The Mummy (4/10) Movie CLIP – The Book of the Dead (1999) HD

[ Quiet Moan, Sighs ] That’s called stealing,
you know. According to you
and my brother… it’s called borrowing. l thought the Book of Amun-Ra
was made out of gold. lt is made out of gold.
This isn’t the Book of Amun-Ra. This is something else. – l think this may be
the Book of the Dead.
– [ Clicks ] The Book of the Dead? Are you sure you want to
be playing around with this thing? lt’s iust a book.
No harm ever came from… – [ Clicking ]
– reading a book. [ Wind Howling ] That happens a lot around here. So, what’s it say? ”Amun Ra. Amun Dei.” lt speaks of the night
and of the day. [ Reading In Ancient Egyptian ] [ Reading Continues ] [ Howls, Growling ] – [ Growling Echoes ]
– No! – You must not read from the book!
– [ Wind Blowing ]

100 thoughts on “The Mummy (4/10) Movie CLIP – The Book of the Dead (1999) HD

  1. If the Medjai didn't want Imhotep to be revived, then why did they make a book that could bring him back to life? Anyone else with me?

  2. The book itself serves as a guide to assist the deceased person's journey through the Duat, it is not meant to be read by the living.

  3. Why would she read out loud as well? Pretentious thot. All this happened because she was trying to show off her ancient Egyptian reading skills, which, let's be real, is not that great. She should have known she was reading curses.

  4. 19 years ago this film came out wow! I first seen it as a kid still gives me chills to this day made me love ancient Egypt

  5. Love how the text to awake the most evil creature known to man, one that would be a walking plague on this earth and destroy all mankind, is on the very first page! like, "why don't we make this the first thing anyone reads when they open the book,we should be safe!"

  6. White people: Let's continue on and read the book.
    Everybody else: I haven't showered in 4 days let's go home. The end.

  7. Amun-Ra, Amun-Dei… It speaks of the night and the day..Suey ahara oktu ubsin mas ibet baya. Iman tipten som pieke. Setsue yatuwe…"

  8. Noooo! You must not read from the book !!!.? What ? Why didn't you tell them before they read it ?

  9. Goddammit. Say what you want, but this scene is damn scary specially the first time you watch it. This is probably the only good movie about ancient egypt. Sure, it is full of historical innacuracies, but not nearly as much as Gods of Egypt or similar. It has a particular atmosphere, it is fascinating, but manages to scare you as well. Me personally, I still find many scenes creepy, like when the statue of Anubis is shown, or when they open the sarcophagus, or when basically everybody dies. So yeah. It's cool

  10. The ancient-Egyptian spell, from the book (phonetically):
    "Amun Ra,
    Amun Dei.
    Suu-EI-A-haram UK-tum-UP-sin-mas-ibet-BAIya,
    IMM-mat-im-SUM-PIIK, ES-et-suye,
    …just don't read it out loud. 😉 😀 lol

  11. a minute 30 of a movie from nearly two decades ago, and that's enough to remind us all why Brendan Fraser is a better actor then Tom Cruise.

  12. Just realized the medji buried the book of the dead in the same spot as imohtep. That’s practically a “Get well soon!” Card lol

  13. This movie has aged like a fine wine and is one of my all time favorites. Perfect cast, great performances all round, great visual effects, amazing soundrack, great setting, perfect balance of humor, horror and romance, and great action scenes. Just so fun, and so re-watchable. The 2nd one, is really fun to.

  14. I wonder what would have happened if they hadn't open the sarcophagus, would the mummy still be able to claw his way out.

  15. ''No!! You must not read from the book!!''
    The Professor did note earlier on ''They're led by a women. What does a woman know?'' 🤔

  16. The same warning applies in this movie as in the Evil Dead; READ CURSED PASSAGES SILENTLY IN YOUR HEAD!

  17. Preston LLC do u think when their is a serious concern the FireDepartment or police would be interested in listening unless they are involved in the criminal conspiracy leading to death

  18. Amun Ra, Amun Dei…
    Suey aha-room oktub sin mas ibet baya, ima tipen soom pikay, setsue yatuwe yatuwe yatuwe…

  19. I used to get scared like hell watching this movie….. Imhotep was a great villain & way better than the new one.

  20. Ardeth Bay: I told you leave or die. You refused. Now you may have killed us all, for you have unleashed the creature that we have feared for more than 3,000 years. No moral weapon can kill this creature. He’s not of this world. Know this, this creature is the bringer of death. He will never eat, he will never sleep, and he will never stop.

  21. Who the hell reads Egyptian hyroglyhics out loud?
    I find that unrealistic because we don't know what ancient Egyptian sounds like

  22. It's sad how use to cgi we are now. I remember being like eleven when this came out and being completely stunned at how cool this looked. Nowadays cgi is standard and we totally take it for granted. No one is impressed anymore 🙁

  23. When I was around 7 or 8, this lady is so beautiful even though she's now old but still looks perfect like Nicole kidman

  24. "It's just a book, no harm ever came from reading a book."
    unknowingly resurrects mummy with the power of the 10 plagues of Egypt

  25. So technically all the events wouldn’t have happened if Evelyn hadn’t read from a book that’s literally called the book of the dead. Nice going Evelyn!

  26. "What have we done!" Evelyn must not read to that book of the dead, so nothing would tell Dr. Chamberlain that they unleashed this, this plague of corpse! This is unacceptable!

  27. Every time my English teacher tells me books are good, I’ll tell her to watch this clip. “Mrs. Applebaum, I ain’t reading no book! Do you want me to summon the dead?!”

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