Hi everyone I’m Kerry Cassidy from
Project Camelot and today I’m very pleased to have with us
Patricia kori and it’s it’s really gonna be fascinating to talk with her I’ve
read one of her books and I’m now reading her current book which is quite
fascinating and she’s an amazing prolific author and a mystic I think she
would call herself and so we’re gonna bring her on the screen here just stand
by and Patricia say hello to everyone hi everybody thank you for caring thank you
very you know absolutely it’s a lot of fun I I have actually been admirer of
your work for a long time I haven’t followed all of it recently and I got
very busy in my own life but I read your first book about Egypt and was so sort
of I resonated with you and your story so hoping that we can talk a little bit
about that but I certainly want to delve in deep to your to your newest book as
well pretty great okay so if everyone will
stand by I will get the information up here okay so this is a short bio from
her website and it says she’s been dubbed a real life
Indiana Jones by fans and the media and aspiring icon of truth and a living
model of the adventurer within us all internationally acclaimed author
Patricia Corey is one of the most well-known and established authorities
on the realms of the mystic whose views of the world challenged the status quo
and confront issues that concern us all today she’s a pioneer in the alternative
thought community she loves to stretch the imagination
with visions of life of what is basically science fiction and becomes
reality in our everyday rapidly changing world
she has 14 books published in more than 20 foreign
languages and she has been a key voice in the alternative meeting for decades
bringing paradigm busting information to the public since 1996 and it also as I
skimmed the rest of the bio which is fairly extensive here she’s also been a
host of her own radio show Beyond The Matrix and has been interviewed on
hundreds of talk show radio shows TV programs including CNN coast to coast am
WABC fade to black with Jimmy Church Exopolitics with Alfred Webber Playboy
Radio urban journal radio and the list goes on this is all all on my website
under the patricia corey interview on the front page Project Camelot TV if you
want to read more about her bio and also get the link to her website so welcome
Patricia and can you maybe get into a little bit more of your bio things that
were left off of what I’ve just talked about and it looks like you’ve got
you’ve got Christmas in the background there it’s still an issues – whether we
call it a tree or Christmas or whatever but for me it’s all that I love in a
slight stay on okay a little bit more about me I think first of all Vantage of
an introduction people usually ask me how it is I came about if I had came
into this life of being a mystic or when it really springboarded or really when
the the impulse really began a serious so I’d like to start by saying I have
been in any psychic all my life and as a child I was very much even given a lot
of birth by my mother who encouraged it within nee and already as a kid I was
already talking parallel universes which if you think
about it I was a kid in the 50s hate to date myself and that was another time
when children were really using this language so at four I thought my mother
was from another galaxy and our universe it was two so very understanding so
that’s exciting because it means that something was happening already
it’s at a young age and over the years I just always had this wonderful faculty
but in 1996 which as you know is when this kind of started really going crazy
I laid down the growth circle the Julia set crop circle talk about if you’re
going to start a crop circle start with the Julius and it was a
mind-blowing experience and at that time things really just blew open and I
started serving as a channel for these beings this collective consciousness and
it’s been a very big important part of my life ever since so they call
themselves Assyrian High Council and I’m sure we’ll be talking quite a lot about
that tonight but okay well very interesting thank you I think that it’s
interesting that the crop circle where you had all of this happened this was in
England is that correct yeah it was the famous Julius at crop circle which was
the big spiral that was a Fibonacci sequence spiral that came down in the
field across from Stonehenge in July 1996 and it was particularly interesting
because this stretch of road where Stonehenge lies is one of the most
traveled worlds in England especially in the moat of summer and this rough circle
came down the middle of the day nobody but people did actually see a vortex a
whirlwind of activity going on but for this to be able to come down the middle
of the day within a frame of about an hour and a half according to reports I’m
sure you heard about the pie it flew over and it flew back over uh
well you know I don’t remember this particular crop circle all that much I
mean I have to admit I don’t you know I I have been in a crop circle in England
myself but I haven’t yeah I’ve interviewed a couple people on
it I don’t discriminate I you know I don’t know a lot between the different
ones you know so there are so many different experiences of myself done in
16 years and some of them have been mind-blowing and it’s very personal and
individual but that one for me was I had a dream about it before I even went in
I’m going over the Stonehenge and saw this thing and a week later the
professor where I was taking a course in England when he heard about the green be
so taking you there though there was definitely something going on for me
that’s kind of where things really stopped crazy that’s fabulous
yeah yeah great so you you had I don’t know if you know and certainly I want to
give you leeway to go in a direction that feels comfortable but I was quite
fascinating fascinated reading your book and I wanted to know you had a past life
in Egypt when and specifically if I recall correctly you were actually I
think you said buried alive isn’t that correct and now we’re pharaohs well the
one that you read and in fact it’s funny that used to say that because I know
writing the screenplay which is called buried alive uh and then like I I
retrieved an effect like regression a very very violent painful life where I
was very live in the court of hatshepsut and at the time of the regression I had
never been to Egypt didn’t know very much about the Egyptian Pantheon it was
way back so in the middle of the regression when I was actually reliving
being buried alive I’m aimed to nays
that machete and Matt kata and I was calling them out and the regression is
and it because I was doing and they corrected it he couldn’t get me back so
it was interesting about that was that those names actually had a
correspondence in Egyptian history or the book as you know is about me setting
out to find that truth yeah it’s an excellent book and really quite
fascinating I have many past lives in Egypt and really resonate with the place
so you know I guess that also was something I could relate to at the time
so since then you started how many years later was it that you started to get
this sort of channeling happening I came back from England that summer and and I
was never back in my body and the same I was before this habit because in the
crop circle I left my body I I lost two hours time and when I came back that was
very shaken and I had to come home to a room where I was been living it was
about ten days later that they generally started so it never stopped since then
really okay but I I actually met since the Egyptian experience in other words
yeah since they usually experience when did I start tuna yeah the the number of
years between those two things it’s very interesting but 1996 was a pivotal year
for me and I had the Egypt I went twice to Tibet management twice Tibetan one
year Wow extra boss I went to Egypt twice and I
had that experience and I was on this quest to to find out I had the England
experience I had the charity all started oh my god so that that was a really
pivotal year in other words so to fast-forward to what what has motivated
you that to write all these books and because I haven’t looked at all your
books there’s 14 of them they say right okay so no it’s great I
mean I think it’s so admirable and you’ve also won an award for the best
screenplay at the Lund at a London Film Festival is that correct yeah that does
happen I’m really excited about it because I’ve only just started reaching
into Marin Phil and so he’s its first award it’s the London Independent Film
Festival and it has a screaming contest for films aren’t made yet and I was when
my producer said guess what never had any food or any training or courses or
anything I just one morning I got a message start writing movies and I said
okay shouldn’t be too hard to to which I’m sure I know that you do film scary
so I know that you know that it is in fact hard to do but it is it’s very bad
it’s cute yeah no I mean you’re a good writer I can see that however even good
writers can’t write screenplays because it’s it’s quite a unique it’s like
writing poetry you know it’s a very unique genre and I mean they’re writing
screenplays like I always tell people it’s like can you say it in a paragraph
and you say you say it in a word that’s writing a screenplay and it’s really
pretty tricky so I’m very excited about that
ya know it’s quite an honor and I’m very impressed by that so well and it I have
to ask you obviously is the movie going to be made well you know from your movie
is really next to godliness just getting a book published is already
miraculous but you know to get the money together this required for film and all
the pieces so we’ve been very fortunate so I had a producer follow the script in
England and she very quickly found a co-producer
who felt it as well and we are now at what’s called pre-production which is
very close to getting it made and they have 80% of the budget in place Wow
fingers crossed this is going to happen in 2018 2018 this year yes yeah
excellent well no that’s I mean I that’s really
fascinating and and you know kudos for that
so at this point what I want to know is how did the whole how did you get
introduced to the Syrian sort of group and what was your experience with
various off-planet entities prior to that such that you would take it on
board and you felt that you had you know was it just some incredible opening and
they came to you in a very clear way or was it a gradual transition were you
prepared etc I first had encounters with beings when I was a kid and I think that
might be a pretty common experience for chance but it was the first thing that I
have been reminded of by my mother was this coming in the kitchen when I was
four and telling her I was from enough seriously telling us from another
universe sure and then I started having contact with little Tinkerbell type
characters glue little characters that which I
believe are obviously holographic images of beings that a child could probably
cope with or understand always very Lionel never I was never feeling of
dread or fear or any kind of and neither did my mother company here but she was
very aware of it because I was always talking to them and the dialogue was
always so advanced that again let’s talk about how long ago that was because
today kids use this language all the time it’s all over the place but then
there was an access to conversation about multi-dimensional
parallel worlds and universes and dimensions I was talking about
extraterrestrials and kid when it was verboten and several phone calls to my
mother over the years in school telling her that I was not a normal kid though I
think that I was already in contact with this entire I know and it took different
forms as I grew up for me to be able to cope with but it was really in the crop
circle let me also add that I’ve always pursued the question of ET and
extraterrestrial life I’ve never been very excited about UFOs it’s coming with
a four-mile conclusion to me I’m much more excited about multi-dimensional
reality in extra dimensional beings and and things like that but all through my
life this has been a tension passion but in 1996 that’s when things got very
exciting and in that crop circle I also encountered men in black
I saw plasma bowls I mean it was just like okay get ready it’s time to blow
your mind open and I really feel that when I when I left my body and this
galactic astral journey that I was being attuned to receive this information so
when you said when you came back you you know you’d been you sort of were in a
bit of a shock and you had to adjust were you affected physically in in any
way yeah that’s a really good question I was very shaky because it felt like I
shouldn’t be back in this body and I remember the professor came and he said
Patricia real okay which of course is not the way you want to come back from
it to our ass from somebody freaking out standing Hilary but it had gotten colder
he doesn’t want to kind of pass I was chilled I’m shaking it was very Spacey
and it took me a while to feel I was really back with a leak I had to fly
back to the state that I’m sorry to roll I didn’t feel it
like which I’m sure you’re the same I’d fly all the time everywhere right I just
didn’t clean I just didn’t want to do anything except lie about so yes there
were definite changes I really feel that this is a conversation that we can have
until we’re at nauseam but I really do think that something gets reminded the
braid for people be able to channel I just I’m not kind of child that suspend
the middle of a an audience and says I’m going to bring in and do the theater of
channeling it’s it’s really quite a complex process and I think that many
channels many people who have that ability kind of had an experience of
having some kind of rewiring like okay so yeah no I appreciate that you know
because I myself I don’t talk about this sort of thing but I did you know start
to channel I had an opportunity to channel when I was young and I decided
not to do it more or less although I can say that I’m constantly in contact and I
am probably in a certain sense getting downloads would be more accurate but you
know I I that does go on but I have to say that I do notice that when you go
through something like you described that there is a physical component that
a lot of people never necessarily talk about and I noticed that you know when I
am going through a spiritual experience that there is as I say a spiritual
component I’m in a physical component and so you your body is is sort of gets
as you say rewired or there’s a whole adjustment period and so that’s why I
was asking you about that because I really do think that that goes along
with it and we don’t hear a lot about that so now it’s as we’ve been starting
this interview my body’s not very cold and I’m shaky and it’s not nervousness
it’s like okay we’re gonna we’re gonna go gate here and you know I’m
clairsentient as well so I feel the information all through my body
right well that’s you know that’s very fascinating uh
now what I what I’m wondering is did you see them you called them Light Beings I
believe and I’ve seen Light Beings for many many years myself but I’m
fascinated that you you you’ve got a clear sort of amount of come information
such that you could write it in a book so how did that transition happen
I actually done when you were talking about downloads I said the computer and
I just bring it in I mean it’s not happening what you’re hired
well what I meant is in other words you had this experience you felt you were
connected I guess with this particular group you know did they come through and
specifically say hey write this down or were you just compelled because you’re a
writer you know what you know and I’m sort of getting the steps in here so
people can understand well I was the writer until it started with the council
so the first book that ever came out of me was a channel book the company sold
and how that came about it is I was blind after it was ten days after I got
back from England I was awakened at four o’clock in the morning I went down to
the computer side of the computer and out came the first pages about the
cosmos of soul and I was in a semi trance
I barely remembered that process in fact I fell asleep on the keyboard and
fortunately after all the letters repeating on the keyboard I went back to
page one and there were the first three pages of a console so every night at
four in the morning I was awakened to receive his information why enough it
but after the first night it was always conscious I was aware so four o’clock in
the morning seems to be my waking hour and many people because of the Sirians
say that this is the violet out of the earth and which is the most Souls passed
in and out at this time there’s the least amount of electromagnetic
interference at that hour of the planet and
that’s when I do my work or clock in the horn and let me say 14 books later not
all of the books are channel but most of them are that that’s a lot of 4:00 a.m.
wake-up calls absolutely well I I myself am awake at
that time uh-huh but I don’t write you know but I think that that’s excellent
that you do so you had had you’re not a disciplined wider prior to when you did
that is that correct I’ve never ever been a writer I mean I
used to write poetry as a kid but I plus I have no science background so when
people read this material they’re like excuse me this awesome physics
engineering and I don’t know anything I’m a liberal arts Kurtzman and my
passion and education is focused on language but not write it not creative
writing so when the first day just came up the cousins of Seoul I was okay I
don’t really like mediumship I don’t like the idea of automatic writing
I’m very grounded I really am people say oh yeah sure your same you talking about
non physical beings and you’re grounded but I am very very graphically and so I
was really scrutinizing what exactly is going on here at least messages for me
are they what’s happening and after weeks and weeks of this book come and
with this information that was something I had no knowledge of Elsa Barry
we’re talking 20 years ago when it comes to soul came in and this book is filled
with information about quantum physics and and based on continuing things that
had knowledge up so I was paying attention it’s like something important
is happening here and I’m just going to serve and serve in humility and see what
it’s supposed to be and book one came when I finished the process of soul I
was like okay this is supposed to be a book so I suppose I’ll send it to a
publisher a publisher wrote to me after two weeks
sorry cold after two weeks that I send out the book and said oh my god this is
an answer to my prayer can we publish your book no I realize okay there’s
something to body going on here I’m just gonna serve and see what comes and here
we are 20 years later and the book just came in so absolutely mission all my
life because it’s complicity well in terms of your books
do they sell well you know I see their be they’ve been translated it says into
I think I forget the number 20 languages or something yes they do so will is they
so let’s put it this way and author becomes independent when your book sell
millions of copies and surely not that but they sell steadily and after 20
years they’re still selling and there’s a timeless quality to them which a lot
of my fans write is day I still read the Gospels of soul I still pick up
information from it today and that’s very important because the information
in these books because it because I believe that it is channel seems to
touch people’s sense of I know this information to there’s a community here
of reaching some universal truth that brings for people and so they keep so in
in when you wrote the book and you were in touch with this particular group of
beings you said that you were at well as I’m reading this I you kind of said that
you were at first skeptical and you didn’t necessarily know if it was a
positive thing that that all this thing was coming through you right and then I
also wondered was there a time or your interactions did you have interactions
with negative as well as positive et’s growing up I never had any recollection
of any abduction experience at all so I don’t have any negative et memory
I did have an encounter with men and black in me doing this at crop circle
and I I don’t like the word negative but let’s put it this way I’d prefer not to
encounter them again okay Here I am coming out of this whatever it
was which I believe was just you know cosmic astral journey and trying to cope
with it and this professor was like Patricia we really need to get you in
the car you okay are you okay and so coming with that
I’ve got big giant plasma balls floating around my head and then I see these two
robotic men in black and very menacing when I looked at them I look like Arnold
Schwarzenegger incipits they look like the classic men in black marry her but
the sunglasses the skinny fine Oh were they there I mean we’re were they there
physically or where you just were you seeing them in the astral or ether how
was that well you know I really wish I knew the answer to that I don’t okay
because I was you know that I I can’t even discern but secondly it’s just
something very enigmatic that the men in black phenomena some people believe
they’re extra physical I’m not sure about that all I know was they were what
I can say about it was my experience was they were very robotic and very menacing
and he walked by me and one of them was carrying a briefcase
it was metal it’ll be very heavy and he had his arm straight out so Evan was
walking about trying to find the professor because he found me look at
the car in this days that I was in plasma balls trying to imagine a little
bit much to deal with sure and is guy with this suitcase and I
remember I looked over and my thought was you know and they got it
telepathically because when I they both looked at me remotely together
and even though I mean I’m sedan sunglasses on but there was no question
it was a menacing glare and it was the message was look away and I went yes so
I went up to where the farmer’s wife was taking collections to go into the field
and I remember saying to her boy some interesting people coming into this bra
circle a and she was like yeah because of course I was like I was probably
coming down from Eli’s do you like but I still don’t know I can’t discern that
was probably the only negative if you could comb into black et that’s another
conversation for another day sure are at me saying I was skeptical I meant that
because I like to scrutinize everything that’s happening to me I don’t just take
it for granted or just embrace the idea of anything that’s coming in especially
as a psychic you have to be very ground you have to have sacred space around you
and it requires very same determined psychic work as you know the astral has
all full of all kinds of marauding energies so as a healer which I’ve been
healing for over thirty years I’ve encountered a lot and I wanted to be
certain that what I was was was receiving was of the highest intention
lightnings of the highest good and intention and that no astral dust was
coming into me because I’m aware that that is a very big possibility so I was
very discerning at first but it doesn’t get coming and coming and coming and
coming and that finally I found resisting it just allowed myself to
serve in that way so there’s a servant serve as a scrum I understand so do you
think that you have ever met reptilians well that’s a big question
personally met them or can have you seen them have you come in contact with even
well there’s plenty of reptilians walking around here you know of
different degrees obviously the human hybrids as well as you know Anunnaki
reptilians Syrian Anunnaki that are possibly reptilian more reptilian
because the Anunnaki my understanding of the Anunnaki is they initially were not
necessarily reptilian that they their genome was it was invaded just as ours
was and and they have become that way so so I guess what I’m asking you is you
know in in your travels however it happened really yeah I’ve seen some
nefarious characters in crop circles particularly and I’ve also seen a couple
of beings that are posed to be curious investigators who are definitely not
human nature I know there’s a certainly reptilian but they had actually had I’ve
been with someone who saw them walk right through the ethers right through
the veil and bump into me in the third dimension while I was let’s put it this
way I was standing on it in England on a bridge one side of the bridge was a
parking lot but there was there was no way out other side was narrow little
road in Marlborough England and I’m talking to this woman who is a friend of
mine we’re on a bridge and she’s saying that she had her children with her and
then we’re gonna have a picnic so she said there’s a place right down here on
this bridge there obviously if somebody walks up behind you you can feel them
you want to be striking can feel somebody coming up behind you there’s a
sort of animal instinct about that but there was also this her looking right at
me she never saw it and then BOOM they dropped in and this woman 13
plucked bumped up against me she goes OH Patricia colore because they had been
following me several times in the crop circles at the tour of England and they
also feed to Italy to let’s say meet me in a luncheon and they were definitely I don’t know who I don’t know what they
were not a human you know okay in terms of the Sirians High Council that you
refer to them as light beings so have you see do you see them as light beings
or are you how is that working what do you seeing I see like spheres I
did not see four so this is around me it’s like balls of just gigantic spheres
of light and they I think this is why I like sparking things they they merge
together there are three distinct spheres that I can feel and see
sometimes I see them sometimes I just feel them and then they emerge and
integrated into splendid light but they’re not as far not in body form okay
and when you do this writing or you know if you call it channeling it sounds a
bit different than maybe customary channeling are you hearing a voice in
your head yes alright and then you’re writing what you
hear is that correct the process of channeling for people who are not
familiar with it brink it is not just a stream of consciousness that I’m simply
a typist for but there’s this merging it’s like I I described to some to
someone the other day as trying to get a the Queen Mary through the Panama Canal
a lot there’s this brilliant wisdom energy vibration that has to reach a
frequency where I can connect with it and then there’s me meditating preparing
as much as possible to raise my frequency be able to find me
and where that meeting point is there is a a a pool of thoughts ideas
consciousness bubbling and between my my language ability and the consciousness
bullying that the concept the conceptual information it takes form as language
that’s well I think that’s a very that’s a very good description actually all
right well so can you talk about I am not very far along in the book since we
just got connected and I know you’re going out of town so we kind of
escalated this interview but in terms of what they’re telling you at this time I
think people would like to hear some of the things that they’ve conveyed in the
book you know obviously you won’t be able to convey at all but certainly
there’s a fascinating discussion about Nibiru people are interested in that and
the relationship of what appears to be chant Planet nine I think it was called
so and last suing the earth so you have that in the beginning of the story but
it can you could maybe start off with that and and any you know so share some
of the the information that they’re bringing forward at this time to you
okay so I need to go back to some of the earlier material sure she’s what
happened that’s why you know about it from this book and in the book Atlantis
rising which was the second book they describe how if I can get this all in
one concept the Syrian star system is a trainable system serious and we know
this because the impact the Dogon tribes brought this information to contemporary
astronomers in archaeology Accenture you are so knowledgeable know all about so
they describe serious a B and C receiving this information from beings
who just appeared to empath human form to them and serious a is the
beautiful star that we see on the horizon
below the belt of Orion and that star is a three-dimensional being so it’s still
in our night sky in three dimensions there is B ascended to the sixth
dimension and these are the babies at home in touch with and Sirius C which is
a big problem for us is the starter was called Anu and under knocking and this
star sent to the Florence women always according to the information I receive
okay one of the planets of this star was Nibiru and the council say that in the
process of ascending into the its own ascension process he just stars
ascension never he didn’t make it it got rejected
they’ve got catapulted out of that process of Ascension which we need to
talk about that we’re going to talk about Syria information and swung back
to into the Syrian serious a gravitational field couldn’t hold their
that ricocheted over to our star and has been in this trajectory between the two
star systems broke all this time so why does important is because the essence of
the Syrian material is that unlike so much material that’s out there about
human ascension and the earth essential the council say look this is very simple
all celestial beings are conscious of sorry nation so they get real
interference or conscious beings and they all have astral courts they all
have shock for us it’s like imagine each planet in our solar system as a chakra
of our Sun and that eventually these celestial beings go through their own
slip I’m sorry in their own astral chords and go into a higher state of
consciousness which we call higher dimensions so this is revolutionary
information at the time twenty years ago and even today nobody
fuck about solar ascension but the council are saying that eventually when
the Sun goes through ascension all the planets go all the living beings go but
in the process of this occurring with Sirius C Nibiru didn’t make it for
whatever purposes we want to think about karma whatever that’s stretching it
didn’t make it and that’s why we’re stuck with it and that’s why it’s
rotating on this bizarre orbit between the two stars what’s very interesting
about this is that as revolutionary and completely ridiculous as this sounded at
the tonic NASA comes out with a statement sometime later that they now
know it’s possible that a star can in fact eject a planet when it’s going from
Supra we’re going to apply a black hole and
that this planet can theoretically roam on its own or it caught in the
gravitational pull of other stars I’m like okay so according to counsel this
is a big bunch of information to try to synopsize
the Nibiru is unlike so many people believe that the Bureau has come into
our planetary solar environment now and is wreaking havoc and they say no it’s
not in yet they’re trying to get in because they’re still stuffing half way
between the two solar fields and the grid or the energy electronic grid
that’s been thrown around the earth is actually a sort of electronic kalesu
that they’re using to try to pull to bring the earth to a resonant frequency
at such a point with nemuru that it will pull them in and hence pull
them through our ascension now I want to tell you that that is one mouthful to
try to connect size in 25 words oh well you know it makes sense to me actually
because the yeah I don’t you know as Project Camelot obviously I’ve been
inundated by people that want more information about Nibiru they always
want to get what what I’m getting and what other
people are telling me you know whistleblowers ideal obviously prominent
primarily with them but I get all kinds of people contacted me and Nibiru does
not behave the way it’s supposed to or the way people think it’s going to and
it’s certainly not going to collide with earth I think it’s important to say but
I am always aware of there seems to be an interdimensional aspect to this
planet and to the whole process and I I think it’s fascinating so this idea of
last suing it’s it you know it’s kind of a sphere of influence type of thing and
I I appreciate that I also like the fact that you talk about scientists right now
III had not heard this that they were trying to bring in I forget the name of
the program but they’re trying to bring in lassu in essence an asteroid so that
it will go in it’ll circle the moon it’ll rotate
around them and I don’t know what the purposes other than they would it sounds
like they might want to turn it into a weapon and slingshot it out oh but you
know I have to say that you can imagine when I heard this language to be used
because the point that I was channeling his information I thought really here’s
a put my name on a book that says that this planet is trying to last sue me
earth I mean a break here this was at the beginning of my work with and so to
hear later that NASA in fact is using that same language and when I last saw
an asteroid I thought it was to drag it in because of the water but inevitably
as you say it’s most likely some sort of nefarious purpose but how exciting to
see that something is out of the ordinary is that kind of information in
the 1996 time zone 97 98 to now be referred to openly and that and in fact
for the new book says it was theory you may
it may sound bizarre then but here we are it’s happening so that is a very
exciting aspect to the new book because so much of what was demonstrated to us
then the first time I ever heard about so many things came from this work the
first time I ever heard about chemtrails 1996 first time I’ve ever heard about
HAARP all in the books and I think I have just it was well I said I have to
say I was a little bit courageous I said to bring it out and you know well I’m
and and you you know about that sure well and I I do think it takes a courage
if you’re dealing with what is in essence going to rub up against what the
secret space program wants out there and what they don’t want out there and it
does appear that you’re you’re getting information it’s not all hearts and
flowers as they say no in fact I like people to understand that I’m not I hate
expression I’m not airy-fairy about this it’s very
it’s very scientific in many ways and that’s wonderful because so many people
who are on the border of trying to understand these concepts are able to
grab on to the essence of the science in the material and tell me the science
checks out Patricia so where’d you get your quantum physics education so yeah
it’s grounded in some pretty powerful science that I would be lastly how do
you know you’re really channeling my answers I shall only be intelligent
enough to know this stuff I would much prefer saying that I have this innate
wisdom but I don’t now of course in 20 years all of us have grown so much and
are you standing in perception of so many concepts but back then there was
one chapter in the cosmos of soul called the
of consciousness that is definitely a showstopper as far as a mathematical
understanding of creation and over the years it’s just gotten stronger and
stronger and this book now there are concepts in this book that are probably
we know on many levels but they’re presented in such a way that they’re
very empowering and this is something that’s very important because with our
wealth of knowledge carrying all of the incredible information that’s come
through even you and all the work you’ve done and so many whistleblowers and
people are coming forward you know we’re so bombarded it’s getting to the point
where it’s pretty hard to know really where to turn anymore from what you want
fold in your harness truth it’s just so much information bombarding us non-stop
sure and so I’m very honored that people are receiving this information as truth
that they know inside and that has been a common thread through all the material
over the years I know this inside but it’s presented in a way that I can
embrace it and write answer it so is there anything you know besides that the
sort of history with Nibiru is there anything else that they’re saying that
you want to bring forward in this interview and I’m just looking to see
how long we’ve been going you know in other words would you like to say
anything that’s in the book that was conveyed in the book that you could
convey here to the people that are listening because this will get quite a
large audience and hopefully turn a lot of people on to your work that don’t
already know about it well I think one of the exciting pieces of information or
even platforms of the information is the question of dimension and how so many
people are talking about the fifth and six dimensions and how the fourth
dimension is where you encounter the archons and the reptilians office
language and the council say hold on a minute here what are you so eager to
skip over the fourth dimension is this some kind of human ego
or is there some kind of an achievement thing going on here it’s like the fourth
is I’m gonna get dismissed so a lot of the information in this book is how to
navigate the fourth dimension and what is really our next step and they’re the
early chapters in the book talk about how we are actually already experiencing
the flutter because the fluttering of the fourth dimension and how it is it is
fluttering over and through the third dimension and this we’re experiencing in
many ways one of them is of course this collapse of time because the space-time
continuum is such a three-dimensional concept this
linear idea of time and how let’s understand that we know and this is
contradictory and pretty much everything that’s coming out of this very community
and that is we have probably we’re not going to leap into the sixth dimension
concerning the vibrational essence of humanity at this point on this planet
how come we think that the next stop is you know like beings in the six their
message is you’ve got work to do and the next phase in the fourth dimension is
facing your karma and we’re talking about your individual karma and the
collective and the book is in fact both the subtitlers galactic prophet
prophecies are the ascending you can collect it and they’re saying as a
collective your next big experience and part of the ascension process is facing
your collective karma and that’s what’s going on now when you think things are
just completely manically out of control on your planet
recognize that you are in a very physical stage of this process of
Ascension this is Ascension you are looking at thousands and thousands of
years of war abuse also all of you we don’t need to for a minute forget how
much wonder there is at this time in our sin
but all of this mess that we’re experiencing the manic behavior is our
collective karma and we have to deal with it you don’t escape karma so as
much as it’s lovely to think about just you know fluttering off to the fifth and
sixth dimension and being celestial blue spheres this material says and it’s
always been this way to the council but we do process through the fourth
dimension and that you know you want to see our consoles they’re put you are to
experience beauty and the wonder of the leaf that’s what you’ll create you will
face your climb ahead on your shadow will be in front of you nothing like you
and you will do this as a collective and that’s what we’re experiencing now if
you look at the manic unfolding on our planet it makes sense that this is it’s
just bubbling up the thousands and thousands of years we like I was saying
this to an interview the other day we like to blame there Italians and the
dark warriors for everything bad that’s happening to the planet but the truth is
the world part of its creation and therefore we must all be capable of
being credible oh yeah that’s very well said all right well that’s you know
fascinating and I I think that there is a lot more to this process obviously
it’s a very involved one are you aware of that or are they telling you or
talking to you about the physical sort of steps that people are going through
do they talk you know because a lot of people are experiencing at what are
called activations and and and various things do you talk about this or does do
the High Council talk about this well since I’ve been working with them
they’ve been teaching and I’ve been teaching through the the intense process
of the reactivation of the so called junk DNA and how we start reassembling
third strand we have children coming in now it’s three active strands of DNA and
again human nature is the one who activated all at once but we we know
that a genius to figure out it four percent of your brain is functioning and
the rest is gray matter and four percent of your DNA is functioning of the
Restless junk that there’s a correlation here and that part of our experience now
is to reactivate those pieces it’s like I see it as a an old-fashioned
switchboard operator it’s like 94% of my DNA 96% whatever
it’s attached to 96% of my brain okay now let’s see how do i reassemble that
and as you said are they talking about activation it’s really about the DMV is
it and that’s why the governments and the so-called power that be want your
DNA and I’m always telling people do not keep subscribing to this Heritage
Foundation where you send them your DNA and they tell you enough and all the
clothes and all kinds of things and to complete the human deena complex twelve
stranded DNA that we that is our birthright and I believe that connects
about activations I think a lot of people are doing the work of sending
sacred geometrical and vibrations into their DNA that’s the work that I do with
people and visiting sacred sites I know you’re going to Egypt soon chanting in
the terms in the pyramid that’s another huge activation that I’ve always done
with people and it’s always been all about frequency the musical components
of a very intricate bioelectrical you that called the human species begin
would be and it’s music in its geometry so when people say they’re experiencing
activations it’s like the music of the earth the the frequencies of the earth
are changing we have oh my goodness I can’t think of the
alternate musical when we come you mean the the number of Hertz are you talking
about that yeah 48 I’m not good 46 I don’t know it’s some different my
partner’s position all right someone will probably put it in the chat yeah
there’s a certain megahertz or whatever that you know is is better to listen to
music you know and that was was distorted for many many years and so on
then of course there’s a whole other discussion I mean well then have you
allowed to talk about these things I’m gonna ask you one more question and then
I think we should go to the chat I don’t want to keep you for too long and
exhaust you and I think this is plenty you know people are going to be taking
on board a lot of what you’re saying and they’ve heard a lot of versions of this
so it’s interesting for them I think to hear what you have to say but understand
that you’re also kind of grounded in in what’s also been going on here on earth
so that it’s not just sort of disconnected in a certain way that a lot
of so-called channeled information is yes and then of the fact that I’ve been
called a conspiracy theorist since I was busy maybe thirty years ago and I’ve
always been telling people I’m not a serious I’m a realist
I do have that expands of knowing so much about the underpinnings of what’s
really happening in and also being able to bring in this iron information it’s
important that people understand that because I personally do not want to
appear ungrounded information so I certainly don’t want to produce it
okay so in in terms of what’s going on in the current situation on planet earth
do they give you information specifically oriented towards let’s say
what the next year is going to contain is does it or is it all more general you
know a more general comp you say scientific concepts I ideas to do with a
you know ascension of the human race these are very large concepts but they
do they also give you specific things that you can in a certain sense many I
believe many channelers often try to teach as you said you found out that
they were talking about using the word last suing a planet and so on and then
later you read it in NASA so that’s a verification that’s a way of checking
your information do you have they’ve told you things that are coming forward
in this year for example because I guess you know being this close to the New
Year a lot of people are wondering what kind of year are we facing do they talk
about that sort of thing well I tend to look at you know exactly what’s gonna
happen now as fortune-telling and it’s disempowering in a lot of ways and it
might sound like a cop-out to someone but my experience is if I know it’s
gonna I created it anyway so is that really forecasting or is that setting up
a condition for people to create that sure the answer is I don’t I don’t think
that’s a good thing to say we are definitely going to have
this happen under play even there’s a forecast of there’s gonna be an
earthquake in September don’t you think it’s possible that enough people
focusing on that kind of disaster will create it I do because I have such
respect and awe of the power of the mind and consciousness sure so what I can say
is the the council are very focused on helping us understand first of all
plugging in power us and not worry so much about what’s going
because a big message in their material is to really be empowered to really be
in essential you need to learn that it’s all right in front of you it’s the now
it’s the leaf that’s jus it’s the bird call and so while you’re projecting into
this nefarious or ugly liquidus future you are not in that now and you’re
always in a state of a large concern worried prediction of mastication and
never fully enjoying your reality always hoping you’re going to have a higher
vibration but worrying so much about that occurring that you’re not creating
an art preparation in your everyday experience you know what they’re telling
us now is yes you are in disclosure you’re in it it’s both something that’s
got to happen it’s been happening non-stop right and it’s it’s a wonderful
approach to help us understand the simplicity of very complex things and by
that I mean this idea of how we project what we want to know when it’s the
future Beneful when are we going to have disclosure what do we get and get the
council say it’s disclosures all around you’ve been massaged for how many
decades aside from the fact that it’s in all the history it’s in the glyphs it’s
everywhere around you it’s not something that you need to discover it differently
around you all the time be being massaged into embracing it in
fact in the necessary revelations it starts out by talking about Clinton and
his Martian rock and how when was that 20 years ago that Clinton said we have
big news we found what looks to be like a Martian rock and there’s a possibility
that this could be a fossilized life form and it took them 10 years to
discover that it wasn’t the fossil and the book says 10 years of the most
gifted and powered finance science minds on the
earth to find out that it was not a fossil
I mean prisoner biologist resistant way 24 hours this was part of the massage
process see how the human race would respond to the idea of a muscle in a
Martian rock which I never quite understood how they affirmed that it was
from Mars and all these years later with 8,000 Rovers around Mars we don’t hear
any more about Martian rock people talk about when are we gonna go to Mars we’re
on Mars how many cars are on Mars so the council are telling us look at who your
your process of perception is and realize that in this or casting into the
future you’re missing the fact that it’s all it’s all unfolding constantly around
you and disclosure I mean obviously we’re being really ready for something
big probably a false flag episode we’ve seen plenty of those where
we’re going to have some well I’m going to put energy into that but I don’t
think that the forces of light that also pitch into the earth will allow the
earth became terrorized by non-white aliens so it’s going to be interesting
but in the meantime it’s happening all around us it’s in the cartoons it’s in
the advertising it’s in the disclosure it’s in every probably every other
interview you two and oh yeah it’s now and the message is for the council is so
worrying about the future and start creating your now consciously yeah very
well said all right so we have some people I in the chat that are asking
questions I’m going to try to grab a few of them here one person wants to know
can starseeds bring energy to earth to speed up solar ascension oh that’s a
great question um is there any that we that we have to
speed it up and so I don’t mean to be contradictory here but think about the
question is do we believe in divine process that we trust the universe do we
really trust the universe what is the reason we need to see we
need up Bowler ascension do do we know more we individual units do we new know
more about the celestial dance then celestial beings themselves and just
like you don’t want to force Kundalini in your own process and we really want
to try to force Kundalini on the Sun so my answer that question is I believe
that consciousness can create anything and if enough star seed beings are
intent upon that process anything is possible but my answer is let’s trace
the Sun it does exactly what it’s doing and it’s mutating to add to that
question I recently had conversation about how the Sun is turning light and
if you think you want to know where we are in the ascension process of the Sun
take a look at the spending side you know anymore it’s white yes why is it
white it’s shedding off its three-dimensional color
frequency vibration and reaching a higher state of being purification right
and that alone is an indication that we are we’re really cleared for takeoff
okay thank you for that someone else is asking do you have info from your Syrian
contacts about the Moon I have a problem with this question because I mostly it
would be so I have my own belief system that counters or they say the money
interferes but rebels against certain information so I don’t want the moon to
be a satellite but that’s been put into place
they serve a purpose for war whatever so I still see isn’t it as a celestial be
with a distinctly aspect to it and as far as the council only I’ve ever said
is any mention of the Sun and the moon is it their celestial being
I’ve never had a big verification of this idea that the moon is a artificial
satellite okay I about that you know I mean how do you feel about that carried
well huh I I definitely think it’s an artificial satellite but you know it I
think if this gets into because you know sort of the nature of what does it mean
to be a planet what does it mean to be any sort of manifestation if you will so
as a manifestation there are manifestations I like and manifestations
I don’t like if you want to call it that that are doing or maybe engrossed in
maybe maybe you know if you want to say against their will initially but have
have ended up to sit let’s say become attractors for a lot of what we would
consider to be on the more negative side of the spectrum so I know that people
are being abducted and tortured and taken to the moon for example and I I
have remote viewed the moon I have seen also seeing the beings there create
structures with sound and their minds so there is some very sophisticated things
going on in the moon I know that we humans have encountered reptilians there
very substantially this is the testimony of William Tompkins who passed on rather
recently and so on so it’s a very mixed bag I guess you can say and I never know
I also personally stay there again it’s the divider field with regard to the
energy the energies of the earth we’re rotational energies of the earth
so it’s it’s it’s an it’s a problem that I have not been able to solve personally
as far as my theories of celestial dynamics
well it’s our effects the guides and perhaps it’s it’s doing a service you
know to humanity and as they say I mean I think you appreciate this concept that
I always say you know the dark serves the light and and and so in the end of
the story you know in order to have the yin and the yang and the 3d and keep the
earth in a certain kind of balance or state of imbalance if you want to call
it that then perhaps the moon has been very instrumental in that way but yeah
it’s a complex question to say you know to talk about the moon and and all of
all that’s involved there but I think you’ve given a very good answer so I you
know that I think that’s all great someone wants to know a little bit more
about ascension they’re saying is it real and I think you’ve stated that it’s
real but do you want to elaborate on the process of Ascension there are people I
think that that you know there is sort of a backlash against the word itself
because it’s been used in certain circumstances it’s kind of like a
conspiracy that became a negative sort of word and yet in my view you know two
or more people getting together to plan something nefarious has been super spear
see and it’s happening every minute of every day on planet earth but to be you
know if you want to say how are you maybe give someone an idea in a positive
way to think about ascension as something very natural which I think it
is and I also often I you know I have studied this quite a bit myself and I
think that you know in many ways it’s kind of put out as a kind of a carrot to
reach for that becomes what would be called spiritual materialism that
someone wants to excel towards you know become the best at ascension you know
and get our first and fastest and all this kind of thing and that’s completely
countered to the whole notion of what it is so can you talk about Ascension a bit
I agree with everything you said and here’s what I have to say the fact the
term has this overworked that you know I agree with you carried it it’s lost its
value first of all if you look at ascension as a process we can bring it
into simplicity by just concerning the sharukh system of the individual so
anyone who I would assume that most people they’re listening know about the
chakra system Kundalini energy etcetera so you look at the human body and
experience of having lower energies and higher energies and that acetic sand
masters work to bring that lower energy higher higher higher until explosive the
crown and and reach divinity or is a divine consciousness that in itself is a
form of ascension because it’s simply raising energy so that is something very
tangible because so many spiritual methodologies are and not necessarily
New Age where we get spooked because it’s two areas very but the tried and
warn traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism etc have been all working for so many
millennia on this process of raising the energy refining purifying energy to
debris and up stir to crown in to achieve nirvana
so let’s let that be our model and then why couldn’t it be rather than we’re
gonna pump out of our physical bodies we’re going to fly off to the sixth
dimension and be like them it’s so contrary to the natural order of things
that we stand folding in nature in our own human nature now why wouldn’t it be
the same process for planets and stars because if we do believe that the
microcosm and the macrocosm are the same thing then surely this energy raising
aspect of the human being would hold through precisely
if we do give credence for the possibility that they’re conscious
beings which I knew though if stars are conscious being then why wouldn’t it
hold true that they eventually leave the density of the third dimension when
they’ve achieved whatever they need to achieve in that density if it’s all
about frequency and vibration and music why not why wouldn’t you also special
beings be able to refine their frequency refine the music higher and higher until
post there they’re moved out of that limitation if you want to call it of a
physical reality into a more refined body or life body so let’s take the
sparkly key out of the terminology and make it ours make it real practical and
I think that that’s a beautiful way to describe ascension the refining of
energy a process that all conscious beings by nature of consciousness and
vibration as the capacity to do and perhaps even the innate intention to do
eventually because plenty of people are loving those low vibrations man and
everything that’s coming out of the music industry and the film industry is
designed to keep people glued to those the corn industry but eventually I truly
believe as soul essence eventually we seek higher ground
yes well beautifully said ok so someone else is asking it’s kind of a funny from
my perspective question when will ET show up in the
world as far as I’m concerned you know we’re all et but nonetheless we have
plenty of ETS on the planet walking around but to answer the persons
question that is so I think a little more practical if you want to call it
that and more obvious I think they want to know you know when will
that happen when when will this civilization actually mirror a lot
closer Atlantis because Atlantis was a place where ETS what you could identify
as and you want to call it in et you know as being different than you beings
that look different than you was it yeah so but I like I suppose I have this
tendency to answer a question with a question my question to the question is
when are we going to be ready to proceed because we have ETS walking all around
us we have the information flooding us we have government people military
people speaking outright showing pictures etc and are we ready to
perceive it obviously not we’re still not or we
would already be beyond the question when is eaching going to come when are
we going to have the mass event where we cannot deny it perhaps is the question
when we can no longer deny it when we have craft over certain cities and each
openly walking amongst us I think that this is women I don’t like to give
prognostications about time but I think it’s very imminent I think that was in a
year or two years we’re going to be over this question and you know oh my god is
Trump gonna be the dis it strung going to be our disclosure president oh my god
I don’t know I don’t know how I feel about anything about politics anymore so
I’m not gonna go there but hopefully we’re gonna have some very responsible
human beings and I’m sure there are plenty of committees of human beings
organizing or prepared to counter the insanity that’s going to come from the
government people who want to control is a mess and I would like to remind
everyone please stop getting all excited about every single thing you see in the
sky because it’s full of rats time the
council have always said this be the sky is your new TV screen so please use
discernment it over it first of all the question of are there UFOs or not
they’re all over the place your teeth that’s just like the grass is Mike yeah
because we’re our homes if you spend a little couple of hours out in the cool
of the night and looked up if you could see through the ken drills there’s all
kinds of crafts up there some of them are planes some of them are human service and plenty of them are craft
physical crowd there are light Chris come on this let’s get over that and
let’s also get over being overwhelmed by every single exhibition that we see in
the sky because that’s all deliberate and know that a lot of it is us being
tested all the time being tested to see our reactions to see our preparedness
but stay grounded we know it’s coming we’re gonna personally I do like humor
so I was really thinking about painting a big sign of my route that says alien
pizza free at Pat’s house but nobody needs to see the humor in that Sydney
okay well fair enough I think seeing humor in this story is very important so
as we live it and I think that keeps you well it keeps you young and it keeps you
alert in the ways ways that perhaps they can’t get to you with some of their
programming all right well thank you I think you know at this point well we’re
going to close this down we’ve been going for about an hour and a half or so
and I I think that you you’ve given a lot of information about what you’re
about what your work is about and certainly the Syrian council and some of
the information there so what I’d like you to do is is recommend perhaps some
people would note because 14 books is a lot where do you suggest people start or
do they need to go in order and that sort of
and the other thing is where to get your books and so on we have linked to your
website and and give your website and also give any contact information and
either people are going to probably say do you do readings or any of this sort
of thing so I you said you were a healer do you do healings and so on so please
give that information okay well thank you for that rental opportunity carry
the book that I’d love people to start with is actually the new series
revelations because even though it it’s 20 years from the beginning it is
contemporary and it does a beautiful job of bringing people up to date from what
was presented then to now and it’s about that so many people are reading
ministering revelations getting very excited and then going back to the
beginning of the trilogy which is the cosmos of soul book one and these are
indicated on Amazon for one two and three book two is Atlantis rising book
three is no more secrets no more lies one thing that I’d like to share is that
several of my books I’ve had people report to me that they
feel the book vibrating in their hands or falling off a bookshelf I can’t tell
you how many emails I’ve gotten from people saying the book fell on the
shelves in a library or in a bookstore and that’s happening a lot with the new
series revelations and people are very excited about it there’s something going
on here and I’m not quite sure yet but I’m gathering all these impressions and
it’s quite exciting so start with the news three revelations
it’s the Arctic prophecies for the ascending human collective and let’s see
where that takes you and it is available of course on all the online bookstores I
think you didn’t get it on your your website now I do I notice and or even
also order it through my website which is Patricia Corey calm or through my
publisher NAB book so and your book stores of course book starts these days
don’t stop you have to just go in and tell me you want the book in the
beginning for you and yeah I do the occasional really psychic readings
people can get into through my website at again Patricia
Cory comm and I’m trying to be more present on social media Facebook and
Twitter but it’s a little tiny bit keep that up and I’m not very young but I I
can be found for sure just remember that my name is Corinne with an eye on the
end and you can find me I don’t work excellent alright well it’s been a
delight to have you on the show thank you so much and I hope we can do this
again I’d love to talk more with you I’m sure I could talk you know all night and
all day because you’ve got such a breadth of knowledge and you know a lot
of it correlates with my information as well so it’s a lot of fun to compare
notes with some like that and so thank you again and like I say let’s let’s do
this again any part of nerds that you might want to give people out there you
know stand tall and your power and fearless person and earlier rather than
projecting into the future but what’s going to happen around you make it
special every moment I mean that’s how I’m living my life and and without
ignoring the dark and the fear and trouble of what’s going on in our
society we have a responsibility to transmute them into power and love and
it may sound corny but that’s where our power is and that’s how we’re going to
transcend whatever is thrown across our way so get into your power and tall and
be in the now all right very good well thank you Patricia I’ll let you go and
we’ll close this down so thank you again all right listen I it has been wonderful
okay bye-bye I okay everyone thank you for listening
and for watching obviously and it’s it’s been fascinating it’s you know it’s a
constantly unfolding story and I’d love people to if you haven’t already watched
my interview tonight with John Lear he actually
encapsulate some very good wisdom as well in with respect to some of the
so-called revelations that are coming forward about what’s going on and you
know we have some great information all over Camelot many many many interviews
so if you haven’t actually watched some of them I do encourage you to do so
there’s really not an interview up there that isn’t worth time and and and where
you won’t probably learn something new so thank you again for watching and take
care have a great weekend bye-bye you

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