The New Ford Tourneo Courier – (Sponsored Content)

if the weekend and the boys and I are off glamping it's the perfect opportunity to try out the versatility of the Ford Tourneo courier let's get packing stuff and more camping stuff but thank goodness the two-layer courier is swallowing it up including my lovely camping stove come on boys let's go already the torneo Korea is scoring huge points for its flexibility we've loaded it to the gunnels with all our camping equipment but there's still a huge feeling of light and space in here it's brilliant that space doesn't come at a high cost and when you factor in the fantastic 1 litre EcoBoost petrol engine the running cost a low two everyone loves playing card DJ and for ThinkFree system is great for that it hooks up to your phone and connect seamlessly to the cars entertainment system oh and of course it hooks up to all those other things your phone can do like make actual phone calls it's the little things that make it a great Drive like knowing I've got Hill Start Assist as well as front and rear parking sensors and for that extra piece of mind emergency brake assist you guys okay Batman the torneo courier has totally pulled its weight on this trip this spacious versatile MPV seats 5 in comfort and features sliding doors that open to reveal a flexible space that accommodates everything and everyone I can see myself using this space for cycling trips loading furniture taking the boys and their friends to play football and even big shopping trips so with its value for money and practicality the torneo courier is the perfect car you

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