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Go to your bookcase. This is the last bookcase on earth and you can
only choose one book to take with you. The last book on earth.
How do you choose? [♪♪] Hey there, Kazen here, and welcome back
to Always Doing. Today I’m comin’ at you with a tag that’s originally from Kamari over at
Surviving My 40s. He’s a new Booktuber. He doesn’t put out as many videos as
some other people but they are all gold and this is one of them. It is The Last
Book on Earth Tag. The idea is that you go to a bookshelf and you pick out
one book that would be your last book on earth. Now, you can think about this any
way you want. If you want it to be your “desert island book”, or if you want it to be
a really thick book that would keep you occupied forever, or a book that’s meant
a lot for you, or maybe you want to stick to unread books. That’s all wonderful.
Just tell us why, how you’re choosing your books as you do so. Don’t worry
about straightening up your shelves. Maybe not all the spines are visible,
maybe there’s books behind books that you can only get a peek of – that’s all part
of the fun. I love this idea. I think it’s amazing and that’s why I’m doing it
today, even though I don’t have the best shelves for it because I have only one bookcase and a lot of it is Japanese language stuff,
which most of you won’t care about. But I still found a couple of shelves that we can go over. So we’re going to start with these three shelves. On the top we have a bunch of chunksters,
and that would keep me occupied, that’s for sure. And also my mass market
books. There’s some Japanese manga and some nonfiction and other trade
paperbacks through here. So when Kamari did this tag he chose only unread books
and that’s not a requirement, but I think I’m gonna do the same thing because I want something to keep me busy and occupied. And while some of these thin books
look good, it’s- a- the- they’re thin. I ended up going with a chunkster.
It is the complete essays of Montaigne. This translation is by Frame. It’s huge. It’s, I think it’s 1,300 pages and as you can see I’ve already started reading it. I thought
I was going to read this in a year at one point and it didn’t happen,
but I still want to get through all of it. Montaigne was a 16th century French dude who basically was the first person to
write essays. And he talks about things that relate to the common
human experience. Stuff that is applicable for everyone all the time. It never goes old, it’s never dated, which is a feat within itself. Alright, onto my second shelf. There’s a little bit of everything here. I mean,
I have Japanese American short stories, nonfiction, some chunksters, some college textbooks left over from,
uh, we won’t say how long ago. And down below these are books
that I’ve read and kept. They’re some of my favorites. And *it’s another mix.
There’s erotic fiction, there’s YA, poetry, apocalyptic fiction. And there’s even a book hidden behind if you can figure out what that is you’re more than
welcome to pick that as well. But yeah, this is kind of tough ’cause what, what do
I want to prioritize? And it feels, not like it’s a waste to pick a skinny book,
but just… [sigh] It’s hard. So I’m going with Working by Studs Terkel. This is a collection of oral
histories, of people talking about their work. Any and every kind of work.
I mean, there’s white collar, blue collar, just, I mean, here. Let’s just take a flip. We have… Public school teacher, factory owner, football coach, stockbroker, felter, bank teller, barber, spot welder, policeman. It’s a cross-section of society which is one
of the reasons I chose it. Seems like a good choice for the last book on earth.
And also we got some heft here. Again, keeping me busy. I don’t want to run outta reading! In his video Kamari threw in a bonus
shelf and I will be doing the same. This is my Japanese language TBR. It’s mostly bunko-sized books, mostly fiction
with some nonfiction thrown in, as well as some manga. So if you happen to read Japanese
you can make a decision *based on that but otherwise is there a favorite cover?
Or just one that catches your eye? Some of these have been translated.
There’s Goodbye, My Orange by, I think it’s Iwaki Kei. There’s also The Devotion of
Suspect X by Higashino Keigo, as well as all this Fruits Basket manga over here
that’s available in English. So up until this point we’ve established that I like
lengthy nonfiction books for my last book on earth, so we may as well stick with that. I don’t know. I feel like if it’s fiction, if I
don’t like it, it’s almost like a wasted choice. And so it’s a lot of pressure. But at
least with nonfiction, even if I don’t care for the writing or if I don’t care
for something else, I will have learned something from it. Maybe that’s part
of it. Anyway. But the book I choose is 殺人犯はそこにいる by Shimizu
Kiyoshi. The title translates as The Murderer is Over There, and it’s about a
serial killer who killed a bunch of very small girls, I think there were like
preschool age, in the greater Tokyo area. And from what I understand part of the
reason that they took so long to catch him is that he was working over a
prefectural line, and that the police weren’t necessarily working together. And this is supposed to be
an “unputdownable” book, if you want to call it that, and I’m interested.
I’m kind of hoping to get to this one for Nonfiction November. So, that’s
what I chose, but what would you have picked from my shelves for your
last book on earth? Go back, have another look, pause if you need to, and let
me know down in the comments below. And I want to thank Kamari for coming up with
such an amazing tag and I’m going to be tagging a WHOLE bunch of people down
below. I want to see what all of you come up with. You get to see each other’s
bookshelves and we get to pick, it’s just so much fun. Thank you for watching,
subscribe if you’re new, and I will see you in the next video. Bye! [♪♪]
Thanks for watching! While filming I kept forgetting that this is the last book
on earth, not the end of the the earth! No apocalypses, just one book to last you for
the rest of your days. No pressure. 😅

11 thoughts on “The Last Book on Earth Tag || Always Doing

  1. Oh my God! This feels like torture! Brilliant, fun, but torture! So yeah, thanks for the tag. 🙂
    I think I would have chosen The Selected Poetry of Langston Hughes.

  2. just hearing about this challenge stresses me out!! LOL
    I like the way you picked yours! agree on the chunky books, but I think I tend to gravitate to old favorites more than unread books because I want it to be something I KNOW I'll love. Also, I'm generally focused on comfort reads when faced with these upsetting book apocalypses! LOL.
    And I really liked your choices too! I can't really think of one I'd pick differently except that I am very intrigued by that lemon-patterned spine on your Japanese shelf!

    end note: I think one book to last you the rest of your life definitely qualifies as some kind of apocalypse! at least to me! LOL

  3. 1st Group: The Hot Zone (Just cuz it might be i could be completely wrong and be stuck with a random book forever) 2nd Group: Death & Life of Great Cities (That would be alot of new information. Good facts.) Wait, 2nd group has more?? I will choose Langston Hughes (I would def. pick poems as my last book on earth) Bonus: Comic #5 (It was the only english word i saw. I would pick #5, so i could guess what happened before and after.)

  4. I would choose Working by Studs Terkel for sure. I love biographies, and I would consider each story a small biography. Big plus for me (as I am older than dirt and so is my brain), by the time I got to the end of the book the stories at the beginning would seem brand new to me!

  5. I totally get you on wanting to have something that will keep you entertained for a long time! Thanks for the tag – I'm a bit behind (…over a month) on videos I'm trying to film, but I'll get to this tag once I have a chance!

  6. That’s an intimidating book, the first one that you picked! Also, the Japanese book about the serial killer sounds fascinating and perfect for nonfiction November!

    Thanks for tagging me, it sounds fun and will definitely do it!

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