The Lyricist Lounge Show – Career Day – Annie Anal (2000)

14 thoughts on “The Lyricist Lounge Show – Career Day – Annie Anal (2000)

  1. MTV had some dope shows back in the late 90's/ 2000. Then after 9-11 happened, they felt the need to revamp their entire station.

  2. This is awesome! I used to watch this show all the time back then, thank you so much for posting this.. I hadn't seen this particular skit. Would you by chance have the skit where Heather was playing a deaf mistress? That shit had me rolling! I've been looking for that one for years. They really should release these on DVD…

  3. Was telling my girl Tracee got her start in comdey…now I found what show it is!  IDK why I thought it was snaps…anyone remember that show ?  lol.

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