The Meccan Poet | How The Quran Resembles Pre-Islamic Poetry

[Applause] in a lottery cool early hatton Alicia in June the Quran claims to be off the highest level of eloquence it claims that it is distinct from the poetry and rhymes of the soothsayers that it is the speech of Allah in the Quran it says or do they say about the Prophet he invented it say then bring forth a surah like it and call upon assistance whenever you can besides Allah if you should be truthful the Quran is claiming that its speech is distinct and unique in imitable various preachers have claimed that the Quran is distinct from human speech for example hamza Soltis in his essay the quran is unique literary forum claims the inability of any person to produce anything like the Quran due to its unique literary form is the essence of the Quranic miracle the Quranic claim is that it is not poetry or rhymes of suits aiders why so much insistence on this is it because that's what the pre-islamic Arabs used to think upon comparing a few makan surahs with the sad style of soothsayers the similarities are remarkable bismillah you off Man O'War Nadia – baba had the moriarty father had the movie Rorty so bhai the asana 'bageena power once upon a big bismillah burning one more osela geographer philosopher theosophy when she wrote e natural talents are important for sale mulu parc de carro de Rana who knows draw in Amman – I do whenever here the following recitations are from soothsayers who lived around the same time as mohammed and claim to be speaking to otherworldly beings surah surah ahzab illumination energy bismillah r-rahman r-rahim one mobile zero things are well harshly that the Hassan doll was sunny I think one ha way hobbies out the hope is I was sorry that they started down well lovely mighty lucuma Lakota fold into my love near why butter why my seven three four come from now one more turtle follow wah we fine away so they'll call isn't it remarkable how similar it sounds and feels like the Quran ask yourself is the speech of the Quran really that different listen to the following pre-islamic poetry recited by Abdullah gondol surah sharukh bismillahirrahmanirrahim well O'Hara felt while in law sin was far by shining one bottle wine as you made thought it was a little while you there's you don't know what do ya do hard to love why I love why Nessa order for delivery routes Alcala laughs as you did you notice how similar this is to chapter 86 operatic of the Quran it even talks about the same star was Muhammad simply doing the same as pre-islamic soothsayers while claiming he was receiving a revelation from God listen to the following verses that resemble many smaller chapters in the last Jews of the Quran surah awesome base male earn money and only love Lizzy you are no worry you why do host was yellow in da da da Nadia one My dear father come on Lizzie there are a multitude of these Kahana one can read here is one last example surah Kabyle one bayonet photocard why should I the worker yeah nice yeah laughs : Oh our time in last in one must hide your homes on why not Benoit why bacon was what's all-in-one behind while the season was a peon well fine my love wonderful I mean there are many one can choose from as you can see here's a couple more examples we should also ask why did Muhammad assassinate and kill poets in particular the list of those killed for writing poetry as recorded in the Serie include Ozma eben are Wan aboah FAC alnahdha IBN al-harith Kaaba mean Ashraf Abu Rafi a banal who like Abdullah bin Kapil the slave girl for Tana the slave girl Kariba her way with a bin na feed cob eben Zuhair al horrid alt alati abdullah bin zebra who Bera all of these are recorded in even his shamanism in s hawk and also in even Katia Surratt on Naboo be a credit to Ricki Islam for compiling this list it's interesting that the best most eloquent parts of the Quran are the short maken Sora's yet in that phase of Muhammad's life he was the least successful in his religious mission converting people to Islam and he got frequently criticized for poetic madness Islam gains its momentum after Muhammad becomes a political leader it shows that the linguistic power of the Quran isn't as effective as one would think coming next a detailed analysis of the surah like it challenge and how surah far-off was designed to mimic the Quran in its lack of eloquence you will be surprised research and planning for this video was done by Abdullah gondol also credit to Abbas Abdul North for writing my or a deal with the Quran if you liked this video and you haven't read this book please check it out there's much more like this in there as well as references for these Rhymes and poems luckily

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  2. Chapter 1: Pancakes

    Coca cola is the cure for ebola

    Pigeons defecate on my car
    I wont go by it very far
    I like doing pull ups at my house
    Ive got a keyboard but not a mouse
    I need to do some grocery shopping
    Ive got acne time for popping
    Once I saw a deer on the road
    Its gonna rain wheres my coat
    Theyre telling you not to eat fat
    The one that eats bacon is my cat
    Bees are making tasty honey
    Im a student so i dont have money
    Which one of you likes swimming?
    The process of decreasing percentage of fat in milk is called skimming
    Im wondering if you can build muscle using bodyweight training
    As I said before its cold and raining

  3. Why should I trust you or your unqualified folowers is a such subject?? There are plenty of scholarss who recognised the eloquency and the unique style of the Quran and used its verses as à refference about arabic rules like zamakhshari, sibawaih, ibn Hicham, alkisai, ..etc, everytime you make à new video I confirm that you are just a child looking for being interesting

  4. Bahahahah the trying product is so freaking halarious am dying of laughter hahahah….similar sounds bahahhhaha…ty really for making my day from this fail trys hahahhaha

  5. Old and new Edda (scandinavian) in rhymes too, scandinavian poets (scalds) who rhime unprepared (like freestylers), MUCH better than orangutan. I mean, kuran. Also, i don't know why everyone is so funny here – arabic singing is horrible, listen to it again and then listen to some real singers. it's such crap, lol, what's wrong with you? I tell you – all arabic culture (before and afterislam) were always crap, almost everything from Middle east is crap.

  6. "No one can produce a sura like in the Quran" ≈ "No one deceiving more than me"

    Said a poor boy suffered from excessive desert heat

  7. "for reasons including poetry". Being vague out of ignorance or are you really that dishonest?
    If the Quran was so copy paste, would the people of that time period not have seen the similarities of the verses that the great abdullah sameer and abdullah gondal have pointed out? Did no poet who accepted Islam see what you are saying and say "hey yknow what i dont agree with that verse". Also nice wikiislam link, the choice of a true intellectual, a website that is known to be dishonest with all of their interpretations.

  8. In pre-literate and marginally literate societies, poetry was important as a substitute to facilitate memory, preserve and transmit thought. Even in English we have things like: “a stitch in time & saves nine.”

    Mohammed was living in a stateless society whose legal system was necessarily based upon kinship vengeance. As an orphan it meant he was at the bottom of society. If he were a psychopath, he would have been obsessed with reversing his status from an early age. At the time, in that place, status was conferred upon leaders of clans, custodians of religious sects (custodias of idols) and poets for their ability to craft and transmit thought. Mohammed’s gambit was to combine all three of these to become a leader of his own clan, based upon religion, relying upon poetics.

    In the 1st 13 years of this gambit he only managed to gain less than 80 followers. Had he remained in Mecca, Islam would probably have never made it into the history books. But the move to Yathribe (Medina) gave him & his then “micro-tribe” franchise, a political office as mediator, and some traction as the Arabs in Medina suffered from massive cultural inferiority to the Jews who lived there and were highly literate and so the Arabs of Medina were more receptive to his preaching. He basically, initially, claimed to be the same religion, only for Arabs (seal of the prophets: each peoples get their own prophet and the Arabs came last, so Mohammed was to be God’s last prophet, therefor seal).

    At that point he could have satisfied himself with running Medina, but he and his fellow travelers were impoverished. They could have satisfied themselves with hiring themselves out for labor to the local Jewish farmers, but that wouldn’t do. Mohammed quickly turned his micro-tribe into a banditry racket: one could join & share in the spoils, pay extortion tax or die. In essence he ran Medina like a mafioso boss and quickly progressed from banditry to murder, enslavement, rape, torture and eventually genocide. He was punching above his weight, needed fighters of a certain age, which is also the age most men are in their peak sexual interest – if one joined in a raid they would either get booty and a sex slave if they lived, and if they died fighting they would get 72 ever-virgins in a paradise complete with thousand year long orgasms. That’s the thing about psychopaths, they can’t really imagine “love”, truth, fairness and things on a higher order. His concept of heaven reflects the limitations of his own mind – as does the description of God. The author Anne Lemot said “If it turns out that God hates all the same people you do, you can rest assured that you have created him in your own image.” She wasn’t speaking of Mohammed or about Islam, but it’s self evidently correctness still applies and informs us much about Islam, Islam’s God & Mohammed, and essentially they are all conflations of the same thing, Mohammed.

  9. Zarathustra's poetry is far better then that of the quran.
    Ahyaa yaasaa némanghaa
    Ustaana-zastô rafédhrayaa,
    Manyéush Mazdaao pourvîm
    Spentahyaa ashaa vîspéng shyaôthanaa
    Vangheûsh khratûm mananghô
    Yaa khshnevîshaa géushchaa urvaaném!

    With uplifted hands and deep humility, I beseech,
    O Mazda, first and foremost this:
    The abiding joy of Spentaa Mainyu, Your Holy Mind.
    Grant that I perform all actions in harmony with righteousness, and acquire the wisdom of the good mind,
    So that I may bring happiness to the soul of the Universe.


    "I will approach you with footsteps celebrated as those of Īžā, with hands out-stretched with truth, O Mazdā , and with the reverence of a zestful person and with the skill of good thought."

  10. I am told that the Koran is the most beautiful book written in Arabic.
    I observe that it is the most ugly book translated into English.
    Either if is the only book that looses everything in translation.
    Or Arabic books are uniformly awful- which would explain their rarity.
    Or, as you hint, the Koran is not particularly beautiful even in Arabic.
    The recitations are indeed beautiful. But is that because of the language, the reciters or the source? And does beauty mean truth?

  11. Can you make a video about Allah in pre-islamic arabia, how he was also a god in the Mushrik (polytheist) religion?

  12. See this video local from Toronto, Muslim accepts Christ, radical Muslim background….! Excellent

  13. Look up Christian Prince. He’s a Saudi who has been saying this for over 10 years, and with lots of evidence.

  14. What a silly claim, that the recitation somehow proves the divinity. Orthodox liturgy also uses a stylistically unique form of recitation of scripture of prayers, as do countless cultural and religious traditions, but I don’t see Muslims citing it as inherent proof of their truth.

  15. it doesn't sound and feel the same and i cannot speak arabic but i can hear and know the difference between a poetry and Quran.

  16. I watched some of your videos just to have an idea of what you are trying to achieve by always criticizing Islam. There was a video where you talked about LEAVING ISLAM TO BE DIRTY. You were disgusted that some muslims referred to you as a stinking kufar and you had to respond by saying washing after sex was the most stupid rule ever. You are very comfortable lashing out at anything Islam but when an angry muslim reacts by cursing or any other form to to express his/her anger towards you, you take offense in it. If you had spent the amount of energy you use in blacklisting everything Islam to finding your own truth about Islam just the way Prophet Ibrahim did in his time to seek out God, you would have been guided. Now i fully understand that you are not out to seek the truth. Rather you just full of hate towards Islam. May God/Allah make you find the right path. I have not the answers to all my question about Islam but i constantly seek for the truth and I'm certain any doubts I have will be cleared if I'm sincere in my search for guidance and not being an hypocrite. May God bless us all

  17. As a guitar player it stuns me that my favorite piece of vintage guitar gear, the Rockman, is so frequently mentioned in the poorly written, evil, music hating Quran.

  18. there is nothing beautiful about any recitation of the quran; just as there is nothing beautiful about reading the words of Adolf Hitler.

  19. We are all being FOOLED by this religion….like an ex-moslem said…."We Arab take the best of the west, but they take the crappiest of us"

  20. Another example of how Ex-Muslims know the Qur'an better than the practising ones!!

    Great work once again brother!!!

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