The Lyricist Lounge Show – Blowing Up Spots (1999)

so glad you came to the party with me tonight you know we always have the best time yeah cute oh my god he totally has a full head of hair he would be so cute for you you should just go for it just go you said you know you wanna see it hi I'm Trent how are you ladies doing tonight Arnie Cara honestly is something right here right here okay wait oh my god forget it it's just her mustache peeking through your heavy makeup Oh Trent what do you do I don't have an Internet company yeah Wow I love the Internet yeah isn't that where you found the plastic surgeon who performed your massive liposuction last year it is so easy for Tara to stay thin bulimia works that way I think I need a drink okay you look so thin in this ham oh really well you're so small you're practically Atlee McBeal hi how you doing tonight I'm doing great well of course I hope that with all those antidepressants that you've been taking oh my god I can't remember Tara is it Medicare or a welfare that's paying for that at least I never cut off my boyfriend's balls for coming home late oh you really should have been you I'm gonna go to the bathroom I'm gonna drink it's just a good idea oh my god excuse me don't I know you from mountain bike riding in Santa Monica I love mountain bike riding oh my god she totally does she totally does except it's so hard for her with those venereal warts hey Tara how cool a guy that's actually young enough to ride up by Tara sugar daddies are usually so what sex like when dealing with a colostomy bag get pretty messy huh I think I see my girl below what if you wasting our time for it you've got a girlfriend you know who even cares about the lame guys at this party when we have each other oh my god no doubt like we would ever look oh my god you're like my best friend like a sister wait I love you no I love ya honestly I love you

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