The Letter (Horror Visual Novel) – Animated Opening Trailer

20 thoughts on “The Letter (Horror Visual Novel) – Animated Opening Trailer

  1. Hey gang! Here are the links where you can buy/download the game for PC and mobile, plus the amazing OST soundtrack!

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    Original Soundtrack:

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  2. Tbh I thought this game was about people getting invited to a mansion for a dinner party to be killed off one by one by a demonic spirit but I was wrong. But still this game was really good and I enjoyed it

  3. Given that he has gone out of his way to dig up any dirt on Luke that he can, does Ashton even know the latter is the same kid he and Rebecca interacted with once during their elementary/middle school years in The Diary? Because that would add yet another possible reason for his resentment towards the guy.

  4. омагад омагад
    Это слишком прекрасно. Пробирает до мурашек, и прямо по трейлеру можно много сказать о персонажах(а теперь, я ухожу смотреть прохождение)

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