The Launch of my first Book “Reflections from the Heart” | Rolene Strauss

Hi welcome back to my channel. Today is probably one of the most special days on YouTube for me, because I get to share with you the launch of my very first book and I decided to shoot this video right here where I’m seated because this is where I wrote most of the book but sometimes I sat here and sometimes I couldn’t write anymore so then I just lay here Yesterday was the launch of my very first book called Reflections from the Heart It launched in Afrikaans and English The Afrikaans version is called ‘Vanuit die Hart’ And I’m so excited to share this with you and something that you might be asking me is why did you write this book what do you want us to gain from it. You know what was going on behind the scenes while you wrote this And I thought of using this video to share the journey of writing the book the reason I wrote it who I wrote it for Just to give you some background. During my lifetime I’ve learnt so much through experiences through mentors through stories through reading I think that most of us can guarantee and tell that you’ve learnt so much during your lifetime and I’ve realised that the struggles that I had and still have is the struggles that most woman have and had. So I wrote this book for woman Woman who struggle with the same things that I struggled with and am still struggling with Woman with a lack of self confidence who doesn’t really know who they are who lost their identity along this journey called life and that is why I wrote this book and I’m so excited to share this with you Yes I share a lot of my personal stories things that I’ve went through but I want you to take ownership of this book and I chose 52 different topics of themes for the 52 weeks of the year and every topic was something that meant I lot to me something that was significant in my life so something like friendship love fear challenges failure success even Social Media finances There’s so many different topics that I wrote about and every day of the week there is either a story or a personal experience that I talk about and then at the end of the week I’ll show you I give you a chance to reflect so this is where you will be doing the work where you will be finding your own answers because non of us are the same. All of us have different challenges All of us live in different circumstances but this is where you get the chance to find your answers to find your identity and writing this book in itself was a challenging journey it was a hard journey it was a long journey and I’ve always wanted to release a book and as Miss World I started keeping a diary and I started journaling and I knew that I would love to use some of these things in a book In September 2018 Christian Art Publishers came to me and they asked me whether I would write a book for them and they would publish it and they would spread it So all of a sudden I had this opportunity this dream might become a reality Something that I could write to help woman around me. Write to one day if I perhaps have a daughter to leave this behind for her to find who she really is. I remember going to China for Miss World in December 2018 and still thinking about it. You know how would this roll out. What am I going to write about. What is the structure of the book going to be like And my cut off date My uhm I would almost call it my due date for the book was March / April 2019 And I knew I had to finish this book before then before it to be able to be launched before December Before the new year starts as this is a devotional a daily you know a daily work book that I wanted you to go on with me And I felt like giving up so many times And while writing this book I had so much on my plate I started studying again I obviously worked at RevitaHealth as one of the directors, I had my YouTube channel that I wanted to start and plan I had to write my book. I was a wife I was a mother And there was just there was so many things and I still remember sitting here and lying on the floor one day and thinking, okay Do I really want to do this. What did I get myself into I just felt like giving up. I felt like sitting in the corner and crying for the whole day, but luckily I had such a great support structure and support system. And I reminded myself of why I wanted to write this book What difference I wanted to make with it And yes, here it is. So I’m so excited to share this with you. I really hope that it could mean something to you If this could help you to discover who you really are to find your true identity To regain your self confidence then my dream would’ve become reality And I can’t wait to share more of what I have written in this book with you

4 thoughts on “The Launch of my first Book “Reflections from the Heart” | Rolene Strauss

  1. Where in CPT can I find this book? I need it, I want to have it… Lol. Also when will you have a meet and greet to sign the book in CPT?

  2. I'm going to KZN on Friday from Lesotho. I hope I'll find this book along the way. Is it available in booksops already?

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