The NFS Underground Beta (All Removed Content) ft. HGCentral

21 thoughts on “The NFS Underground Beta (All Removed Content) ft. HGCentral

  1. I think some of the menus and stuff like that was used for the other versions like the Arcade version (early map selection screen) & Handheld games like the PSP & Nintendo GAMEBOY because some of those look very familiar and some of the HUD on this demo looks oddly reminiscent of those versions as I used to have a handheld version of this game on Gameboy and NFSU2 on my NDS which is why I say this..

  2. On the PC disc, there's an unfinished video clip of Samantha stating "Now go win races, and show me you got what it takes to handle these parts". The video appears to be halfway between a live motion capture and a rendered video. File name is 04_GUM_e.mad, and after install, you can rename it to one of the other video files to view within the game.

  3. 22:45
    Those pictures are NOT from the same location!
    The Clocktower is present in both pictures.
    Those are just the 2 entries of the splitting road!

  4. I'd like to mention that according to the first carrier start intro video the Integra Type-R has a Aqua neon installed but never present on the in-game variant. Also the same thing with Eddie's Skyline as it can be seen on the video right before challenging him for a race, he's car should have a Lime neon.

  5. 22:45 – Im pretty sure these two pictures show this location from two different sides, clock tower is present on both of these pictures

  6. If you do a video like this for most wanted I got a piece of info for you there were originally 16 blacklist members and its the same one that helps the player out with each blacklist member and that same person had a ford mustang gt before the Pontiac gto

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