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44 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra Book 3 | Official Trailer | Nick

  1. Imagine this soundtrack and the Netflix adaption together. Trailer first shows Katara is hoping for the Avatar, then ruins of the Fire Nation, after then our Avatar returns and starts to rise, then some fight scenes, and appearance of the main villain of the first season with his speech, finally trailer ends.

  2. Think about how awesome it would have been if the red lotus members were the main antagonists of the whole Legend of Korra series. We would have learned a lot from them, their history and maybe even the white lotus after the first series.

  3. The legend of korra is so interesting with the fight scenes and way cool the legend of korra is about change and different things

  4. As soon as Nickelodeon heard asami and korra getting togther that's when they pulled the plug afraid of backlash bunch of wimps

  5. 2019? I’m here still watching Avatar videos, hoping that one day, the Avatar will return and restore our hope

  6. I remembered when I was in agony for this book to air! So I played this trailer over and over and over again to ease the pain. And because it's the most epic trailer in the Avatar universe!

  7. Geez, I'm happy I never saw this trailer before I watched Book 3. By watching this I would have basically seen nearly everything interesting in it without needing to watch it. Whoever made this trailer did a bad job, you shouldn't reveal too much.

  8. It's been almost four years since the finale and I still come back to the trailers lol.
    The third book was the best in The Legend of Korra! I wish those 4 episodes never leaked and the air nation come back would be a huge surprise back then…

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