The Missing Color | Milwaukee PBS KIDS Young Writers Contest 2019

(giggling) (cheering) – [Narrator] The Missing
Color, by Annunciato Muro. I woke up on a frigid, freezing, super extremely cold Sunday. I flew out of bed since
it was the weekend. I wanted to play outside
so I peeked out my window and couldn’t believe what I saw. My neighborhood was
missing its color! It was only black and white! I had to find the missing color. I went outside to investigate. I found a great discovery. There, in my yard, was an
object, robot, well maybe an odd machine. Not really sure! Its sign said Color
Catcher 2xT 3000. The color catcher was catching
all the color everywhere! I had to stop it, so I grabbed
all the brightest colors from my house. I found violet, fuchsia,
peach, gold, teal, fire red, emerald and so on. I took those colors to
attract that robot machine and it was destroyed. The robot thingy couldn’t
handle the overload of color. It was an explosion of
rare, coolest, bright bunch of colors ever! So the captured colors
exploded back to where they came from. My work was done. I saved all the color until I
heard my alarm clock beeping and my dad said it was
time to get up for school. What? Funding provided by
Edvest, special thanks to the Betty Brin Children’s Museum and the Kiwanis Club
of Greater Milwaukee.

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