The Maze Runner Q&A with Stars and Authors

28 thoughts on “The Maze Runner Q&A with Stars and Authors

  1. Wow way for the audience to make 50 minutes intensely awkward! You'd think they had enough respect for their faves to let them speak, but nope!

  2. When's the moment when Dylan totally spaces out, adn does teh weird mircophone thing with Thomas. I didnt see it at all, it's so funny all the other ttimes I saw it.

  3. This is my favorite interview
    There is so much Dylmas

    Yesterday I saw again "Maze Runner The Death Cure" and after this film I watched this interview

    You must know
    I love Thomas Brodie Sangster
    It isn't a normal fanlove
    I've never loved an actor as so much as I love him

    I don't only cry at the last film Maze Runner I died
    My dream is: I will meet Thomas

    Once I will meet him
    Why he died?

    It's so hard for me
    Every day in school I am so sad
    This film destroyed my life
    I don't no
    It's weird and it's only a film
    I mean, Thomas life
    Newt is dead but not Thomas
    But I don't no It destroyed my life

    I must see Thomas I love him so much
    When I watch the Interviews or the first and the second part of Maze Runner
    (Labyrinthe, Scorch Trials)
    I scream and when I saw his face then I laugh and scream: "BABBByYY"

    When I watched the movies I search him
    And when he isn't to see in ONE scene
    I search him and ask me: He's fine?

    In "The Death Cure"
    At the End I mustn't search him because he's died

    Without fun
    I don't cry I died
    I love him so much

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