workshops and everything that's organized splendidly by Muhammad and company we have meetings outside of the center at different restaurants and different cafes and a cultural trip and it's all about building a community of these these young writers and in hopes that that they can participate more hair at the center over the years and publish their work and find an outlet for their creativity I really really enjoyed the olivera's experience I've learned so much of it just a great opportunity my favorite part was meeting a lot of people that I shared the same passion with and great instruction I came here with a goal to learn some things and I learned even more so it was remain about the community you

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