The making of a graphic novel

“Yeah. Comics are incredibly labor intensive. I tell kids who tell me that they want to
become cartoonists that in order to make enough time in their lives to do it, they have to
give up all of their TV and half their friends. And that’s only half a joke, you know. I’m not completely joking with that. Comics are just incredibly, incredibly labor
intensive. I have a very simple drawing style. Even with my drawing style, it will take me 4 to 8 hours to complete a page. So if you multiply that by 200 pages for a graphic novel, that’s a really significant chunk of your life, you know. The way I approach each comic is I start off
with an outline, write out what happens in the plot, and then I’ll do a script which
kind of looks like a screenplay, but it’s not as rigidly formatted. And then I’ll do thumbnail sketches, which
are small sketches of what every page looks like. And then I’ll do pencils, and then I’ll do inks. And then it gets loaded on the computer. I’ll do the lettering and also color on the computer. So that whole process takes forever to do.”

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