The Novelist and Anxiety (A Personal Story)

27 thoughts on “The Novelist and Anxiety (A Personal Story)

  1. I really hope the low views don't deter you from making these amazing videos, been with you for a year man, and I LOVE each video.

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    only cool kids will get this

  3. This was stellar, man. So well paced and written. As many have already commented, I definitely feel where you're coming from. It's definitely a mentality I can struggle with every once and a while. But knowing that there are people around that care and love you, it can turn this mindset on it's head. This was awesome, honestly can't wait to see more of your stuff.

  4. This video hit home for me. I've experienced anxiety too, it's really interesting (and awful) how our minds and bodies deal with situations that are out of our control. I've had The Novelist sitting in my Steam library for a while and now I'm feeling an urge to try it out. I'm glad you're doing better – we all have our ups and downs and it can be pretty inspirational to see someone coming out of a bad place.

    I also noticed your rebranding and I'm looking forward to the new content. I know we haven't talked in a while but I always watch your videos and I love your style. It'll be cool to see you apply it to areas outside of gaming! Good luck 🙂

  5. Dude, that was deep. I never heard of this game, but stuff like that is definitely relatable. Thank you for opening up yourself to others. You are who you are, and we love you for it.

  6. I can relate to this video on a personal level. It wasn't exactly the same, but about a year and a half to two years ago, I was going through some really deep emotional stuff. I couldn't bring myself to leave the house to see friends, I was calling out of work constantly, things of that nature. One day, I decided to play a visual novel and didn't think anything of it. It was the first one I'd heard of and figured I might as well give it a go. That VN was Katawa Shoujo and I can honestly say that in certain aspects, it changed my life. It helped me cope with the shit that I was going through (although what I was going through certainly had nothing to do with physical disabilities, lemme keep it 100 with that) and brought me out of my funk. After playing through it and reading other people's views on it and things like that, it helped me realize that I wasn't alone in the way I felt because of the medium or alone in general. Great video man, really touching, heart-warming, and eye-opening. I'd like to see more like this in the future.

  7. Dude. You blow me away with every new video, I love the personal take on this. Haven't played The Novelist, but for some reason it reminded me of Gone Home, just on a "peering into their lives" level, it's always cool when games can make you connect like that to characters. I always look forward to some Southern comfort bro, keep it up.

  8. Great video, people often ignore the impact Pop media can have on life out of a fear that it will be seen as childish or melodramatic (or like you said in the video, cliché.) But I think any work of art can be a powerful catalyst for change in someone's life and I am glad you had the courage to talk about it in the context of problems that are very personal to you (as someone who has also dealt/still is dealing with depression.)

  9. The struggles we face in day to day life are often some of the most difficult to adjust to. Its grand to hear video-games continue to aid people. A story I am sure many can relate towards.

  10. It can be really difficult to open up about things like this, but you did it in a simple and straightforward way that actually had a point – I really liked this. And I'm very glad to hear that things have gotten better for you, and that you were able to gradually get through that tough time in a constructive way.

    Looking forward to new stuff from you, as well – I'm curious to see where your channel will go. 🙂

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