The NEXT Series From The Author of NARUTO: SAMURAI 8 The Tale of Hachimaru Chapter 1 Preview

42 thoughts on “The NEXT Series From The Author of NARUTO: SAMURAI 8 The Tale of Hachimaru Chapter 1 Preview

  1. YOURE SO FUCKIN N STUPPPPIDDD HE'S NOT A FUCKING ROBOT DUDE IT WAS HIS DOG THAT WAS A ROBOT U IDIOOOTTTTT.. fuckin had me thinking he was an ai. Dude he was talking about his dog. The kid is a human being with a weak body and he wants a stronger body to become a samurai that's all

  2. I hope he’s not gonna throw all his Side characters in the shadows like he did everybody that wasn’t Naruto and Sasuke in Naruto

  3. Absolutely. I'm a die hard naruto fan but I have full faith in kishimoto. The man's confident and I think the art looks clean from the preview. Let's just wait and see.

  4. I'm sorry dawg kishimoto just give me more orginal naruto stuff like content,stories,and fixing the damn shippuden story that was a fucking train reck and elaborate of some characters that didn't get enough shine. That's all I want. Boruto ain't it at all.

  5. The way I'm imagining it is like a sci-fi feudal Japan. Keeping old Japanese traditions but with the advanced technology. It would be the perfect juxtopposotion of past and future. Atleast in my opinion.

  6. I think it will surpass Naruto if they adapt the Anime how they adapt MHA. Kishimoto didn't make Naruto with luck but with skill. Even in Boruto the Sarada arc, the mitsugi episode and the boruto movie part were the best thing in boruto because he made it by himself. Kishimoto is a master in storytelling in catching attention of his reader right at the beginning. Watch how they hype up this unknown series, which confirms my claims with getting attention. Watch and see.

  7. It looks too original , it will .OST likely fail all popular/mainstream anime are Ripp P..! I mean inspired by other ones.

  8. You late asf oh my gosh. Used to be good at keeping up with anime/manga, then you started to suck at that. Then used you for news, now you’re late asf on that.

  9. I think I wanna read samurai 8 when it comes out but my mom told me stop reading manga and watching anime because she thinks it’s satanic. I don’t understand at all

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