The Library Minute: Checking Out Books

Jazz Music Do you need a book? We have 4 million of them So today I’d like to talk to you about how to find them How to check them out And how to bring them back So where in the world is your book? When you find the book in the catalog each book has a location Click on the location and it will give you more information about that library as well as what floor its on once you’ve found the book you can check it out using your sun card at either the checkout counter or one of our cool new express checkout machines there’s no limit to how many books you can checkout Just as many as you can carry In addition to your normal checkout period You have a 30 day grace period If you need more time with a book You can renew it online as many times as you like If it’s not at your library You can click on the request button and our sophisticated retreival system will send it to the library of your choice If the book is already checked out and you need it You can click on the request button and it gives whoever has it two weeks to return it before we send our library goons You can’t get away with it All library notices are sent to your email So please don’t block us We promise we won’t send you SPAM Thank you for taking a Library Minute We’re already designing our lunar library Jazz Music No library is complete without a book about zombies

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