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I created the Novel Maker’s Handbook to give writers the storytelling techniques for a successful novel. As a former Editor at Random House… and Book Development Expert, I’ve seen many writers with brilliant ideas and unrealized potential. Scenes fall flat, characters lack depth, or the conflict and stakes aren’t high enough. There are even best-selling authors who can’t replicate the same success in their next book. The techniques in this book are the same I’ve used three years with my clients
and in my riding they’ve helped by clients go from novice riders to
exceptional authors some becoming best sellers but I think the book really help
she do is it takes all of those thoughts and ideas that you have swirling around
in your head and it gives you a step-by-step process to allow you to take on that and channel
it into the book that you wanted to be for yourself first and then ultimately
for the reader this book helps writers craft a novel from concept to polish
drift through a dependable process that will see them months if not years of
wasted time you learn how to create a working draft of your novel focusing on
character and story development you sharpen your literary skills such as
point of view exposition dialogue and action she also
gives you tools to deal with rejection their put something creative out their
opening your your soul to the world and that’s a scary proposition the book
prepares you for that gives you some confidence so caused me to think like a
businessperson about my book so that people want to read it and that it would
be something that would sell your tools definitely work her framework works I see it almost
every day which you know these tools and once you see the framework she provides
for you you recognize it and as it’s working in various forms of media
especially books came into power to say it’s within reach diane has a certain skill returning that story and good writing great
stories and great right and I’m grateful no matter what type of writer you are
you’re super structure toward you right by the seat of your pants Diane gives
you this guiding voice to support its strong voice to get you through it to
travel along with you and to write that book with you have to come are credible
story will no longer be an elusive goal but a dependable process that built
successful authors from life

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