The Media Composer 3D Warp Tool

one effect that often gets overlooked is the 3d warp tool inside Media Composer it allows you to do some pretty advanced effects in transitions and although we don't have the time to dive deep into this video I want to give you a preview in just open your eyes to the possibilities so let's do it I have a couple Clips loaded onto the timeline and I want to set up a transition between these two Clips first I don't want to add the 3d warp directly to the clips I want to place it over filler above the clips so that I can add the effect without having to adjust the clips themselves I'll show you what I mean first I'll press ctrl or command Y to create a video track above the main track now I'd like to section off an xx frame section of filler to add the 3d warp to to do this I'll position the playhead at the center of my edit and then press ctrl or command twice quickly this will bring up a box where we can enter the number of frames to move first I'll move negative 10 to move the playhead back 10 frames now what we're going to do is add edit to the filler but first it's super important to make sure that the new track is selected in the bottom tracks are deselected so that I can add the Edit to the new track filler only the add edit button will add an edit to any track that's selected which can cause havoc to your sequence if you're not paying attention so it's always better to get into good housekeeping now I'll hit the add edit button and you'll see that it's made and headed to just the filler now I'll press ctrl or command twice again and this time I'm going to put in plus 20 frames to move it back to the edit and then up another ten frames I'll insert the edit and what we have now is a 20 frame section of filler that we can now add the – next we'll open up the effects palette by hitting ctrl or command 8 and under the blend category we'll find a 3d warp tool I'll click and drag that to the filler section like so and now let's open up the effect editor just look at the parameters we can customize skew scale opacity rotation and the list goes on and on you can keyframe any one of these parameters to make some pretty advanced effects as I mentioned we don't really have time to go too far into it but let's add a rotation to show you how easy it is and then I invite you to turn this video off and play around with the 3d warp tool see how awesome it is and come up with ideas and some cool effects that you can make for yourself we'll create some more content surrounding the 3d warp tool in the near future but for now I'll show you how to keyframe really quickly so that you can play around with it so I'm going to keyframe a rotation let's find the rotation parameter and turn it on now I will right click in the keyframe area and choose add start and end keyframes next we'll select the end keyframes and let's make a change to the rotation I'll rotate it 360 degrees now let's take a look at the animation so if you move the playhead inside the key frame area you'll see that the video starts regular and then rotates 360 degrees now we could play around with the opacity and have this fade out and create a cool little transition of course this is very basic but I hope you can see what's possible here using the 3d warp tool inside Media Composer

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