The Lord Guides Lehi’s Journey | 1 Nephi 16 | Book of Mormon

Ishmael, we are filled
with gratitude for your faith for joining us
on this difficult journey. Your faith is a great gift. My sons, and now daughters, we have fulfilled
all the commandments of the Lord which have been given unto us. We have been blessed of the Lord exceedingly. Please, eat! If only each day
were as joyful as this! Hey! The voice of Lord
spake unto me by night. He commanded me to take
our journey into the wilderness. Father, in which direction will we go? The Lord has provided means
for us to follow His path. Behold the two spindles… the one points the way
whither we should go. The path is clear. Let us depart. Stay on the path. The Lord will provide. Be prayerful. Be safe. We had a successful hunt. -Thank you.
-Oh, beautiful! We continue in a south
south-easterly direction. Let us depart. Do not worry, we will find food. How? Your bows having lost
their springs… Laman! I tell you again,
we will find food. No! You broke it! You fool!
Why did you draw so hard? -What is the matter with you?
-Now what will we do? Father… Because of our brother’s strength
and God’s curse upon us we are without food. How? Where shall we go for food now,
great leader? We have been prayerful,
obedient. We have done all we have been commanded to do. What more could we have done? Why? Why has the Lord
chosen now to abandon us? The Lord will provide. The Lord will provide? The Lord has led us
out here to perish. We don’t need the Lord,
we need food! Do not revile against the Lord! He has delivered us thus far;
He will do so again. You have hardened your hearts again, even unto complaining
against the Lord! The Lord will provide. No, Father is correct. The Lord has abandoned us. What is that fool doing? Father, whither shall I go to obtain food? Oh, my son, thank you for your faith. Wait here. Oh Lord, please forgive me… The Lord told me
to look upon the ball, and behold the things
which are written. How is this possible? What is it? There are new writings. The pointers
which are in the ball… they work according to the faith
and diligence and heed which we give unto them. Nephi? Nephi! Oh Lord, we give Thee thanks. May we remember
that with great faith and diligence, and through small means, Thou canst bring about great things.

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  1. Because of the faith of Nephi he lifted up his father to repent and ask God to give his strength to survive for his family ❣️

  2. I cried when Laman and even Lehi were murmuring against the Lord, but Nephi was still very faithful unto the Lord and he had shown his faith and testimony that God doesn't abandon us and He will provide our needs.
    I have learned from this that as the member, we shouldn't look unto the members of the Church because they're not perfect like us, and if we just focus on what we are doing especially to God because we know that He will provide our needs as long as we show our love to Him and accept all the trials that we may face and we could learn from that. And always remember that 'Ether 12:6 " A witness comes after the trial of faith" ' ❣

  3. SECOND COMING OF CHRIST=search on youtube audiobook THE GREAT CONTROVERSY=chapters=(god's people delivered) (desolation of the earth) (the controversy ended)/seventh day adventist/

  4. "…based on actual events" yea right. The Mormon leadership knows it was all contrived and they will answer for it someday soon.

  5. Why didn't the liahona show up in Joseph Smith's stone box along with the giant spectacles and gold plates? Also, does Laban's steel sword still exist? I am told that it would be the first steel sword ever noted from the bronze age. Clearly miraculous.

  6. "It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." Adolf Hitler

  7. Totally a fantasy, but it's the source of 3mill millions a year in tithings so it's word to keep the lie up, to have all those poor people giving 10%of their income to a Church that use to build malls for 2mil millions .totally heartlless church.

  8. I believe Nephi breaking his bow was important preparation for him to later construct a ship. The way the family reacted, I bet the family had never made bows on their own before. This likely really stretched Nephi and was part of how the Lord was preparing him for what would be required in the future.

  9. Oh man!! What an awesome depiction! The book springs to life with every step. Nephi is bad to the bone. In a good way haha. Lamen and Lemuel could be anybodys big brothers! hahha. And Sam could be anybodys little brohter!!!lol The book of mormon will now become a diary of the faithful family that left Jerusalem 600 BC following Dad

  10. The camping looks awesome. Pretty cool shelters. Hunting….wow. My big brother would have taught us all how to hunt. So realistic


  12. The first episode I felt kind of apprehensive (just like everyone worries about their favorite books being made into movies) because the Book of Mormon has a really special place in my heart. But, the more episodes I watch the more I like them 🙂

  13. I love all the Book of Mormon videos , but if there's anything I wish they could change is the length of them.Too short, I understand they need to be part of a message for missionaries and visiting leaders and teachers to share as part of a visit with an invitation or as a teaching tool and they can't be too long otherwise the visits using the videos would go on for too long which would make the visits impractical and innapropriate ; so I'd suggest make 2 versions one short and one long.
    Otherwise a big part of the production is wasted whilst it could have been used as longer versions for members like us who are happy to spend a whole hour or more watching videos of the BOM.
    Just a thought and suggestion.
    (Edited: spelling )

  14. My favorite part of this story is the fact that Nephi still had respect for his father Lehi, being the Lord's prophet was the one with the authority. So when he was done making the new bow, he went back to his father to ask the Lord where he should go look for food. Nephi is such an amazing individual who had such unwavering faith beyond anyone else. He becomes a great prophet and leader later as the Book of Mormon continues. I love Nephi's example and look to him often as I try to model myself after him and other amazing men in this wonderful book that is a companion to the Bible in testifying that Jesus is the Christ and the true Son of God also showing that it is the word of God.

  15. I really appreciate seeing the women's stories expounded, as well as seeing possible whys behind the men's actions. Loving this series.

  16. Great video.

    I think they missed an opportunity to demonstrate the likelihood that the family was near starvation. In order for Lehi to complain, it'd have to had been very, very precarious.

  17. Nephi's faith was great. But I so admire his father, Lehi, for carrying such a heavy responsibility as a prophet, a visionary, and as patriarch of his family. Anyone judging him for having a momentary lapse of faith need to think about the burden he carried on his shoulders leading his family.

  18. I loved this story. I couldn't remember the bow, so I am so happy to watch it and remember. How can we wait until next sabbath day.

  19. Please understand even though the LDS church releases these productions and they are meant to tug at your heart they are still considered false teachings please do not be deceived as it talks about in Matthew chapter 24

  20. Not to take away from the greatness of these videos. And I might add that I am so happy that the Church is putting them out… but couldn't we have hired actors with accents that closely resemble what it would have been like at that time? And is our list so small that we have to get the same people for everything? Yeah, the guy playing Lehi does a good job, but he's in /every church video ever/. Same with Sariah… Just think we could have done a better casting job. No need to get all triggered and respond with "you should just be grateful" or something like that. I am. This is nice. I just think it could have been done a lot better.

    I'mma go hide from the stones now.

  21. Sariah says: "If only each day could be as joyful as this."
    That really gives you some understanding of the fact that they were just like us and didn't WANT to go through all of the difficulties they went through and it adds extra meaning to:

    "For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, my firstborn in the wilderness, righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad. Wherefore, all things must needs be a compound in one; wherefore, if it should be one body it must needs remain as dead, having no life neither death, nor corruption nor incorruption, happiness nor misery, neither sense nor insensibility." (Lehi, 2 Nephi 2:11)

    All of us have our own trials and struggles throughout our journey, but with God's help we can make it through our struggles and all things will work together for our good.

  22. What a fantastic reminder of what the power of faith in the Lord can do for all of us! Especially went we are hungry for Him!

  23. This is one of my favorite stories.I like how this teaches us that even the most faithful can be discouraged from time to time; but when we turn our hearts back to God and trust in Him, He will fulfill all our needs.

  24. We are lucky enough in our modern age to have a living, working Liahona in the scriptures. They do however, like the one operated by Lehi, only work according to the heed and diligence we give.

  25. I wonder if in real life when Levi received the Leohina (sorry I don't remember the spelling) was more like a gps, like if it had a screen or something.

  26. Words & actions are presented that help the audience in their ability gifts i either by sight or by hearing the story lessons is understood.

  27. I have read from the Book of Mormon almost every day for several years, but something new that I am understanding through watching these scenes is how incredible and valuable each person is. Though the Book of Mormon shares how Laman and Lemuel (spoiler alert) eventually broke away from the faith of their father and let their aggression and hatred turn to murderous intentions, I cannot help but think of how many times they must have shown great faith in God throughout their journey. This scene, in particular, reminds me of how often I treat my life and trials like Sam, Lehi, Laman, Lemuel, Nephi (on a very good day), and the others. I feel like I have walked in each of their shoes at one point or another, and when I see strong emotions portrayed in these videos I often remember some of my own intimate experiences with learning to know and trust God. Thankfully, I feel that the Lord has always been there to help me get back up on my feet and keep going no matter how I first react.

  28. Can anyone explain how the BoM INTRODUCTION states the BoM was translated from gold plates when the LDS Gospel Topic Essay "The Book of Mormon Translation" under the section "The Mechanics of Translation" has Emma Smith telling the BoM was actually dictated by JS when he had his head in a hat with a seer stone?

    Which is actually right, the truth?

  29. I was quite stressed about something this week. Can't seem to find what me and my husband been looking for. I decided to watch this before bed. Then I was reminded that God will provide. I just need to pray and ask whither shall we go to find a place to rent. Then be patient. It's hard when we are newly married and budget are tight. =(

  30. Where Nephi went back to hunt for food after having broken his steel bow, so all the young men present should have also. How shameful for them to have stayed "home" like they had (it's like a father out of work who doesn't try to seek employment to continue to provide for his family).

  31. These movies are a special gem for those who can't read but still hunger and thirsting after scriptural insight, i like the part where nephew frankly forgave his brothers after they tied him up, we need more of this in out lives, harboring resentfulness can canker our lives

  32. I don't know if this is right or wrong but here is how I look at it. I thought about how Lehi questioned God and asked why has he forsaken them when they have been faithful throughout their journey. Maybe Lehi was starting to become too comfortable with the Lord always providing that God had to discipline them to remember that all they need for their journey is already there but it's a matter of having enough faith to seek and find what is already there.The lord always answers our prayers and never abandons us however sometimes he requires us to act in faith to see how and where we can go to find the answer so we can continue to grow in faith and testimony. Ether 12 : 6 , 12.

  33. I love this story in the BOM because it illustrates the great faith of Nephi and shows how the Lord allows us to have trials to test us to our very core even when we are living righteously. It also illustrates that prophets are imperfect as even Lehi murmured against the Lord with this trial, but ultimately repented and was blessed. The details of bows and how they can lose their spring are interesting and provide further evidence of BOM authenticity in an ancient setting that Joseph Smith could not have known. The Book of Mormon is true which has been confirmed to me so many times during my life by a witness of the Holy Ghost. These videos are a great blessing to help us gain more insights and understanding off the Gospel. So grateful to be a member of this Church!

  34. Nephi is an example of standing alone in the midst of confusion and too much noise. Your testimony is for you not for all.

  35. I love this video it inspires me to have more faith in God, and more patience with more things people need to understand that there's more things in life then video games, fame and beauty life is a gift and we need to be more mindful on what they do and the consequences to their actions.
    God bless everyone that's watching this video and many more

  36. reebrownies
    37 minutes ago

    The Book of Mormon was translated by the gift and power of God–through divine revelation. Scripture attests to multiple ways that revelation can come to a seer called of God. In this case, Joseph Smith used, interchangeably, Urim and Thummim–ancient holy interpreters found deposited with the Book of Mormon plates–and a seer stone. The gospel topic essay you referenced further explains: "The scribes and others who observed the translation left numerous accounts that give insight into the process…Joseph placed either the interpreters or the seer stone in a hat, pressed his face into the hat to block out extraneous light, and read aloud the English words that appeared on the instrument." In this way, Joseph "dictated" the words he was shown by God to his various scribes, as he translated the content of the plates according to divine direction.


    Exactly … thank for this honest reply of dictated with a seer stone in a hat … but that was only half of it … why, in that case, does the BoM INTRODUCTION claim JS translated from gold plates?

    There should not be two versions of what happened since that would mean one of them is a lie .. and those who lie are doing Satan's work aren't they?

    So the BoM opens with a lie???

  37. Whatever you feel and whatever your beliefs are about us Latter Day Saints. You are still my brothers and sisters, children of God. You have great worth. God loves you. Remember there are good and bad members in every religion and faith. Please don't judge us on a few bad apples. We try our best.

  38. I give help and love where needed. Those people in the Great and Spacious Building are still children of God. He loves them as much as us. "For I God, am no respecter of persons". He loves all of us equally. When God released the walls of water that drowned the Egyptian Soldiers who were chasing the Israelite's, he said(in my own words because I cant find the scripture) why are you happy? Those are my children I'm destroying.

  39. "Why did you draw so hard??!" — Nephi low key drew a bow enough to break it xD

    Weakened or not I"ll just stick with my self appointed reality ^,^

    Edit1: Bow from a cottonwood, I hate cottonwood tree's -,-

  40. The way it is portrayed Lehi and Nephi were "pure in heart".

    "…Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." Matthew 5:9 kjb

  41. At 13:49, when people started to kneel down because the "divine device" started to work again… and Nephi explains how it works… made me say, "it doesn't need batteries!" Amazing isn't it?!

  42. I love these videos… they have lifted my soul and brought me closer to my Heavenly Father and His Son Yeshua. I have a greater desire to search the Book of Mormon and my faith is renewed and strengthened which means the world to me as my sons and husband have left the church and have disavowed the Book of Mormon. I look forward to these videos every week. They are such a blessing in my life, especially right now.

  43. I love that Nephi didnt just sit and wait for God to take away the trials. He acted in faith, he made that bow, knowing that he would be guided. In that, his father's heart was softened, he was led, and they obtained food.

  44. So… are we just not going to address how terrible the acting and dialogue is, compared to the bible videos…?

  45. Great lessons. Nephi didn’t just wait for the Lord to provide, he was actively waiting to help bring it to pass. He also didn’t just have faith the Lord would provide but he had faith in his father to ask the Lord in prayer where he should go. It helped Lehi, and it was something he could’ve very well have done himself instead. Great videos, thank you!

  46. God loves us. I was going to write a lot more, but that's really at the heart of what I wanted to say. I know He does because I've felt that love carry me through times when I could not have kept going on my own. He is everything to me and I know that we are everything to Him 🙂

  47. This is an amazing event. Having faith when hungry is something only someone that has been foreordained for the purpose will display.

  48. Nephi persevered. He has always been an example of a wise steward of the Lord and blessings pour upon Him and His family. I love this episode, it inspires us to always seek Him in every detail of our lives.

  49. I love this chapter of the Book of Mormon. Nephi was asked to be an example of faith and strength to his family including Lehi his father. Having his bow and arrows brake was a block in his path for a short moment. Sometimes it’s so easy to give in but when you give your all to the lord he teaches you to be stronger , to trust him and have faith with one step ahead. I love the song. Lead kindly light for this reason. We don’t need a ton of direction from the lord and we would probably not be ready if he gave us too many. He had a plan to help Lehi and his family. Just as he had a plan for Michale in creating the world. He provides the means and to tools and we are to try and be self reliant.

  50. A nice insight I felt when I watched this today: the Book of Mormon for us is like the Liahona to Lehi's family–the power and direction from its writings only comes from "the faith and diligence and heed which we give unto them."

  51. He needs brain replacement therapy. Since I'm a Terminator, I will do the operation for FREE.

    Sorry……..Just a bit of my strange sense of humor.

  52. The church of latter day saints is a false church, the book of Mormon is false. God will judge the wicked and the wrath be upon those who believe the falsehood.

  53. Just as in real life, things wear out and break. The toilet needs repair, the belt on the car needs replacing. Our bodies get aches and pains… This is a good lesson for all, that even when we are faithful, life happens. It is about how we respond that matters. I love this story, always have.

  54. I would've lost my mind…Just watching this video, and others and i am down. I cannot imagine being ask to move so many times, do so many hard labor. But then again, if i saw the power of the Lord, hmmm. Love videos, but too darn short. The teasing is torture. 😬

  55. It says in DC 38 that the time will come when the veil of darkness is lifted and then we shall see that God is always with us and his eye is always on us. Then it says unless you are pure you will not abide the day of the second coming. These scriptures are about the fact that God is a huge ball of spirits centred in our heads. The edge of this ball creates the human body in the middle of it. It does it by sending down rays of light that intersect and slow down where they intersect. If they slow a lot a heavier atom is created, and if a little a lighter atom is created. if we wish to move our body the lights change place to follow. The ball creates us as babies and if we sin creates an aged body. It can do all things: his eye is always upon us. This is our true body and we need to be aware of it if we are to rapture soon. The ball can turn our bodies into light whenever it wants: Jesus on the road to Emmaus and appearing to the disciples in a room. With faith in this ball we can change in the twinkling of an eye from mortal to immortal as Paul says when Jesus comes. One way to become pure is to stop eating meat. Pray to God about this and see if it is true. The other way is DC 50: grow our light-truth. I know the word of wisdom says it is sometimes okay to eat meat, but that was in 1830, when there was no butcheries and meat transport. Also consider that not eating meat will prepare us for the new earth, where nobody will eat meat, not even lions. meat gives us a bad body odour that is impossible to detect unless God improves our sense of smell. Pray for me that my local church will begin to accept my ideas. God Bless.

  56. It’s pretty awesome that Nephi didn’t backbite and be all passive-aggressive like “I told you so” or “while you were starving on your lazy bums, I was carving up this sweet bow”. Instead, he glorified God during each step, never wavering and never losing sight of who was in control.

  57. They didn't have a really good key to survival in the New Land, a primary mistake being the belief that the government mode ought to be a Church State one, in which there is no allowance for any other religion or beliefs modality… they were destroyed eventually by pagans, unrighteously of course..

  58. Nephi was a leader and a Teacher among His brothers. When his descendants stopped being teachers of the Word of God and the True Concepts of what being a Child of God, and instead they were taught the wrong things and got influenced by other societies, that’s when their civilization crumbled. The Book of Mormon is Wonderful and just as the Bible with old and New Testament, gives examples and testimony that the Way of Lord is True. Wonderful videos!!😊😎😇

  59. Laman and Lemuel could be hard headed and hArd heartened persons but they still obey their Father..we are the same sometimes yet we know that God created in us a soft heart that love and a head that thinks..God is mindful.of us though most of the times we complain about hardships in life..He still.provides..

  60. I am glad that we now have these videos. I have often taught my son in the truthfulness of the priesthood key holders, faith and sincerity of prayer.

  61. THANK YOU to ALL who had a part in the making of these very special video representations from the holy words of the Lord through His ancient prophets for us NOW in 2019 for our days!
    I LOVE the music, the directing, editing, costumes, make up the landscape+ the acting and all the thoughts and prayers that are going on now and in the past to bring these pictures, driven especially by the music coupled so beautifully and deeply into our minds and hearts through the holy words of this VERY SPECIAL and SACRED BOOK of scripture. The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ!

  62. I cannot wait till the church releases the beginning stories of third Nephi and the fall of the judges before Jesus death and ressurection

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