The Novelist: Announcement Trailer

20 thoughts on “The Novelist: Announcement Trailer

  1. Would you consider The Novelist to be a Persuasive Game ? (looking for a game for my Game Design presentation) thanks :))

  2. It is definitely a good looking game and I will attempt to buy it on steam. Just gotta scrap some money together 😀

  3. Thanks! If you're interested in more podcasts or articles about the game, just click the Press tab on the official website. There's also an IGN playthrough video there if you want to see the game in motion.

  4. Yep, it automatically reloads you from your latest checkpoint. The game saves very frequently, so you'll lose very little, if any, progress.

  5. Yep! It was Greenlit last week. I haven't had a chance to get the Steam page set up, but it will be there by launch. And if you purchase the game through the official site, you'll also get a Steam key.

  6. this looks awesome, i never thought a game could be based on telling stories without having to kill people for fun, u know like shooting stuff. we need more games like this. :p

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