The Nine Types of Writers

27 thoughts on “The Nine Types of Writers

  1. Those of us who grew up with typewriters before computers were around may still prefer the old machines to the new tech which mysteriously causes months or even years of work to suddenly vanish…

  2. I'm currently thinking about writing an ebook. But right now I'm just trying to figure out trademark stuff. After that, I'll decide whether or not I'll actually do it. Which I probably will.

  3. One of my favorite writers, Harlan Ellison, (tv, novel, short story, and essays) allowed that the computer allowed the writer to complete a draft with the most egregious spelling and grammatical mistakes corrected. He had worked on typewriters for years and had just grown accustomed to them

  4. The ending!! The callout! Heh! Maybe someday I will be a successful writer but you are right. I should write

  5. I spent 16 hours working a short story yesterday. So I figured I’d take some time off to keep from exhausting myself. New to writing but I’ve spend most of my time painting and I’ve learned sometimes you need to step away from the painting and look at it later with fresh eyes. Am I just using that as an excuse??

  6. The Typewriter ssaves a lot oif money. I know I used to fix all kinds, including selectrics, so don't knock them at easily.

    Now I use both Computer and my old portable, for my notes.

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